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PMMA SCHEDULED FOR JULY 14 IN T.J. 9 years 7 months ago #1283423368

About me: 53 year old gay body builder, single, great shape. Current Penis: hard 5.75\"-6\" long, 5\" around. soft 4x4 with lots of Turtling.

Goals from PMMA: 1. A Dick that looks good soft in the locker room at the gym!! and 2. fatter when hard.

Concerns: 1. Retraction post PMMA? 2. How my new Dick well feel in sex my partners mouths\'?

Minor Concern: Long term risk. Since I am 53 and no one lives forever this is not a major concern.

I\'ve been reading this Board for about 30 days-- for what seems like most of the day. Often the pictures look great but the posters talk about various imperfections and this does worry me greatly. Are the imperfections very obvious in person? Or is the issue \"hey I want a perfect Cock\"?

Oh and thanks for all the warnings about the Elist implant. I had an appointment scheduled with him ---eeek

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