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TOPIC: T2B5 Progress Report- PMMA, Dr.C, Oct 2017

T2B5 Progress Report- PMMA, Dr.C, Oct 2017 6 years 3 weeks ago #1301786021

First of all I am so glad the Forum is back up and running. It was down durring the time leading up to and and post my trip to Dr. C and I cant express how much of a 'Force multiplier' of mental stress it was not having this forum for guidence.

BPEL: 6.25' (almost no fat pad)
EG: 4.65ish mid, 4.45 base

PMMA Done in October 2017 R1, Dr. C.

Post-stats (Week 3)
BPEL: 6'-6.25' (no use of strecher so far) the els-40 makes my Dick itch to much
Eg: 5' behind the glans, 5.25meg, 5.5' base
20cc 30% and 4cc 10% (i think. Ill have to check paperwork but it was 24cc total) plus PRP.

Eg: 5.5meg and a base of 5.75ish would be awsome. Id call it a day, mission complete.
BPEL: ill figure that out latter. One battle at a time.

List of suppliments:
Vit C, krill oil, a supplement that contains: biotin, panatinic acid, collagen hyrolysate,protease complex, lipase complex, amylase complex, cellulase complex, a hi quality daily vitamin, and ever other day a suppliment that contains astragalus root, trans-resveratrol, Na R-Lipoic acid, pomegranate extact, Rosavins, CoQ10 and BioPPQ amoung a buch of other shit thats in there. I am 35 and look to be in my 20's, have a lean athletic build and am an everyday smoker. I took all these suppliments before this for years on and off and have actually cut out my other suppliment that have turmeric in them untill after 6 weekes.

All in all i call it a sucess. There are some irregularities as to be expected. Namely a kind of a hump on top tward the base which is pretty minor right now and a doughnut arround the base. The hump is not plyable and is pretty firm where as the doughnut seems to be plyable for lack of a better term as in once Im hard i can massage it down for the most part. There are some hard spots that have formed at the entery points but im not to worried as Dr. C has a remedy for that called 'zapping' them. I am however bless so far with no rigdes or dips (so far). The circ scare is pretty much flawless and devoted much time to that area durring aftercare. However the base was extremely hard to shape as well as the hump. My nut sack did have edema and at first i though that product had migrated but Ian assured me that it was just fluid and that while it isnt common, it does happen.

The best advice i can give someone, based on my experience it to get Cialis ahead of time from the Pharmacy across the street and get an Erection ASAP and get to work. I generally dont have a problem getting an errection but after day 2 and i still couldnt get one something had to be done. You really cant do proper after care without an Erection in my opinion. Before that my after care was done with a Flaccid strech to massage and form. Listen to Ian, do exactly as he does. Its a constant and steady pressure that moves this stuff. Its a slow process. When he says once every hour or 2 that means massage for 40min and take a break for 20 type of massage. Just remember, ITS SLOW STEADY PRESSURE!! If the pressure you apply is a comfortable pressure then you arent pressing hard enough.

As for my questions of those who have been down this road, should i still keep massaging the doughnut untill nothing moves or should i just leave it alone? I like the idea of keeping it massaged down but i wonder if that will just make it worse as the collagen comes in more (from irritation). Another is that my nut sack at times will itch like a SOB and the only resolve i can find is a warm shower. Its not like a jock itch type of thing. It starts as ine little itch which I satisfy and as soon as i do that its game over......running to the shower. They apear normal, no sign of fungi going on. Maybe cell Repair from the edema???

Yes i am planning round 2 but havent figured out the details with work, kids and wife. It might be quite a long while before i can get back in there. Plus it would be nice if i could wait to go in untill my wife gets used (or board) with the new size.

I would like to thank all the Phallo-naughts that came before me who journaled thier experience and i will try to do the same as time allows.

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T2B5 Progress Report- PMMA, Dr.C, Oct 2017 6 years 2 weeks ago #1301876244

Photos perhaps before and after?

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T2B5 Progress Report- PMMA, Dr.C, Oct 2017 6 years 2 weeks ago #1301879839

I had first treatment with Dr. C 9-2017 and would recommend you contact Ian in addition to weighing out feedback from this wonderful forum. I did not have any doughnut issues.. so cannot comment.

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T2B5 Progress Report- PMMA, Dr.C, Oct 2017 6 years 2 weeks ago #1301884788

At this point, any swelling between the circ scar and the glans is more than likely just edema. This part of the penis is easily susceptible to fluid retention. Mine hung around for a couple of weeks on the underside just under the glans.

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T2B5 Progress Report- PMMA, Dr.C, Oct 2017 6 years 1 week ago #1301905924

Week 5, R1:

Ive been trying not to measure as things are still fluctuating and its discouraging to see the lows. More or less though the gains have yeilded an Inch at the base from ~4.4-4.5' to ~5.5, mid shaft .75' gain is from ~4.5' to ~5.25' and the circ scar (where the 10%is) yeilded .25' gain from 4.6' to ~4.75 or slightly under 5'. A HUGE THANK YOU TO DR. C and IAN! They are just down right as professional as anyone could ask for.

So rather than being obsessive with the measureing tape, ive been using a toilet paper roll. Rather than being able to fit my whole Dick in, touching but loose fit, my Dick bearly fits the first half in before it stops. And even with fitting the first half in i have to manipulate the round shape of the roll to get it started in.

Thoughts on R2, i might. R1 has turned out great so far and irregular spot have really settled down quite a bit. Ill probably try some DSMO in the supra-pubic area and on a few entry point nods. If effective then I'll most likely move ahead with R2. I really dont want to mess up a good thing and concidering im miles ahead from where i started, i told myself going into this that i wouldnt get greedy. That was before i held my own big ass post procedure Cock in my hand though. Deep down i know that i wont be able to put this to bed untill im a solid 5.5'+ in the mid shaft and 5.25+ at the circ scare.

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