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TOPIC: Update my PMMA experience and Wade/Dr C (post moved to new topic)

Update my PMMA experience and Wade/Dr C (post moved to new topic) 8 years 8 months ago #1287476525

Note: I had in my rush to share put this in an existing post of another member. Sorry about that.

Hello! Been meaning to update here but life got busy lol. So went in for my third procedure with Dr C in May. Previous sessions were Nov 14 and Jan 14 and were uneventful. This time I asked for Linnea Safe instead of Metrical. For the most part things went fine and those guys are really so nice. About 3 weeks out of my last session - after some anal intercourse - it blew up. By that I mean the whole implant (product from first and second procedure as well) just swelled up to crazy was about 8\" at the thickest. I\'m out 6\" Girth fairly consistent up and down the shaft normally. Of course I was freaking out and took Ibuprofen and iced it several times - which helped. Finally after about 5 days it went back to almost normal. My timing of this was horrible as I was reading Restorations summary and thinking: \"holy fuck, I\'m having an immune reaction...omg am I going to have to be degloved for Removal etc etc\". But I must say I received a call from Wade back within 24 hours of my email to him asking for help/advice. So, I\'m not on the same page with everyone that is complaining about not getting a timely response. I found their office to be within a reasonable response time. Wade and I spoke for about 10 minutes and I feel he genuinely cared. One thing I think people forget is not only is he inundated with former clients, but also those who want to be clients. He has a life and a family (3 kids). Give the guy a break and remember it\'s not his job to be your friend or to talk with you for a half hour or an hour unless you really have that many questions. Their is only so much time in a day and if it\'s taken up with old or new patients that just want to shoot the shit, he will have less time to chat with those that have real problems. my soapbox. Some pics attached from a few days ago. I have a few hard points from where product was injected but will get those burned off next time I\'m down there or will wait for them to resolve themselves.

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Update my PMMA experience and Wade/Dr C (post moved to new topic) 8 years 8 months ago #1287476596

See below for my response. Thanks Guys.


First of all - let me say I regret taking 20 minutes to read and respond to your privately emailed concerns if this is how you are going to publicly reply.

There are only a small handful of posters complaining about his response time (because they\'re scared to say it publicly, but plenty have PMed me). So, I assume you\'re talking about me. Why do you think I ever wanted to \"shoot the shit\" with him? I wanted to Kenalog dose and the 5fu dose he used, and I asked him 3 times. He wouldn\'t provide it to me, but he has provided it to others I\'ve learned. I know the dose now - but not thanks to him. Did you reference me in your phone call / email? I\'m curious how much more damage my posting here is causing me. Maybe that\'s why he called you back so fast - because he didn\'t want another version of me out there.

His family life is not an excuse. It\'s a particularly egregious example to me because my dad is a doctor and had 3 kids, including me. He was on the phone every night until 10 PM calling back patients, making dictations, and calling other doctors to consult with them. That was his JOB. For the first 30 years, he ran his own practice & set his own hours... so he CHOSE to see a lot of patients, which means a lot of follow ups. That\'s the job! Now, he\'s 67 & he still works the same amount! He has more assistants now, and technology is better - but he still is on the computer any time I go home - going through patient results. And, my dad\'s patients don\'t pay him $6000 of their own cash to fuck them up. Half of them are on medicare and he get\'s like $70 for a consult...and he never had a lawsuit in his life. I paid Avanti Derma over 6k to get a Dick I can\'t use & still has lumps (despite removing 2 major ones).

From your email: \"Been laying off the fucking for 3 days now (which is hard!)\"

Oh boo-fucking-hoo for you. 3 days without sex with your ridiculously large penis? I haven\'t had sex since March! And, I won\'t until (at least) July if not later. Then, I\'ll probably need more nodules removed...despite the fact I gained less size than anyone on this board...and am smaller than 1/2 the guys who START PMMA...all for the low low price of $10,000 in travel and Avanti Derma fees...and now USA Dermatologist fees fixing their mess since they cancelled my appointment for no reason.

P.S. Learn how to make a new thread. This topic has nothing to do with your post.

Restoration - actually I was NOT talking about you and I do feel your personal attacks were premature. My comments were based on conversations I had with Wade about his busy work schedule and at NO TIME did he ever mention you - or ANY other member on this board. If it came across that way - I apologize. My personal messages to you were very sincere - but I thought afterwards it may benefit the group and ended up posting it on the forum. Yes, I agree if they (Avanti Derma) are busy they need to seriously consider hire someone who perhaps just deals with customer service issues.

I do have a great bit of sympathy for your situation - so please don\'t assume I do not. We do not know each other and I would hope we would give all member\'s the benefit of the doubt before jumping the gun and making it personal. BTW you dad sounds like the kind of doctor we all need to see more of and I\'m sure you are proud of him.

I\'m rooting for everyone on here to have a good result and hope things work out for you. Take care. - Marty

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