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TOPIC: Penuma Removal, Pros/Cons, and Recovery - Nova 2021

Penuma Removal, Pros/Cons, and Recovery - Nova 2021 2 years 8 months ago #1308705123

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Hello all, you can call me Nova and this is my Penuma Removal and recovery story. I plan on documenting it here in a series of posts to encourage my recovery and to help others who are considering getting this implant (or to support you if you are undergoing the horror of a Removal and recovery). I have found the posts of members who have recovered their length and form to be very comforting and I want to add my experience to our small sample size of sufferers. This is an honest account, and I will discuss the Pros and Cons of the implant.

Background. In this first post, I will give you my pre-Penuma history, my experience while having the implant, and the Pros and Cons of the implant before things went wrong. I am a white male in my mid-30’s, 5’6” in stature and fit. Before Penuma, I was about 5.0" long Erect, maybe 5.5" if I was particularly hard. My Girth was fairly small – 4.0” Flaccid and 4.5” Erect. Overall, I had a very proportionate and great looking Cock. (See picture with the rubber Cock ring). I had a very nice sex life with women, but obviously… I wanted to be bigger. (Surprise!) I will get into the pros and cons of Penuma, but let me say that if I could maintained exactly the shape and proportions of my original penis, but just enlarge them 20-30 percent, I would have had my perfect penis – like dragging a picture by the corner to maintain all proportions.
In August 2020, after what I felt was reasonably thorough research, I had the Penuma implanted by a doctor in Virginia. I understood that mainly I would gain Girth, and that possibly, I might gain perhaps an an Inch of Erect length over a period of years as the weight of the implant pulled my anatomy downward. This all sounded great. I read Elist’s “medical study” suggesting the infection rate was only 3 percent and was told by my Penuma surgeon that complications generally only happen if you do not follow post-op instructions. I was also told that the implant could be removed. I did read on PhalloBoards and Reddit that some folks who had the implant removed had struggled to regain their original length due to scar tissue and retraction. I figured—I would be a success story. Why should I not be?
The first month after implantation was painful (especially night-time erections). But by 2 months in, I was really appreciating the added Girth. I did lose about 0.5” of Erect length by this point, which I would later regain by about month 4 or 5, I believe. I think I experienced maybe a 10-20 percent reduction in sensitivity on the glans of my penis, and there was some pain for several months from the stiffness of the implant, but by month 6 or so, things were starting to feel pretty “normal.” That is to say, as “normal” as your penis can feel with a large piece of silicon inside of it. In addition to the Girth, which is always present, I also really liked the increase in Flaccid (not Erect) length. I increased from about 3.0” Flaccid length to 4.5” or so. The second picture with the blue shirt is roughly what I looked like Flaccid with the implant. During the 10 months I had the implant before a catastrophic injury requiring Removal, amazingly I never actually took a picture of it Erect from any angle, so I’ll just have to describe how it looked. In short, the Girth was just so large compared to the length, and the proportions never looked nearly as good as my original penis. Let’s go through the Pros and Cons.


  • Increase of Flaccid Girth of about 2”
  • Increase of Erect Girth of 2.5” (huge at the base)
  • Increase of Flaccid length of 1.5”
  • Really nice looking Flaccid penis, but ONLY FROM the FRONT (see below for side angle discussion)


  • Proportions: Straight up, the proportions of Penuma for me were not nearly as natural or impressive looking as my natural penis. The amount of Girth vs. length was simply too large. It looked like a traffic cone with a very large base. Furthermore, the Girth on the top side tapered downward in an awkward, almost step-wise fashion, whereas the bottom was very level. Again, maybe the Erect length would have increased by an Inch over another year or two, making the Girth:length ratio better, but other downsides in shape and proportion would still have existed.
  • Head vs. Shaft Proportion: My original penis had a very prominent head, with a large ridge from the shaft as it meets the head. This ridge was greatly reduced with Penuma because the implant elevates the whole shaft up to the ridge of the glans. The head was still higher than the shaft, but just barely—they were almost on the same level.
  • Weird Side Proportions: From the side (see picture with teal t-shirt), the penis looked a bit strange. The head is not supported by the implant so it sort of turns inward toward the body. I have seen others describe the shape as a shrimp cocktail (that’d be funny if it weren’t true). It just didn’t look natural. But usually you’re looking at your penis from the front, so this wasn’t a huge deal.
  • Sex: Sensation from sex was probably 80-90 percent as good as pre-Penuma. That’s kind of a big decrease. Perhaps this would have continued to improve over time, but it was a bit noticeable. My orgasms before Penuma were very powerful. The Girth was too much for two women I slept with, who admittedly were petite women. I had to go very slow and use a lot of lube. This wasn’t nearly as satisfying as the rough, hard sex which I was used to.
  • Sensitivity: Sensation under the glans (head) was 80-90 percent as good as pre-Penuma, but I noticed I had less sensation elsewhere—on the sides of my penis, on the top of the shaft, etc. Perhaps this would have gotten better over time, but really the only stimulation that truly felt good was direct stimulation of the underside of the head. And again, this was slightly dulled even 10 months in.
  • Protrusions: I don’t have any pictures that clearly show this, but on the underside of the glans, there were two little points (one on each side) where the bottom of the implant lands. They poke out a bit. For some people, these protrusions can break through the skin causing serious problems, including infection and even Removal. For me, they just felt and looked a bit weird. They were mostly noticeable when Flaccid and when my penis was cold and the skin tight, but still detectable when Erect.
  • Enlargement of Pubic Area: The implant goes several inches into the interior of your pelvic region, and the gravity of the silicon essentially pulls your public area downward and outward. If you’re fit, it doesn’t exactly give you a “fat upper penis area” (FUPA), but if you’re overweight it absolutely will. The enlargement of your pubic area proportionately makes your penis look a bit smaller. Just like how losing weight makes your Dick look bigger.
  • General Stiffness: When Flaccid, your skin is still quite taught around the implant. In many places it was tender to the touch. Not quite painful (unless you pressed firmly on a corner), but tender. This stiffness was not just in the early phase of capsule formation and softening up. This was present 10 months into the implant.
  • Mobility and Flexibility: This was a major con. Before Penuma, I could bend my Erect penis all the way up to my belly button. I could press it Erect up against my girlfriend’s butt while lying in bed. With Penuma, the highest angle I could achieve is basically straight outward (3 o’clock). It also could not bend from left to right nearly as much. Before Penuma, my Erection angle was just slightly upward tilting, which made it look prominent (see picture with Cock ring.) With Penuma, it was straight out a 3 o’clock.
  • Clothing Awkwardness: When Flaccid with Penuma, you are still hard. I had to position my penis into one pant/short leg or the other. It was awkward to bend over to tie a shoe, or even pull my 4.5” Flaccid penis out over my pants to urinate in a urinal. Over time, I largely got used to this, but there were moments when I found it extremely annoying.
  • Urine Leakage: Even 10 months in (that is, fully healed), there would be times when, even after “completely” urinating (so I thought), I would sit or squat and some urine would come out. It must be because the implant prevents full evacuation of the urethra or something. It was really quite embarrassing to see a slight dark spot in my pants or shorts where a bit of urine had dribbled out after peeing.

    In my next post, I will show pictures of the complication that developed at the 10 month mark, which ultimately led to Removal.
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    Penuma Removal, Pros/Cons, and Recovery - Nova 2021 2 years 8 months ago #1308705288

    Thanks for your courage to post your journey with us. There are many lurkers who don't post, so this can be of relief & guidance to others in a similar situation. I implore those who've had authentic experiences to chime in as well should they see fit. Look forward to your updates!

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