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TOPIC: Advice needed

Advice needed 9 years 3 months ago #1285084658

Hi Guys,

I\'m a new member, I haven\'t been lurking too long but I\'ve read a few posts and progress reports from those who have had PMMA in the past.
I\'m interested in getting the procedure and I\'ve started correspondence with those at Avanti Derma.
However, after reading about an apparent recent decline in gains I\'m wondering whether I should jump in so soon. I\'ve seen people cite this problem but I\'ve not read many first hand accounts of it. Superman\'s and Bricep\'s are two that come to mind.
I really can\'t afford to go in for the procedure if there\'s a high risk that I wouldn\'t come away with noticeable gains (~0.5\"). Some of my payment will be borrowed and I\'m only willing to live the next year or so under greater financial constraints if I\'ve got something to show for it!
I\'m below average size and suffer confidence issues because of it so I think a successful procedure would really benefit me.
Can anyone experienced please share their thoughts on the issue? I don\'t think I\'ve got the full picture from trying to trawl through searched posts.

P.S Does Dr N still offer the PMMA penile injections? I can\'t see it on her website.


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Advice needed 9 years 3 months ago #1285085427


Dr N still offers it (or it would be a scoop) but she uses the same product (Metacrill) as Dr C, you quote Superman he\'s got the procedure done by her.

Going for PMMA you have to be aware it\'s not easy to remove and there is no long term data (in the penis, in other parts there are), vast majority of reports are 1-5 years old, oldest one maybe around 7-10 years, an isolated case neither done by Dr C nor by Dr N, user name smartman.

You say you didn\'t lurk for too long so in case you don\'t know the above I felt it was worth telling you, better be well educated before going for it (I didn\'t, just lurking for 1 year and a half), good luck.

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Advice needed 9 years 3 months ago #1285135877

Thanks for the reply JN.
Unknown long term risks of PMMA is a big issue for sure.
I guess something might be up if they both use the same product. I\'ll wait to see if things pick up again and how those guys investigating the issue get on. At least it gives me more time to deliberate if PMMA is the right route to take.
As an alternative is FFT with stem cells viable? I\'ve read people dismiss it by saying it\'s impermanent and the stem cells wouldn\'t make a difference to reabsorption.
Has anyone read of a success story involving this procedure? Perhaps the answer is in the fact that it\'s hard to find any reviews online...

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