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TOPIC: 50's the new 25 - Journey 2.0

50's the new 25 - Journey 2.0 7 years 2 weeks ago #1295671561

Hello Brothers, I recently hit the big 50 and ready for what\'s next in the big Dick department, lol.

History: when I was 25 back in the 90s I saw the now infamous Dr. Rosenstein's \"FOR MEN ONLY\" ad being marketed in every major city at the time...with the pencil Dick I had, I fell hook, line & sinker the whole package. We didn\'t have the luxury of the internet and outstanding sites like this to research and be educated before moving forward...not that it would have stopped me at that age from myself, but we all build on each other's experiences these days.

Had the lig cut and FFT back when they blew it up like a balloon. It was a nightmare - when I finally saw it - he\'d left an irregular balloon Dick and the VY method left a scared, discolored monster looking hair on the shaft Dick. After 2 weeks, I flew back to have Rosenstein reverse the VY since it looked so bad, unfortunately the scars & discoloration have remained tho.

Over the years, I\'ve found this and other sites and kicked around various procedures to fix and have kept kicking the can down the road for years' Now at the mid-century mark, I figure I\'ve still got several good decades left and I\'m really wanting to improve the size, proportions/appearance of my Dick. I can still remember the adrenalin flowing and excitement of first deciding to take action and all the possibilities it would bring me... when I read some of the guys stories & journeys like @CPW on the site, it takes me right back to wanting it all again also.

A few years ago, I used to think I\'d have the FFT removed and grafts put in, but reading that they\'re great until they likely lose blood supply and die later on like @Hunkydory01 experienced

See pics - I had Dr. Alter take a look at it 2 1/2 years ago about cleaning up the scar and contouring the FFT to help me look normal in the locker room. He said he could do some z-plasty work to loosen up the scar and contouring the fat a little but he didn\'t want to do too much and risk skin issues. To help cover the scars he said I could try camouflage tattooing and hair transplanting. I was going to schedule, but now reading about some issues with FFT Removal like @Hoddle10's experience I'm wondering if I should leave the fat alone since what's left has been there 25 years'and possibly go with PMMA on top of (well actually next to) the FFT to fill in the low areas. The goals would be: 1) fill in around the base indention 2) skip over the lower-mid-shaft fat then fill in the upper shaft to get a symmetrical look back. Has anyone noticed a difference in feeling, coarseness, etc. with FFT next to PMMA?

Any other thoughts or ideas? Thanks in advance, this site is awesome!

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50's the new 25 - Journey 2.0 7 years 2 weeks ago #1295671646

There are quite a few non surgical options available to reduce the fat
Steroid injections
I\'d try reduce the fat as much as possible before you have PMMA.

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50's the new 25 - Journey 2.0 7 years 2 weeks ago #1295671670

Hey Hoddle10 and a few others on here will probably be the expert opinions but I fell for the same ad. I booked the procedure and my appendix ruptured the day before. I ended up with the grafts in the end by Reed - but I forgot about that ad which put the idea in my head and everything that followed. Glad you are doing something for yourself at 50! Most people will tell you to avoid Removal surgery from reading this board unless it is absolutely necessary. I get way you are unhappy with what you have but I have seen much worse!!

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50's the new 25 - Journey 2.0 7 years 2 weeks ago #1295679910

Personally I don\'t think you could expect to get a good result by just adding filler due to the bulge at the base, on the right. I think it\'s too big to try and camoflauge with filler. Before injecting anything else, I think you need to flatten the bulge by about half. Once that is don\'t you can add some filler to improve the contour and feel of the whole penis and add some size.

Obviously the bulge can be improved via surgery, but personally, I\'d look into fat dissolving injections. They aren\'t that effective from what I\'ve read, but you don\'t really need them to be. You only need a relatively small reduction and then you can smooth everything out with some filler. I don\'t actually know of anyone who has done this before, but someone posted that Dr Viel was using a fat dissolving product for lumps in his patients. It might not work and be a waste of time and money, but I\'d certainly think about trying it before surgery. Ideally you want to avoid surgery if possible in my opinion.

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50's the new 25 - Journey 2.0 7 years 1 week ago #1295700216

Alex. I can see that you have kept your body in good shape. Your penis is just fine as it is. Actually it is impressive. But if you must do something to it, then go easy with a bit of PMMA
Best wishes.

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