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TOPIC: HA Down Under - First Session Done

HA Down Under - First Session Done 6 years 7 months ago #1296815630

Hey guys, long time lurker and more recently registered to the boards and have undergone my first HA injection in Sydney, Australia with Calibre.

I\'m below average when it comes to penis size and don\'t work the sort of profession where I can really look to go overseas to get procedures done and decided to settle for HA injections after reading a lot of Dr. Oates posts here on PB and respecting his genuine contributions and thoughts to the forums.

Flaccid I was at 2.5-3.5\" length depending, 3.5\" Girth - it\'s worth noting that I\'m overweight but for some reason have rather excessive pubic fat and with a press I can measure a almost an extra Inch but until I lose that weight(lost 14kg so far!) I don\'t consider it worth mentioning.

Erect I was sitting at 4.7-5\" length and 4.2\" Girth, again, the length I was comfortable with pressing to just around the 6\" mark(maybe 5.5\" realistically long-term) and would just honestly be happy to be there if I could get rid of the pubic fat. It\'s amazing just how much of a bad perspective a fat pouch gives you of your penis. Girth was the main concern, I\'d like to be able to just meet under that 5\" mark if possible because to me Girth is more realistic to obtain via these sorts of PE where as I feel length either comes from big cash or long-term, dedicated PE exercises.

I gave a call to Calibre and had a consultation with Dr. S and we discussed the procedure, expectations and everything else you could think of involved and then I went ahead and booked in for an appointment to have 10ml injected on his advice. Now, it\'s rather expensive for something that isn\'t permanent, I know it\'s estimated about 18-24 months but we\'ll see. I have 15ml paid for with an upcoming 5ml scheduled depending on how things go in the mean time but I\'ve been considering what I should do given my results thus far and might end up having 3ml injected in to the glands if it\'s still proportionally smaller post-swelling. I\'m not really sure what my full options are in regards to the pre-paid 5ml but I\'d assume if I went that route I\'d just use the other 2ml as a top-up for symmetry or anything else needed in the second procedure.

The procedure itself was pretty easy going, I actually arrived when the power was out so we were almost going to have to do it in the dark with some lamps and torches at one point but thankfully the lights come back about 20 minutes after applying the numbing cream to my penis. Slight pains at first when you\'re having the initial holes opened and then initially when having the first injections before the numbing effect takes its toll in the filler itself. Overall it was about an hour of just laying there trying not to look at this instrument funnel around my Dick.

I\'m Circumcised but it was apparent that my skin was much tighter towards the top of the shaft, something I believe has caused some issues as the filler rests. Without an Erection it\'s somewhat obvious to me where the filler is, I say to me because that\'s because I know what my Dick looked like and I think it would just look a little odd but not crazy to someone else. It is however causing a small bit of an issue I find with the healing process, I can\'t fully determine if there is still swelling in the top of the shaft or if it\'s just a bad settling of the filler towards the top. As a Grower it\'s pretty odd looking when Flaccid and I feel that due to the combination of that and the tighter skin it may be a longer lying issue but at the moment I just have to wait and see for healing to be completely finished. One thing that was pretty concerning though was as a result of all the above I definitely noticed what was some filler seep out of one of the wounds the second night when lightly massaging which just sucks given you\'re looking at $550/ml. As a result I can\'t really sustain an Erection which I blame entirely on mentality because of fear of opening the wounds and losing any more filler so for now I sort of work up a semi and massage. I can get an Erection, but obviously with the tightness and swelling it\'s limited to what I can do.

At the moment it\'s day three and I\'m sitting at 5\" Girth around the mid-shaft, I can\'t really feel any swelling there where as the top swelling looks and feels obvious but as I said if I get ~4.8\" for a year as a result of this I\'d be a happy man. I\'d like to start pumping once I move in to my new place and have a bit more privacy and be able to explore how HA works or doesn\'t work with manual exercises to help from a study point of view, similar to possible effects of weight loss with filler.

Overall thought: look, I think I might just be a bad candidate for it. I\'m not sure if there are any other small growers on here that have gone for HA but I feel the combination of shrinkage, smaller length and for me the fat pad works against me. If I had gotten in to shape sooner I think I would have benefited a lot more short-term. Long-term however I think it\'s honestly great. It may be pricey but I am in Australia - it\'s not permanent but if you do get a good 18 months out of it then it\'s really not all that bad. 10ml at my size is definitely enough to make a HUGE difference and that\'s $5300 so if you can afford it then it\'s not too bad in the long-run. I\'m staying hopeful that with a bit of weight loss I can get rid of this fat pad and enjoy a more exposed penis and get a better result. The procedure itself is easy, safe, I was able to go back to work the next day and could have easily have done so the same day with a pain killer or two. I had light bruising where the skin was tight for the first 48 hours and it\'s cleared up now and all I seem to be waiting on is for some swelling in that tight area to dissipate.

Happy to share any more information about my experience. I gave permission for my photos to be used so I\'ll probably just wait for them to be available although I don\'t think I can post them anyway without donating(?). Will definitely share my updates when I go back for the check-up and consider my options for the remaining 5ml.

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HA Down Under - First Session Done 6 years 7 months ago #1296816665

Hey RD- have you looked into micro lipo for that fat pad!? That sounds like that would give you a huge bang for your buck. After you lose the weight you are probably still going to have some down there. That\'s a real tough area to lose once you have it. I\'m super lean, 6-8%BF and I even have some I\'d like to remove on the pad.
Looking for your updates. Oates has made himself a good reputation so far! Are you taking a daily Cialis to keep it Hanging?

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HA Down Under - First Session Done 6 years 7 months ago #1296816676

Thank you for your very interesting feedback buddy.Could you let us know what happens to the distribution of HA along the shaft of your penis when you have an Erection? Does it stay evenly distributed or does it form clumps, say around the base of the penis?I am asking this because I remember forum members who experimented with HA in perhaps pioneering times and who complained about that. Indeed, precisely for the clump issue they had HA removed from their penis.

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HA Down Under - First Session Done 6 years 7 months ago #1296937193

Hey guys, it\'s been a week now so I thought I\'d give an update.

@Brock - I\'ve looked in to it and my decision is that I refuse to have it done until I have reached a healthy goal weight and then I will decide where I go from there, more than likely having it done if the fat pad doesn\'t go away like many say it doesn\'t after weight loss due to the way fat is stored down there. I don\'t believe liposuction is a good avenue to explore if you aren\'t going to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to make it worth it. At the moment I am very happy with my weight loss and would like to continue with it. Unfortunately I think I will have to go for it in the long run as my pubic fat pad is rather big and is easily an Inch worth of Dick, hitting 6\" without it would make me more than happy. As for Cialis, no, I wish I had thought of that but at the same time I am trying to stay off as much medication as possible.

@supa - bit of an update now that swelling is definitely settled: the HA distribution is much less noticeable when Erect, with the exception of just under the glans where my skin was really tight and it\'s currently without any injection. That said I think this is only obvious to me. It will definitely be something that determines whether I ultimately end up injecting in to the glans or not. Overall the symmetry has come out pretty well with a bit of a noticeable gab in the left of the shaft upon feeling. A problem I feel I might have though is again due to my fat pad and the fact that during HA injections you are injected in to a semi - this doesn\'t expose the full length of my penis and that lack of HA weight at the very bottom of the shaft could be contributing to my issues with sustaining an Erection and how my penis sits when Erect.

I had another issue with a possible leak of filler when trying to masturbate coming from the top of the shaft where the skin was much tighter, I\'ll bring it up when I go for the check-up to confirm but at the moment I\'m not too fussed if it\'s a small amount from that problem area. It\'s still a little bit tight towards the top when \"masturbating\" to massage the filler around but the sensation is still there with the proper lubrication. No issues with a condom on and no issues with sex - might just be some classic death grip if it\'s a bit dry. Girlfriend definitely feels the increased Girth - when rock solid we\'re talking an increase of 4.3-4.4 to 5.1-5.2 and while she was \"happy\" before it\'s obvious she\'s happy now if you get my drift.

Should reiterate on my initial point of maybe I\'m just a bad patient for this as a smaller Grower - this is definitely more the blame on the fat pad, it looks much better Flaccid and would look GREAT Flaccid on someone without the fat pad.

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HA Down Under - First Session Done 6 years 7 months ago #1297018998

that\'s a great post mate, really interesting. this is gonna sound like the day\'s stupid question but are there blackouts often or something in sydney?

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HA Down Under - First Session Done 6 years 7 months ago #1297056212

Hey RD. thanks for a great post.
You express yourself well.

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HA Down Under - First Session Done 6 years 7 months ago #1297065145

Thanks for your posts RD.

Good to be getting some feed back from our patients. Growers certainly are more of an issue because of the product getting moved/squished a bit when it is most mobile and there is swelling. But as you have found it usually settles pretty well and this is why we like being able to do 2 sessions.

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HA Down Under - First Session Done 6 years 1 month ago #1303065256


Any update on your HA experience?

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