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TOPIC: Round 2 with Dr. C (but this time with Radiesse - "temporary") - Aug 2017

Round 2 with Dr. C (but this time with Radiesse - "temporary") - Aug 2017 6 years 9 months ago #1300090512

I suppose I owe you guys an update. A big one. The last year was totally effing crazy - I quit a job, got a new one, quit that one six weeks later, was unemployed for three months, and was super life-busy trying to get things back on track that I stopped posting. However, the larger problem was that right after my Round 1 (about a month), this site became a paid/premium site. Suddenly, I could not access my Round 1 post, and it looks like it has been completely scrapped because it\'s not linked to any of my posts.

So forgive me, but to be comprehensive, this will be a long post. Pics will be forthcoming to this post. I owe it to you guys because I know this is a community and my two cents and experiences are worth their weight in gold to guys that are struggling with either: a) To go through with this procedure at all
b) Those that have done it and have had problems and want to talk to others so they don\'t feel they are alone.

I think it\'s safe to say, and we probably agree, that the guys you DON\'T hear from or guys that disappear either end up in my situation, or their procedure went totally fine or, at minimum, nothing has gone bad yet. I have been lurking (actually not even, I just didn\'t think about logging on after the \"paid site fiasco\" which wouldn\'t even allow me to post progress pics anyway.
With that being said, let\'s take it back to May 2016.

My starting stats were:
8\"\' EL (yes, I know. But...)
4.50\" EG (just under circumstances scar and base)
4.25\" EG (base)In other words, I had a very skinny baseball bat D. On an 8 Inch penis, it might as well have been an actual pencil. I can\'t remember / would have to look up my starting Flaccid stats, but they were proportional. Again, I will pull up some pics as soon as I get a chance. Just wanted to post the manuscript first.

Like others, after a ton of deliberation and hand-wringing, I decided to take the plunge with Dr. C and PMMA for Round 1 in June of 2016. The procedure was relatively quick and both Dr. C and Wade were very professional and courteous. I had (I believe 25) ccs of the PMMA - higher solution at my base and a lower solution along the rest of my shaft.

Wade was very responsive to my freaking out in the middle of the night, sombrero Dick, bruising, bleeding from entry points and all. Unfortunately, I was on a tight timeline so I had the procedure done on, let\'s say I think it was Wednesday early AM and departed Thursday afternoon, which Wade told me was really risky for post-care, but I hadn\'t planned it out that well. This made me nervous as hell Days 3,4,5 after the procedure. It took us 2.5 hours to get from TJ to SD Airport because the border was nuts - I missed my flight but was luckily able to rebook so I didn\'t get stuck in SD. I wore the extender on the entire flight. I got up and went to the bathroom every 20 min or so to massage. I\'m sure my fellow passengers thought I was either insane or incontinent.

Let\'s skip to two weeks later - here were my stats after Round 1 of PMMA
7.5 EL - (yes, my length was affected, but I was ready for this)
5.25 EG (under circumstances scar and middle)
5.5 EG (base - I was obviously thrilled with the reversal of my baseball bat)

Again, don\'t have the Flaccid stats, but the increases were proportional. Visually, the Flaccid increase was much more apparent (and honestly those gains held through while the Erect gains did not).

The first couple weeks, I was obviously very regimented about massaging and shaping, and even though there was a slight indentation/unevenness and a couple of nodules at the entry points (which made me very nervous and for the first couple months I thought I would have to live with them for the rest of my life), things pretty much evened out after a couple months and all nodules disappeared. HERE\'S THE DOWNSIDE: After about 4 months or so - so did the Erect EG at the top and middle returned to the original 4.5\" and only the base retained a gain, but only at a clip of +0.25\". Suffice it to say, by Christmas, my Dick was totally back to normal (which I was thankful for), but the gains had disappeared. Again, in the Flaccid state, the gains remained and were noticeable and I was happy enough with that.

Of course...that didn\'t last long. I really wanted to see the gains that I had seen once before and I wanted them to be permanent. Let\'s go back now three months to May of 2017. I decided to schedule Round 2 of PMMA with Dr. C.

Fast forward to early August (about a month ago) and LITERALLY 2 WEEKS BEFORE MY ROUND 2 APPOINTMENT...suddenly, after well over a year, I woke up one morning and looked down to find a very hard ball/Nodule/granuloma in my circle scar on the left side and a huge indentation (like, a 2-layer cliff) just below my circ scar in the middle of my penis. Needless to say, I lost it. Even though I had read about these things happening well over a year from the first round, after a year goes by, you really think that\'s it and you won\'t have any negative effects - ESPECIALLY when you lost almost all of your gains and you honestly think the PMMA has somehow just disappeared. Clearly it had not.

So here I am with an appointment in just two weeks to have this thing done again. I contacted Dr. C and told him about the ironically-timed development in my penis. Ian called and assured me that this was probably a Nodule and not a granuloma, but Dr. C would do a Kenalog shot to try to break it up when I got there.

Now, about 4-5 days before my appointment, the weird \"cliff\" in the middle suddenly disappeared, but the \"ball\" on the left side remained. I had a decision to make. I could just not get on the plane and forget about it all, but then I wouldn\'t get my Kenalog shot. Not to mention, I had already paid. Since all this is experimental to me (and to everybody, for that matter), I did a long 24 hours of research. When I finally got to TJ and talked to Dr. C about my situation, I asked about options for temporary fillers, which I had been researching. Suddenly the thought of more PMMA scared the living crap out of me knowing that it is very difficult and damaging to remove.

I decided to do Radiesse...I\'ll scratch out Part II very soon.

Cheers, guys!

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Round 2 with Dr. C (but this time with Radiesse - "temporary") - Aug 2017 6 years 9 months ago #1300090592

Thanks, man. Definitely let us know how it goes!

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Round 2 with Dr. C (but this time with Radiesse - "temporary") - Aug 2017 6 years 9 months ago #1300091315

Sorry I had to break this up into two parts...

So I ended up having 12 cc\'s of Radiesse simply because I liked the idea that it is temporary, even though it is dramatically more expensive than PMMA.

In fact, the Radiesse was almost $2000 more for half the volume of what PMMA would have costed. However, due to my \"scare\" after over year of having PMMA in my penis, I figured this would be the end of it all anyway, particularly because the Radiesse only lasts (what is said to be from a year to a year and half).

I went through all the same 2-day post op stuff: major swelling, bruising (which was actually worse than Round 1), sombrero Dick, product rushing into my circ scar. This time I had Ian as my post-procedure assistant and he was great. Very understanding and willing to show me the techniques again and again.

After about 4 days, my Dick looked like it was starting to come back into shape and everything felt normal, aside from some very noticeable circumstances scar swelling. However, at just over a week I woke up one morning and suddenly felt my completely Flaccid penis feel rock hard. The material had finally settled and it settled in a not-so-great way.

Let me take a moment and give you the good news - at Week 2, my Dick is huge (comparatively). I didn\'t have this much in gains at Week 2 after PMMA. Week 2, Post Round-2 (Radiesse)
EL: 7.5\"
EG at Circ Scar: 5.25\" (+0.75\")
EG in middle shaft: 5.5\" (+1.0\")
EG at base: 6.25\" (+1.5\")

Now, I realize that much of that crazy base growth is probably swelling that is lingering, and perhaps in the other regions too. However, I find it really odd that I would have such crazy gains after a procedure with a product that is non-permanent.

But there are more than a few downsides right now - I have 3 very big nodules at the entry points (two in the circ scar and one on the shaft that itches like hell). My penis is noticeably red and a different shade from the rest of my body (I know this will go away with time). The worst part is that, with a completely Flaccid penis, if you feel the shaft, it is hard as a rock and feels completely fake. Now, I\'m married and this isn\'t a huge issue for me (it actually feels kinda neat to be always-hard even when you\'re actually soft), but the way the product settled, it feels like what I can only describe as a \"hard wrap\" or a \"shell\" around my shaft, but it gets soft again just below the circ scar.

In terms of appearance, it doesn\'t look half bad, even with the nodules. It\'s just the feeling while totally Flaccid. An important note - once I start getting aroused it\'s unnoticeable because the other regions of my penis. And once I am fully Erect, the only problem is that my glans is suddenly dwarfed by the circ scar.

Now, I have read about TONS of experience with PMMA and a few experiences with Radiesse, (but because of it\'s cost not a ton). Is there somebody else that has done both PMMA AND a non-permanent? I kind of want to know what to expect with this.

Pictures coming soon.

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Round 2 with Dr. C (but this time with Radiesse - "temporary") - Aug 2017 6 years 9 months ago #1300091532

wow that interesting. I wonder if both can be done at the same time?

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