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TOPIC: - Posting a Progress Report For the First Time? Recommendations & Requirements -

- Posting a Progress Report For the First Time? Recommendations & Requirements - 4 years 5 months ago #1308695809

You're encouraged to be creative, thorough, and honest about your personal journey. Despite having many liberties authoring your report, the recommended format does have a few obligatory inclusions to be mindful of:

(1.) Either detail your journey from beginning to end - OR - summarize your experience in a concise & informative post.

(2.) Dates are important, but time windows (e.g. Summer of 2015) are acceptable.

(3.) The performing physician(s). [obligatory]

(4.) At least one Before & After photo. Photos are not required but certainly add credence to your account.

(5.) All Before & After photos must conform to Forum Rules, which includes that they must be in an uploaded format and not an image-linked format. In other words, you are to use the "Attachment" button when composing your post (found below the text box with a "paperclip" symbol) and NOT the "Image Link" button (found above the text box with a "picture" symbol). [obligatory]

(6.) If the topic includes pictures, place the text "(Photos Inside)" at the end of the title. This is because members without upgraded membership wont necessarily know pictures are embedded into the posts, and will find themselves confused when trying to make sense of that post's context. Moderator Edit: It seems almost everyone forgets this requirement, so I will add the text "(Photos Inside)" where needed. [obligatory]

(7.) Also, it's important that the name of your procedure-type is also placed somewhere in the topic's title like PMMA, Revision, Penoscrotal Webbing, etc. This makes researching forum content easier to navigate, especially for newer members! [obligatory]

In the event a Progress Report doesn't meet one of the obligatory requirements listed here, they'll either be contacted by a Moderator to make the revision, or it may be done manually on the Administrative end. Outside the few obligatory conditions, you have plenty of room to tell your story, share your gains, and help others like yourself when you first came to the site.

I highly recommend reviewing current Progress Reports as they can give you some visual direction on how to start up your own.

*Reminder: A quality Progress Report submission with at least one Before & After photo-set will reward that member with a Lifetime Membership on all PhalloBoard forums (1.0, 2.0, & 3.0). All I ask is an update of at least once-a-year in order to maintain Lifetime status.

Good luck, and look forward to reading the next decade's stories of self-improvement.

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