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TOPIC: 2nd round pmma with Dr. Morales

2nd round pmma with Dr. Morales 6 years 1 week ago #1304719905

Well it will be exactly 3 months this Friday (when my appointment is) since I had my first round of PMMA. Overall I\'m happy but I do have a couple concerns. Even with more than half of the 20cc being 30% I still only gained just over a half an Inch in Girth which I think is unpredictable no matter what with your first procedure. So I\'m hoping for a full %30 this round.

I typically have prp with the procedure which I belive is great for a better healing but I\'m concerned that while it\'s being place in at the same time that it may cuase some displacement of the PMMA or while filling with PMMA the prp may give a false positive by feel that an area already has PMMA and therefore missed. (Hope you get what I mean)

I assume that it\'s totally normal that the first round to have the most imperfections and that those get addressed during the 2nd round. I have a really good outcome from my Circumcision scar towards my base for about 2 inchs then on the lower left there is a spot about 1 x 1 Inch that seems to have zero PMMA i call it a \"low spot\"

I also have about a 1.25 Inch area around the base that is missing PMMA but oddly enough there is a half a ring like a Cock ring under my skin at the very base. I assume it was just pushed down PMMA while I retracted. But that dosent need fixed I don\'t think it\'s too noticeable unless it\'s being touched. I have 2 very tiny nodules on the left side of shaft,( don\'t mind them at all) and 2 larger ones on the neck under the glans. They don\'t hurt and only noticeable if your holding the unit.

My hopes with this 2nd round is to fill in all the low spots and get as much growth overall as possible. I\'m more concerned with getting a larger size than noduals forming (although knowing much better now how aggressive to be addressing them before they harden is good, experience is key.)

I\'m also getting my 3rd and I\'m assuming final glans enhancement since only 3 are permitted I\'m hoping to have as much as I can safely have added done so.

I\'m really excited and hoping for the best outcome possible. Is my story anything like any of yours? Thx for your response and sry for the long read.

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2nd round pmma with Dr. Morales 6 years 3 days ago #1304762471

I had some similar things at the base. I massage the hell out of it to get it back up towards the area it needed to be in. Makes BPEL hard to measure if it's at the base in that ring. My numbers were pretty high on amount. 30% seems to be the best for the initial couple Girth fixes. It seems as if th 10% should be for the fixing of the visua and feeling.

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