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TOPIC: Progress Update - HA filler (6 months)

Progress Update - HA filler (6 months) 1 year 8 months ago #1308708621

Starting a new topic as my previous one got took over be lots of chat unrelated to my progress ;-)

Link here if your interested:

My starting stats were:
FL: 4”
FG: 3.75”
EL: 6.75”
EG: 4.5”

FL: 4.1”
FG: 4.5”
EL: 6.85”
EG: 5.2”

I had my initial procedure of 15ml Perfectha Subkin HA filler 6 months ago (March 2022) with a top up of 5ml 4 weeks later, the top up was to correct where some filler was missing to even things out a little.

Overall ive been happy with the results up to yet and not seen any major loss in filler after the swelling went down.

I have included a couple of picture to show how its looking, when im fully erect you can see where the filler is still uneven in places .. my plan is to get another few ml added in the next month or so to try and even these out. Anyone else had this and did you get a top up? im not to bothered about it as im with a long term partner so looks is not a major issue here.

Wife and Sex
Have to say the wife has taken to this fine, I did get the initial procedure done with out telling her and showed her about a week after once swelling started to go down, Since then we have sex a couple of times a week and from my point of view can defiantly tell i have girth as things feel a lot tighter and harder to control ;-) Her Orgsams are a lot stronger and can tell she's liking it also when giving me head she's seems to be a lot more into it. When asked her what she things she does say she is liking the bigger penis which is a good job;-)

How soft does it feel?
Some days it can feel softer than others, i would say if someone did not know you had it done they prob would not no that said i do have a little less filler on the left side so if you hold with right hand you can feel the original penis and where filter stops.
After sex it does feel quite squishy but think thats due to being warmed up so much and the friction.

Whats my Plans
So i am going to get a top up in next month or so just to even things out. I do want to try and go about 5.5" but dont want to add to much HA filler so tempted to try something else in a year or so like Ellanse but reading about it there is some much conflicting info about good and bad stories. Main reason i would like to try it is for a firmer feel and adding even more girth ... anyone else gone from HA to Ellanse? if so how was it?
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Progress Update - HA filler (6 months) 1 year 8 months ago #1308708625

I think "the happier wife" part is probably the best outcome for married men, and aesthetics likely not nearly as prioritized - that said, pretty good results, especially given that you're uncircumcised (as in, uncut men tend to have a higher frequency of aesthetic irregularity).

Sorry about the other progress report going off track. If you'd like me to delete any part of it that you feel detracts from your reporting, let me know.

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