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TOPIC: Veteran Wages War On Phallus

Veteran Wages War On Phallus 5 years 8 months ago #1303669566

Members, Moderators, and Sponsors. First, I want to thank you for all the hard work that all of you have put forth throughout the many years that these outlets of information have existed regarding different forms of PE and products used by the masses. I have been lurking these forums for just under a year. At first, I didn't feel a need, but as with many of us, a woman; in my case my wife, caused me a great deal of self-pity regarding my size. If you'd like to hear how or why that happened let me know and I will be more than willing to add the story of what happened to the post. Secondly, sorry for such a long initial post. I like my first impressions to be as professionally kept as possible.

I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Evan, I live in North Jersey, and I am a 24-year-old disabled combat veteran. I served 5 years in the Marine Corps from Jan. 12 to Jan. 17. serving tours in Afghanistan, and Europe. During my teen years I always though length was king, purely because of the what I will call 'look-down factor'. Seeing such a long length I felt was ideal, and I imagined that women preferred length due to some women having deep spot orgasms. I slept around in my teen years with different girls my age. I would consider myself very fortunate in the pants when I was a teen. I had a beautiful 7.5' length at that time (the only reason I can always recall this length is because my aunt who has since passed away actually walked in on me as I measured when I was ~14 years old, thus scarring me forever) and I loved it when girls would complain mid coitus about me going too deep. I would later discover I have a sexual pain kink regarding pain given and mild pain received. It wasn't until I met my wife, who I fortunately and unfortunately was the one to take her virginity, that I realized girth was king. My wife and I met just before she turned 16. I'm about a year older than her. She has never complained about my size as I have, on more than one occasion, made her bleed both vaginally and anally. But as I was released from active duty, I had asked her if I could improve one way or another down there and she has always hinted at being girthier. (As I said, more on the story about my wife and I can be posted at the request of you guys).While I was in the military and leading up to my enlistment I lost most of that length due to weight gain. From ages 13-18 I went from weighing a very lean/cut 133 to an average looking 165 lbs. I would say I was probably around just over 6' erect during that time. Over the course of the next few years (18-22) I would fluctuate but always stay at or above 6' as I went from 200-175'. It wasn't until 2015 that my life would turn for the worse. Long story short, I ended up breaking my foot in half. I would later be diagnosed with a Lis Franc fracture and undergo 2 surgeries in an attempt to remedy it effectively getting a fusion. After the surgeries, I found it very difficult for me to keep the weight off and control my eating. I went from 188 lbs to what I am now, 258.8 lbs, from Dec. 15, 2015 to today (throughout this time was when my wife hinted at girth). I soon found myself looking down at myself and not seeing what I wanted to see, and eventually found this site.**I'm posting this to multiple sites for advice/accountability from all people in the community so pardon if the next part doesn't relate to the site it is currently on**I first came across Phalloboards and of course their accounts of the surgical side of PE from the Elist Implant to the discovery of Dr. C in Tijuana in my search for more girth since my wife and I determined that if I just lost the weight my length would be fine. I read through as many progress reports and such as I could on my commute to school in the morning. During that same time frame, I discovered Thundersplace and the more natural supported from of PE. Through there I discovered more progress reports and PE journeys as well as the plethora of information regarding the different more natural methods of gaining. It was at that point that I started PE, first with the noobie routine on Thunders and then transitioned to a pump/jelq routine. I later decided that I wasn't happy with my length, even if I did return to 6'+ after losing the weight and saw how gaining girth can hinder/ make gaining length harder if done first. I soon found myself purchasing a Bib Starter and until I got it in the mail would do manual stretches to hold me over. Once I got the Bib Starter I began to hang, but as in the past I was never consistent with any of my PE. I would do it for 2 weeks, then stop cold turkey or a few days, and then became on and off with it. Which is part of the reason why I am finally creating a post here to keep a public log to share my journey with my PE as well as people that can hold me accountable.This is me saying, I will hang pretty rigorously until I attain the size I want which is currently, 7-8 inches long and 5.5-5.8 inches in girth. My initial goal with my girl was to be 6-6.5 inches but my wife and I experimented with a few different girth sizes and because of her current anatomy (no kids yet) anything bigger than 5.8' was very painful for her (possibly given the fact we never use real lube, just saliva) but it was painful so I compromised. To achieve my goals I've decided to do as follows:
I will start with what I've been doing in the past and have set forth for the future which is, while I focus on losing weight I will begin/ continue a hanging routine.My belief after reading through countless posts is that coupled with the decrease in weight, and increase in testosterone, blood flow, proper supplementation and dieting, I will not only see an increase in length from hanging, but as well as fat loss from my fat pad which is currently about 5.49 cm thick or 2.17 inches (straight to the bone).Regarding my fat pad. The goal is to have only .5' of fat there to the bone. If I achieve the goal physique I'm aiming for and it isn't that or less than that, I will get it surgically reduced by either liposuction or some other method.The goal for my phallus is to attain at least a 7-8 inch NBPEL and, as stated earlier, a 5.5-5.8' girth.For the girth, the only girth work I will be doing is whatever results I get from hanging. After I achieve my goal length, the plan is to take a trip to Dr. C to expedite the girth process if I'm not already there.Please let me know what you guys think about my process. As for my actual routine I have more than enough time in the day to PE. Since I'm VA disabled and a full time GI Bill student I don't require to have a second job yet so my day has and will consist of me waking up early and going to school until the latest 2 PM 3 days a week. The other 4 days of the week I don't have classes. I also play video games on the same days I go to school so that does take up 3 hours out of my day later in the evening. The goal is to, on school days, go to the gym right after school like I had in the past, and following the gym, hang as long as possible while doing homework or relaxing before I have to play video games and end my day with a shower. On days where I don't have school, the goal is start hanging as soon as I can for as long as I can. Since I have no commitment on my days off other than spending time with my wife when we make plans as well as a lot of time before I play video games during school days I can see myself having the ability to actively hang over 20 hours a week. In the past I built up the strength to hang 5 lbs so I will start with that and slowly back down to 2.5 lbs if needed since I've only had 1 week off. Whether I get that 20 hours a week + is partially based on commitment and whether I'm doing other things or not.I'd like to hear thoughts on that as well!For those that are interested and so there's a record kept my current measurements are as followed:NBPEL: 5.25'
BPEL: 17.5 cm
MEG: 4 5/8'
BEG: 4 7/8'
FL: 3.5'
FG: 4 3/16'
BPFSL: 18.9 cmThe erect length/girth measurements are taken at an unknown strength lower than 100% since I have a very difficult time maintaining a 100% erection outside of stimulation for more than 5 seconds.It's difficult to come to terms with knowing I've lost around 2' since my 'prime' but I hope to gain that if not more back over the course of this journey. I'm excited and hopeful for the next months, years, decades as I embark on this journey. And look forward to everyone's feedback. Please keep this post strictly PE related. I preemptively appreciate those with fitness advice, but after being a competitive powerlifter within my battalion while I was in the Marines I have more than enough information to get myself back into shape, my issue is commitment. After all, we are all here for PE not workout advice, am I wrong?I am definitely interested in hearing back from people's opinions and comments regarding anything on my post, and if the very experienced don't mind commenting on it, how long you think it may take me to achieve my goals? I know it's a marathon, but it'll still be interesting to see the opinions.Also, linked below will be an 'interactive' google doc where people can see where I'm starting and how my progress carries on as I update it along the journey. I will also, of course, update the post as often as possible. For those interested, you will also be able to make a copy of it to use for yourself if you like the layout.I am looking at taking measurements of my phallus every 7 days to keep track of growth/ and PI. If anyone thinks that's too often please let me know!I feel this post has gone on long enough lol, again, I apologize for such an extended introduction and look forward to conversing with all of you!

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Veteran Wages War On Phallus 5 years 8 months ago #1303669769

Welcome brother. Great post and i as well as others on this board appreciate your service to our country USA. It seems like your not a newbie in terms of how to regain your lost length back. So there\'s nothing really to educate you about until you make that jump to go visit dr.c. Consistency bro that\'s all and you will get there. What did your wife say or do to you that made you feel insecure? You dangled the bait question out there bro lol.

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Veteran Wages War On Phallus 5 years 8 months ago #1303672778

@Lexus27 I was just doing my job, I miss it everyday.

As for the story about my wife lol when I get home from school later I'll post what happened. It's too long for me to try to type out the events on my phone >.

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Veteran Wages War On Phallus 5 years 8 months ago #1303674602

It's always weird to me when I see someone who's geographically very close to me considering the procedure. I remember telling my Urologist about my procedure and he said, 'well you're the first person I've ever seen who went through with this.' Maybe one day in the near future there will be a few more of us.

Good luck with everything, and make sure you do this stuff because YOU want to do it. Make sure you do a lot of research.

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Veteran Wages War On Phallus 5 years 8 months ago #1303682101

Sorry I haven\'t posted what happened with my wife yet. We\'re currently in the middle of moving but I promise as soon as things wind down I\'ll post it lol

In the mean time, for all you hangers out there, how many sets does it typically take you to feel deformation? I hung for 2 hours today (3 hours with the rest periods included) and I began feeling the \"oh shit this is an intense stretch\" feeling at around my 2/3rd set.

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