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TOPIC: New at home treatment for PMMA Lumps near surface of penis

PMMA & Pumping 3 years 7 months ago #1308699855

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Has anyone who's had PMMA pumped post procedure to help boost results/collagen? If so, what did you notice with it? How did the product react? How long after the procedure did you pump?

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PMMA & Pumping 3 years 7 months ago #1308699860

Don't. It causes clumping and loose skin. You don't want that.
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PMMA & Pumping 3 years 7 months ago #1308700004

Hello CSF84,

I intend to write a full description of what I have learned from my 2 Rounds of PMMA injection & 1 Touch Up Round of PMMA sometime soon as I think I am a very good case study on what works well, and also, now, what to avoid during post op recovery.

For now, I am just going to focus on replying to your specific question, so check it out:
After my 1st round of PMMA Injection, I did not have a Penis Pump. I used the ESL 40 (which is no longer available, unfortunately) to pull my penis out far and frequently throughout each day for about 2 weeks after my procedure, and occasionally thereafter. This worked great, the act of pulling pretty hard with the ESL40 during recovery also caused the penis to widen in an amazing way. Then I began to pump perhaps 2 or 3 weeks after my 1st procedure when I received my first Penis Pump in the mail. Everything was fine after Round 1.

After round 2, I used the ESL 40 again with similar good results. I probably waited at least 2 weeks or longer to start pumping after my 2nd round, as I was so happy with the ESL40 I didn't really require any pumping which was relatively inconvenient. Another key for me was that I had no girlfriend after round 1 or round 2, so I just spent a lot of time squeezing, caressing, and stretching with the ESL 40 until everything had settled. Life was good.

Now fast forward a couple years and I went in for a Touch Up Round. This time, I had long since lost my ESL 40 which I loved. Also, the ESL 40 is no longer available. The Little Metal Ball with a noose device is not good in my opinion and I don't really use it.

Now this time, I have been having a hot girlfriend whom I love and I am trying to stay with her even as I sneak in a Touch Up Round. Bear in mind I have never mentioned that I have had any work done and she has never asked.. So leading up to my Touch Up Appointment I had gotten in the habit of pumping up and putting on a penis ring right before I have sex with her. Pumping before my 3rd touch up round felt great, it made my penis huge, it didn't hurt at all, and it disguised the PMMA in my penis which does tend to get a bit harder and more noticeable in the Flaccid penis as the years pass.

So anyway, after the Touch Up which was Round 3 for me, I basically didn't touch my penis for several days after the procedure except to hang the little metal ball and noose for half an hour, 1 or 2 times per day. It just doesn't seem like it is doing anything compared with the brilliant and effective ESL 40.

Then, around the 4th day, I had a date with my girlfriend and I used my Penis Pump before hand. Then I pumped up again the next morning and then again about a day later. I also used Cock rings several times during these days which might have been like day 4 thru day 8 after my 3rd round.

Well at this point, i'm about 2 weeks or more out past the 3rd round and I think the Pumping and use of Cock Rings so soon after my injections may have caused some of the PMMA to migrate and pool at one side of the base of my penis where the flesh is usually sucked up in to the cylinder to make it air tight when pumping. There is a very noticeable lump of product there that I am trying to press back flat whenever I can. Also, I think the vacuum may have caused some of the PMMA to pull back along the incompletely healed injection tunnels towards my glans as I can feel some hard spikes there that weren't there before.

I am going to keep working with it whenever I can, and I think if I stay on it while the healing process continues it will be helpful. But I will probably need to go in for some corrective work next time I do not have a girlfriend if ever. Or maybe I'll have to tell her,i'm not sure. But basically, I have some issues now and I thinbk it is because I pumped too hard and too soon after my 3rd round of PMMA Injections.

The moral of this story its that Yes penis pumping can be used by someone with PMMA. But you definitely do NOT want to do any hard pumping until the PMMA is completely healed precisely where it should be and thus cannot be pulled around by the vacuum suction.

Last note on this is that I think it would be very useful to have a "Easy-to-stretch, Silicone, Sleeve-like Tube" that you can put on your penis after having PMMA injections. THis relatively thin material would be snug on the penis when Flaccid, but loose enough so you can leave it on for an hour or two at a time and then off for 15 minutes or half an hour then back on for an hour or two following PMMA injections to keep the PMMA pressed in against the central core of your penis, right where it belongs. Also, such a stretchy tube would hold your penis out at longer length than its unsupported Flaccid length. (You can find such sleeves if you look on EBAY for awhile, they are semi clear like 6 inches long or so and about the same inner diameter as your Erect penis before a round of PMMA, or slightly larger. You might need to order a few different diameters to get the right one at the right diameter and material stretchiness for your penis and preferred pressure. Having a nice smooth stretchy sleeve to hold your penis out longer and hold all the PMMA in against the core of the penis uniformly while it heals in to place would be a way better thing to do in terms of your final results than using a Penis Pump too soon after the injections ; )

I hope this information will be of use to You and others.
I will write again at some point in future with some thoughts and what I believe to be a simple recipe for success in obtaining great results with PMMA injections based on my own experiences and as an educated Engineer.

Kind Regards,

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PMMA & Pumping 3 years 7 months ago #1308700010

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Thank you for the detailed response!

What kind of hardening have you experienced?

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PMMA & Pumping 3 years 7 months ago #1308700020

Hey Man,
Well, its like the PMMA becomes hard over time.
It's a trip. I'll try to describe it.

So imagine a "Clear Rubber Tube" with an Inner Diameter that is about the same diameter as your Erect penis. This tube is about 0.20 or 0.25 Inch in Wall Thickness. Thus, the Outer Diameter is about 0.40 Inch or 0.50 Inch larger than the Outer Diameter of your Penis when fully Erect.

Now the length of this Clear Rubber Tube is about 75% as long as your Flaccid Penis.

Now take this tube, and cut it in half through its length so You have 2 identical pieces that look somewhat like the Letter "C" if viewed from the front.

Now if You were looking straight at the head of your penis, it might look like this letter "O". These 2 pieces of Clear Rubber Tube fit along each side of the Penis, under the skin, in an arrangwnt like this: " (O) ".

The pieces of Rubber Tube which are represented by the Parenthesis do not go all the way to the centerline of the penis on the top or the bottom. They are clad to each side.

Now the pieces of Clear Rubber Tube start out with less than the full 0.20 or 0.25 Inch wall thickness right behind the Circumcision scar, and then go to the full thickness within like .60 Inch. Then they go back basically to the surface that your public hair grows on.

So now, imagine if these 2 "C" shaped pieces, one on each side of the penis, were placed in to position in the penis by injecting then a little bit at a time by talented professionals doing it as well as humanly possible.
In other words, the 2 "C" shaped pieces are not exactly identical, but as close to that as practical.

OK, so by about 6 months or 9 months, your body kind of encapsulates the PMMA and the resulting biomass is harder than the flesh of your completely Flaccid Penis.

So these 2 "C" shaped pieces can feel at times like they are made of half frozen chewing gum. They are not cold, and they are not very flexible. If Your penis is fully Erect, they cannot really be noticed because they are about as hard as an Erect penis. But when the penis is very soft, like 5 minjtes after you ejaculate, you can feel the harder, imperfectly shaped "C" shaped pieces on either side of the penisnif you are concentrating on trying to feel them.

Now this may seem strange and it takes some getting used to, but this is the main drawback to the whole PMMA injection procedure.

The good news is the benefits that you get from having that stuff in there. The benefits jnclude:
Your Penis looks much larger to the Eye of other people. Even if the surface of these "C" shaped things along the side of your penis isn't perfectly smooth, and even if they are harder than your Flaccid penis to the touch, it looks to anyone who is seeing it and not touching it like a Large Penis. It also fills out the crotch of your pants like a Large Penis.

Other benefits include giving girls orgasms easily because they are excited psychologically by the what appears to be your Large Penis. Then, after some initial difficulty trying to stuff your Large Penis into their vagina, they have Orgasms perhaps 15 times as often as they ever have before.

There are other benefits too. Basically, the benefits of having a double wide Johnson. If you go through with the full process, you may not be able to have intercourse with a woman with a small vagina. So be careful not to over do it if you are married to a woman with a small vagina.

Also, having the hard "C" shaped pieces on the sides of your Penis has made it possible to have intercourse in some positions even after your Erection has subsided. In otherworldly, if you are in a position which makes it possible for you to be Balls deep in your woman, then you'll probably be able to fuck her even when you don't have an Erection because the Hard PMMA along either side will keep your Penis straight at perhaps 60% or more of your Erect length.

So yes it is a little problematic to have that hard material in there, but it just means you have to find ways to not draw attention to it or minimize its noticeability while trying to get some leverage from the beneficial aspects.

Sex requires some thinking and strategy before PMMA, and sex requires some thinking and strategy after PMMA. For me, I am glad to be working with the benefits of PMMA despite any less than ideal aspects of it.

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New at home treatment for PMMA Lumps near surface of penis 2 years 1 month ago #1308707291

Administrative Edit: It is against forum rules to describe or advocate performing any kind of procedure on one's self. Post has been deleted and the author is asked not to reiterate, thanks.

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PMMA & Pumping 2 years 1 month ago #1308707303


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PMMA & Pumping 2 years 1 month ago #1308707307


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PMMA & Pumping 2 years 1 month ago #1308707327

Certain thing mentioned here I’m ver skeptical Especialy the taking out the lumps.

But for the stretching, I’m curious on since if you get filler in glans and use the phallosan, will it mess up glans?

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