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TOPIC: implants testicles

implants testicles 5 years 10 months ago #1304922174

I want to have silicone testicular implants! Really big one,

I need. Operation

who is the best doctor

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implants testicles 5 years 10 months ago #1304932501

It depends on what kind you are looking for. You can have ones that are basically placed in front of your existing testicles or you can get ones that encase the testicles.
This is assuming you are not looking to replace testicles that have been removed.

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implants testicles 5 years 10 months ago #1305099951

I have a rare endocrine condition that has had me on testosterone injections since puberty. Emotionally tough to endure as a kid, but now that I\'m 50 and have the T levels of a teenager, while everyone else is waning, well, its awesome. 30 years of T therapy resulted in very small testicles about the size of an almond, with out the shell. They work great but, damn they were tiny and I just hated seeing that in a mirror. My wife didn\'t care and nobody else did either, but I was just trapped in my own mind-hell over it so I sought a cure.

I had enhancement implants a year ago by Dr. Elist. I chose this after about a year of consideration, research and consultation with my GP. I spoke to others, through this forum, who have his implants and looked at some others. (side note, I probably read every Elist post on this forum before deciding. Not here to open an \"Elist debate, just telling what I did). I decided on Elist\'s implants because they encapsulate the existing testicle. The \"enhanced\" testicles go up and down with activity, temperature and arousal just like the real deal. There is no additon of an extra nut implant, just increase in size. I have the \"XL\" which I think is 2.5 or 2.75\". Plenty huge and definitely makes for a big package. Humongous instant confidence booster! I\'m pretty fit and now I can rock a speedo, show off a huge bulge in my jeans or gym shorts or wear nothing at all by the pool knowing I probably have the biggest Balls around. No need to hide or feel embarrassed in the locker room or hot tub. They look totally natural. They feel a little different, of course. Harder, for sure and sometimes my sack just feels cold to the touch. I have to get the biggest Cock/ball rings, too. So, a year in, totally happy and I\'d do it again.

Briceb raises a good point. What are you looking for? Are you missing a nut? Are your nuts small? Or are you just like the rest of us after seeing unrealistic porn star Balls? Do you want to show off a big package? There\'s all kinds of reasons to seek enhancement and your particular issue should determine the type of implant you get. I knew I had tiny Balls and I hated them. I enhanced them and life is great. If I were missing a nut, a different product might have been chosen.

I\'ll leave you with these thoughts: 1. I think the men on this forum should seek some sort of sex/psych counseling before any type of surgery, injections, stretching. 90% of what we are lacking is in our big heads, not our little heads. 2. Understand that any cosmetic surgery not only has risk but changes your body. Yeah, my Balls are huge, but they also don\'t feel 100% natural. I accept that, it works for me. 3. Do what\'s right for you. I get it, you wanna strut around with big Balls. Just understand your partners, friends and family already like you the way you are. So this has to be for you.

I\'m happy to share more story, pics or whatever might help you or anybody else on this forum.

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implants testicles 5 years 10 months ago #1305111528

Thanks for sharing, Saratoga. I\'m glad everything worked out for you and you are happy with your new boys!

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