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TOPIC: Ellanse Procedure

Ellanse Procedure 4 years 4 weeks ago #1308697501

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Ellanse Procedure 4 years 3 weeks ago #1308697536

Same Since Oct 2919 ...took 15 ML I'm going back to Dr.Oates..As a man take care of your Cock after Ellanse and make sure you keep that shaft in shape.. For my Ellanse single Man I dont use Magnum no more did research and got "My Size" Condoms it's well worth it way bigger in circumference

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Ellanse Procedure 4 years 2 weeks ago #1308697566

Toolbox how’s the Ellanse going ?

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Ellanse Procedure 3 years 6 months ago #1308700318

Texas wrote: I dont know about the guys in London. but maybe consider Dr Oates, he actually here and talks to people. I have spoken with him and hes not even my doctors. I used Morganstern in the US. I think those two places would be my top choices.

Advice, Your not as small as you might think. Don\'t worry so much. But either, stretch that motherfucker out all day and right up to the moment they cleanse you and prep you. That cold water will then shrink you up a bit anyway. The stretching will help keep everything elongated and loose.
Not sure about Dr Oates: but Dr Carey will put a noose around the head and stretch it back out while he completes the procedure. Youll need to be Flaccid for him to move it all around and roll it all into place. Probably even more reasons than that too.

After care is paramount. no matter where you go to get it done.

Hi Texas,
I am uncut and want to have Ellanse. Im worried about accordion effect and im not considering Circumcision as an option for the time being.
What would be your top choice of doctor? Dr C, Dr Oates or Dr Morganstern?

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Ellanse Procedure 3 years 6 months ago #1308700319

hoddle10 wrote: Thanks for much for the update. So you are about 3.5 years post op? It will be fascinating to see where you are at the 4 and 5 year mark.

I've always questioned the validity of the idea that Ellanse is a "safer" option than PMMA and think that it's main benefit is psychological. At what point does the length of time a temporary product lasts become so long that it negates pretty much all the benefits of not being permanent? If this stuff doesn't degrade within 5 or even 10 years, then what benefit does it have?

So far, every guy with Ellanse issues have been offered steroid injections or Removal surgery. If you can't dissolve it and it doesn't get absorbed over time, then what happens if the patient has an issue or doesn't like the result? Let's say you have the 4 year product and after a few weeks lumps and nodules appear. Do you wait four years? What, if I suspect to be the case, after 4.5 years it hasn't gone? Do you continue to wait? I just don't see it. From my experience of following PE procedures, if a guys has an issue that causes them stress, they want it dealt with asap.

Maybe there is the possibility that less reactions happen due to the micro-spheres being made from different material, but it will be hard to get any data on that, as so many more guys have had PMMA and because it's cheaper, often so much more is injected. But ml for ml, I'd be surprised if there was any real statistical difference.

Ellanse is a fantastic option for those who live in areas where PMMA isn't a viable option, but over the course of time, I'd be very surprised if it had a statistically significant better safety profile, even if, after 4 or 5 years, it does wear off.

One thing is for sure, Ellanse 100% isn't the happy medium between HA and PMMA. It's far, far closer to PMMA and possibly just the same.

One very positive aspect I've noted with Ellanse, is that ml for ml, I'm sure it creates more volume than PMMA. It's purely anecdotal, but I swear I've noticed guys getting 10ml of Ellanse get similar results to 15 or 20ml of PMMA.

Hi Hoddle10.

I found your post very relevant as it also seems to me that Ellanse is more of a permanent solution than anything else.
I am uncut and been considering Ellanse for a while but worry about the accordion effect. Ive been told by Dr C to have a lower dose of 8ml to 10ml of Ellanse to reduce that chance but worried that I might get stuck with this accordion effect for 3 years.
What would you recommend given that Circumcision is not something that Im ready to consider? Finally, I suggested to dr C to have HA instead and see how it goes but advised me against it given that patients are not happy with the spongy feel.

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Ellanse Procedure 3 years 6 months ago #1308700320

liber1440 wrote: Hey Folks,

I’ve been reading mix feedback and responses from folks who have had the procedure done and from practitioners alike. Maybe folks here for clarify some stuff for me since I have a couple questions about un-cut and Ellanse as a Girth filler.

1. Can anyone provide a personal experience being un-cut, like myself, and having a Ellanse as a filler? What was the accordion effect like? Does it become more pronounce when you add more filler?
2. If the accordion effect becomes too serious, can I just address it with a Circumcision? I know it would make more sense to do the cut first but I am trying to avoid doing this if it truly impedes my sex life after the procedure. Has anyone done this?
3. I choose to refrain my HA as the final results doesn’t really sound appealing when I can receive a similar price for something I would be more content with. But from my understanding, Ellanse moves around more than PMMA. And if I happen to test out Ellanse, like the results, can I move to PMMA without an issue?
4. What is the most recommend spots of injection in the shaft to minimize the accordion effects? I’ve read from a practitioners that it matters greatly where in the shaft you put more volume can impact the way it reacts to an un-cut patient. Any experience with that?
5. What does the after care look like. From my understanding there are a couple stuff, but how long do I have do this during the duration of the filler?
6. From my understanding the filler last about 3-4 years. What does this look like? Is it a gradual loss and my Girth becomes smaller? Or is it towards the end of its lifespan does it disappear immediately?

Thank you all!

Hi Libber1440,
Im exactly like you. Im uncut, wanting to have Ellanse and not willing to be Circumcised unless I have no other choice because accordion effect.
Have you made any further conclusions or done any procedure since your last post?
kind regards

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Ellanse Procedure 3 years 2 months ago #1308702307

Hey Subtle,

Any updates on your journey?. Would be really cool to see if you have seen any loss yet.

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Ellanse Procedure 2 years 7 months ago #1308705227

Hey Subtle, hope you are still doing great.
Would be nice if you are still around and give us an update. 4 years and 8months out of your procedure, a real pioneer of Ellanse

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