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TOPIC: Progress Report - PMMA

Progress Report - PMMA 1 year 11 months ago #1308707933

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Hello all, I’ve been a member on this discussion board for about a year now and have since undergone three Girth enhancement procedures. After extensive research online and through the many personal experiences shared on this site, I decided to go ahead and pull the trigger, going to Avanti Derma in Tijuana for my Girth enhancement. I received 26 units of PMMA during my 1st session (16 units of 30% and 10 units of 10%) and then 6 months later I went back for my 2nd session, receiving 19 units PMMA (7 units of 30% and 12 units of 10%).

starting measurements: 1st round PMMA: 2nd round PMMA:
Erect length: 7.5in 7.5in 7.5in
Erect Girth: 6in 7in 7.5in
Flaccid length: 5.5in 6in 6.5in
Flaccid Girth: 5in 6in 6.5in

Overall, I would say I had a relatively positive experience with PMMA, however if I could go back, I’m not sure I would do it again. Here’s why -
1. My starting measurements were already above average, never having any complaints from partners - it was more of a “why not? lets see how much bigger I can get” attitude. Living in the day and age that we do, having the option to improve / enhance our natural features really is a luxury. I’m all about my med spa visits and plastic surgery consultations.
2. As far as I know, Dr. C does not do the injections anymore. My injections were done by Dr. M and her assistant Ian. I’m sure they received grade A training under Dr. C but ultimately they are not him and do not have the years and years of experience that he had. He was able to apply this experience to his practice / technique. I only say this because there are a few imperfections with my filler that I feel like could have been avoided, especially because I followed the post-care instructions to a tee. On a side note - they do recommend 2 full sessions and then 1 touch up session for best results. My advice - do not do this if you will not be able to commit to all 3 sessions. Unfortunately, I have not been able to make it back out there because I now live on the east coast and the trip is much more time consuming / costly. I do believe that some of the imperfections could be fixed with a touch up round but the area under the glans could prove problematic. The last time I was there, I emphasized the necessity of putting more of the 10% PMMA in that area under the glans mainly just to fix the irregularities from the 1st session. Dr. M proceeded to tell me that the area under the glans is tricky and due to the specific anatomy and with the thinning of skin in that area - usually this is the main area for imperfections. ( 2 of the main problems that can arise, which I also experiences, are migration and clumping). In addition to the area under the glans, I also have 2 depressions on the left hand side of my shaft which is mostly noticeable when soft , less so when Erect. Another issue is that the circumsized portion of the penis is somewhat inflated , slightly larger than the circumference of the shaft below it. Ultimately, this throws off the tapered look. More noticeable when soft and less when Erect.

After the 2nd session, I noticed the unevenness immediately after the initial swelling went down with the areas I mentioned above. I actually had some serious clumping and hardening in various places which I did not have after the first round that were palpable to touch. About a month ago, I went to the PhalloFILL clinic in Dallas, to get some advice on how to move forward. William, who is the founder of the PhalloFILL enhancement and primary HA injector, was able to smooth some areas over getting right up next to glans to help with the blending and taper, utilizing his advanced technique. Fortunately, the clumping and hardness have since resolved but I do still need to go back and get a little more for some final touch ups. William informed me that he does see quite a few PMMA patients and have helped them with similar irregularities.

Nevertheless, like I said before, overall I have had a fairly positive Girth enhancement experience thus far. I will have some before and after pictures to add after I go back for my final touchup, either with HA or PMMA.

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