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TOPIC: Progress Report: My very long HA injection experience (Bangkok) (Photos Inside)

Progress Report: My very long HA injection experience (Bangkok) (Photos Inside) 4 years 2 months ago #1308696898

Starting Stats:

FL: 4 inches / 10.16 cm
FG: 3 inches / 7.6 cm

BPEL: 6 inches / 15.24 cm
EG: 4 inches / 10 cm

My first visit to Dr Chayut of HE Clinic in Bangkok
Injected 14 ml of Dermalax HA using cannula
Technique: single injection point beneath the glans on the dorsal side
Supposed to last 18 months. Replace in 1 year
Given a type of Tylenol for pain (optional) and an antibiotic similar
to penicilin to take for 5 days afterwards.

Personal observations: very clean, professional setting. Dr Chayut had
an easy going and kind demeanor. Discreet check in process. The doctor was
assisted by one nurse. Procedure took about 40 mins start to finish. First, I
was asked to wash in the bidet using a antibacterial soap. I was told to lay
down on an exam chair. The doctor inspected my penis. He used a marker to
outline where he will inject. Numbing cream was applied to the skin by
the nurse. That was left on for about 10-15 mins. Doctor came back to
inject some anaesthetic solution to numb my penis at the shaft area.
Then the procedure started.
The prick from the anaesthetic was definitely noticeable but not painful.
The injection of the anaesthetic was the most uncomfortable part of the procedure.
The use of the cannula to perform the HA injection did not result in any pain.
I felt some uncomfortable tugging and poking, but that was it.
The doctor bandaged up my penis using gauze and instructed me to avoid
jacuzzis and keep the area clean for the next week.
Went to a business meeting directly afterwards.Two hours later, the anaesthesia wore
away and my penis felt very sore.

I took off the gauze about 8 hours later to shower and then I went to sleep
for the night. When I woke up the next morning I sensed there was
something wrong. There seemed to have been migration of the filler towards
the Foreskin of the penis. I messaged the doctor who said any swelling
is normal and expected. I started to massage my penis to squeeze the
filler away from the Foreskin. This was not effective. Bolos around
glans developed. Over next two weeks, the dreaded cauliflower look
appeared and I knew this procedure needed correction. Along the shaft,
there was also a tight ring that developed which separated the shaft
in half. The skin seemed to be very tight in this area, which seemed
to create this ring. Erect Penis had a "S" shaped curve. It looked

Saw Dr Chayut again.
He used hyaluronidase to remove bolos around glans. He estimates that
he dissolved 3-4 ml of HA.He thinks 14 ml was too much to inject for
me at first because the skin around my penis seems to be very tightly
attached to the fascia. He commented that the uneveness
around the shaft appeared to be the sort of thing you would see if
someone gripped his penis and masturbated. I told him I had not masturbated
nor had sex since the first procedure.

He then injected 5 ml Dermalax around the shaft as a correction.
He used a Coban bandage this time, which seemed to help a lot in terms
of maintaining the shape and keeping the filler where it needed to be.

The next morning, there continued to be a sharp bend in the penis,
where the ring was. There was also intense itchiness where the
hyaluronidase was injected. It was also sensitive to pain.
Words do not describe how intensely itchy it was. I had to squeeze really
hard around the Foreskin (where I had received the hyaluronidase injection)
in order to create pain to distract me from the itch. That's how bad the itch
was. I bought off the shelf lidocaine at the pharmacy (in a first aid burn lotion)
and put it on which helped slightly. For a week it was very itchy. 11/10 itchy.
I messaged the doctor who told me that it might be an allergic reaction caused by the
hyaluronidase dissolving the filler. Some hard lumps were forming
inside the Foreskin. I could feel large pebbles. The doctor instructed
me to squeeze on them to help dissolve them. All this time, the doctor
was reachable on whatsapp. Very responsive. I asked to be seen again
as soon as possible.

Saw Dr Chayut again.
A bolos had also developed along the rightside of the shaft.
The penis when Flaccid and Erect continued to have a S shape.
He used hyaluronidase to remove the bolos on rightside shaft.
A great majority of the original HA was dissolved on this date.
I am supposed to follow up in 1 month to do HA filler again.

Afterwards, there was itchiness all along the penis but much
less intense than the first time.

I was in London and I paid for a 30 min consultation with
Dr Horn at his Androfill clinic on Harley Street. I showed Dr. Horn
pictures of my penis (both before / after). He said I might have very tight
skin, resulting in the ring around the shaft. He thinks that he would
consider using a needle for more superficial injection. He also
suggested against using a generic HA brand and suggested sticking to
Voluma. By this time, the penis returned to being mostly straight when Erect
and the Girth was back to its original size it seemed. Dr. Horn said that this
ring or banding is rarely seen in patients, so it was my bad luck. He
said massaging for 4 days after the procedure is important, but
frankly in my experience, I don't see how the filler really can be
manipulated much.

Saw Dr Chayut.
He gave me 6 ml Dermalax on a complimentary basis.
The lesson learned was to start off with lower volumes for me,
and avoid the glans and Foreskin. He also injected at a point from the
side (shaft) of the penis and no longer from the dorsal glans in order to
avoid getting any HA in or around the Foreskin.

One week later, I had a slight S curve (again) but this time in the
other direction when Flaccid. When Erect, there was nothing
noticeable. It appeared rather smooth and straight when Erect.
Nonetheless, I was extremely self conscious about the fact that my
Flaccid penis was very obviously crooked.

My observation is that when the HA product settles it seems to gather
into large pools or pads. I saw some success in mitigating this by stretching the
semi Erect penis. I started to take small amounts of viagra in order
to make it easier to achieve a semi Erection for long periods of time during the day.
This seemed to help the shape alot. I developed my own aftercare
procedures of using a Coban bandage to wrap the penis 24/7 for the
first 2 weeks (if not 3 weeks). I also wore briefs and kept the penis
pointing up 24/7, including during sleep. I was paranoid about keeping
the penis pointing up to prevent the downward migration of HA to the
Foreskin. This seemed to help.

Saw Dr Chayut.
He gave me 5 ml Dermalax complimentary. Again, it was injected from the side.
I repeated the same aftercare procedure.

Saw Dr Chayut.
I received 1 ml complimentary and I paid for 9 cc to top up.
There had been some migration of HA which formed a bolos beneath the
glans. No one would have noticed this except me, but nonetheless, I
asked the doctor to remove it using hyaluronidase to even it out.

This time, I upgraded my aftercare procedure by using a Tubigrip Size
A bandage cut to be 1.5x the length of my stretched out penis (which is roughly
the length of my Erect penis). It was easy to slip it on. I would then
pull it so it was smooth along the shaft. I then wrapped it with Coban
bandage so the Coban was snug but not tight. One layer of overlapping
Coban was enough. Then I would take the 0.5x remaining length of Tubigrip and
fold it over the Coban. This created a very neat package. It had the
benefit of allowing me to urinate when needed without having to remove
any gauze bandage. The strength and firmness of the Coban kept
the HA filler "trapped" and thus avoided the possibility of migration
to the Foreskin and the formation of the pads. I kept this on for about
2 weeks. The only modification was at night when I slept. This system was
too tight for nighttime erections. I would remove the extra fold of Tubigrip.
In other words, I would slip on the tubigrip and then wrap with one loose
layer of Coban, and that was all.

After two weeks, I switched to just using the tubigrip for another 2
weeks. In the absence of the Coban, I would create a fold in the
Tubigrip to create more support around the penis (i.e. two laters of Tubigrip).
This was highly successful in keeping the filler from migrating.

I experienced some intense itching during the last few days at the
base of the shaft. I thought this was interesting to note. It may be
because I shave my pubic hair and the swelling caused by the HA filler
somehow changed the angle of how the hair grows so that the new hair
growth was causing irritation by poking at skin that was not
previously poked before.

Saw Dr Chayut for a top up. This is my first procedure where it was no
longer considered a "correction" and the replacement of my previouslly
dissolved filler.

By now, I think the doctor had developed a greater
understanding about my penis and its irregularities. I felt confident
to come back for a top up. All along the way, the doctor proved
himself to be extremely patient and kind hearted. I never felt that he
was at fault during all of the previous complications. I thought he
was very good at demonstrating a willingness to learn, curiosity, and
prudence. I could have stopped after the last procedure since I had
"gotten back to square one" plus had achieved some gains in Girth, but the
doctor's professionalism gave me the confidence to go back for this top

This time I had 8 ml of Dermalax. Injection point was mid dorsal,
which was a first. I applaud the doctor for customizing the procedure
to take into account my particular anatomical needs. I asked the doctor to
create more Girth at the base, which resulted in a huge improvement in the
aesthetics, at least in my opinion.

Overall, the shape after the procedure was very smooth and
even. He had placed no HA put in the upper 1/3 of the penis (i.e. below
the glans) this time, or in the previous time. I was a bit nervous
this might create a traffic cone shaped penis. However, this fear did
not prove to be a reality.

I followed the same improved aftercare procedure (to summarize: small
amounts of viagra for 2 weeks daily, tubigrip + coban, point the penis
up for 2 weeks 24/7, wear briefs, wear only tubigrip for next 2 weeks

The results surpassed my expectations. I now have a very aesthetic penis.
It has tremendous Girth. The extra Girth feels great in my hands.

Three weeks later, I had sex, and every partner (3-4 of them) was amazed at my Girth.
Their first remarks would be about how thick my Erect penis was. It was
extremely satisfying to hear that after all the trouble that I had
been through. When my penis is Flaccid, it also looks very aesthetic.
Remarkably, it has kept its nearly Erect length when Flaccid, which I think is because
I used the Tubigrip to keep it stretched. I have the appearance of
someone who is very hung. Because I am uncut, now the Foreskin
covers the glans (while still leaving the tip of the glans exposed),
which makes my whole penis look very natural. This is a huge benefit to the
procedure for me. Before HA, my penis was so skinny that my Foreskin would
just bunch up below the glans when Flaccid, which was very annoying.
Now the Girth of the shaft forces the Foreskin to cover the
glans when I am Flaccid. This is a huge improvement in the appearance.

To test out whether I had achieved a significant improvement in my
appearance, I went to a nude spa/sauna on an all-male day and walked
around with my Flaccid penis on display. To my great satisfaction,
I was getting a LOT of stares and attention from the other people.
The crowd was mostly white guys and I could see the double takes they were
giving me. I was easily one of the most (Flaccid) hung persons there,
out of around 20 other guys.

Almost two months later, Girth is now measuring at 13.3 mm (around 5.1
inches). Sex is great. No change to the texture of the penis that makes it seem
unnatural based on the feedback so far. The attention from other people when
I just walk down the street wearing normal pants is pretty noticeable and flattering.
Now, in a completely unexpected change, I have to make an effort to stay modest
so I don't show so much bulge when I'm at the gym or on the street! That's
been a great plus. Instead of the anxiety that I used to have about my
crotch resembling a black hole, now I'm pleasantly conscious of the
fact that I've got a very big Dick which I have the choice of showing or
not showing to the world.

I plan to return to see the doctor again for another top up in a few
weeks. I will get more done at the base and along the shaft. There is
still some minor imperfections in terms of some slight padding showing
up along the shaft. To the untrained eye, it might not look like
anything, but since I've gone down the road this far, I'm seeking as
aesthetic an outcome as possible. This is also why it's taken me so
long to write up this report. I have been awaiting the final
results after giving the HA 2 months to settle in.

My goal is to get to around 5.5 inches or even close to 6 inches. It
will result in a Coke can look, which is what I would like to go for.

This has definitely been life changing for the better. I certainly would recommend
Dr. Chayut at HE Clinic to anyone considering this procedure.
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Progress Report: My HA injection experience in Bangkok 4 years 2 months ago #1308696899

My before photos
  • HA dermal fillers comparison.jpg
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Progress Report: My HA injection experience in Bangkok 4 years 2 months ago #1308696900

Photos after the first procedure
  • HA dermal fillers comparison.jpg

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Progress Report: My HA injection experience in Bangkok 4 years 2 months ago #1308696901

Photos after first hyaluronidase correction
  • HA dermal fillers comparison.jpg
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Progress Report: My HA injection experience in Bangkok 4 years 2 months ago #1308696902

Photos after full dissolution of previous HA injections.
Pretty much back to square one pre HA injections.
Some slight residual curvature can be seen caused by the bolos on the shaft
  • HA dermal fillers comparison.jpg
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Progress Report: My HA injection experience in Bangkok 4 years 2 months ago #1308696903

Photos of results after my last HA injection in January 2020. Very happy with the results.
  • HA dermal fillers comparison.jpg
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Progress Report: My very long HA injection experience (Bangkok) (Photos Inside) 4 years 2 months ago #1308696907

Hey man,
Latest results look awesome.
Glad you're satisfied with the outcome. I bet your anxiety and fear of disaster during the process went through the roof. I don't know about HA, but in the first weeks, almost all unevenness is just swelling after all. Mine was with PMMA.

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