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TOPIC: Dr. Harold Reed

Dr. Harold Reed 12 years 4 months ago #1270684805

Does anyone have feedback on Dr. Harold Reed? I live in the Miami area, and I am thinking about having him cut my s-ligament. He\'s been around for quite a while, but I haven\'t seen anything good or bad on here.
On another note, he recommends getting the s-ligament cut prior to any Girth enhancement due to complications when having both length and Girth enhanced simultaneously. Does anyone have feedback on this?
I\'m going in for a consultation soon, so any feedback would be appreciated.

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Dr. Harold Reed 12 years 4 months ago #1270685698

I had my ligs cut by Dr. Reed, I also had testicular implants done and went back this year for Alloderm. I would say of all the procedures, I really don\'t think that I would have done the ligament cuts again. for one, I don\'t see that it helped at all with any length gains, and one side effect that occurred with me, not sure about others, is that in the Flaccid state, it feels as if my penis now retracts much farther into my body than it used to (and no, I haven\'t gained weight and have a bigger fat pad in the pubic area that is \"hiding\" my penis). I am constantly having to pull it back out when I pee, undress, etc. I really have come to realize that you need that suspensory ligament to actually keep your penis OUTSIDE the body.

Figured the Alloderm would help anchor my penis back down outside the body, but have had some problems with that graft lifting and retracting. My penis doesn\'t turtle so much back inside like it did, but still I wouldn\'t bother with the procedure if I could take it back, plus it leaves you with a scar in your pubic region, that can be hidden by your hair, but visible if you\'re one who trims close to the skin as I like to.

I\'m not sure I can say that these are just complications with me, or related to the surgery or not, or the surgeon, but just keep it in mind. He seems very willing to communicate with you if you have any questions, which is a nice refresher compared to some surgeons who seem to forget you exist as soon as you walk out, especially if you have complications. He seems to be a straight shooter, doesn\'t over-promise results, so at least I went into it knowing what to expect sort of.

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Dr. Harold Reed 12 years 4 months ago #1270713062

Thanks for sharing your experience. Anyone else have a similar experience?

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Dr. Harold Reed 12 years 3 months ago #1270973187

Thanks for your thought rkc. Did you follow up the lig surgery with stretching? I\'ve been thinking about having the ligs cut by Dr. Reed, doing the stretching for a year, and then going to get PMMA for Girth. It seems to me that they need to be done separately, not both at once.
And I agree, Dr. Reed has been very helpful and willing to talk to me. I had to pay for a telephone conference with him, but I\'m sure he\'s tired of \"tire kickers\" and wanted a deposit to separate those guys from the serious ones. I believe that money gets applied to any procedure that you do with him, but not sure. He spoke with me for an hour on the phone and told me to call back anytime.
Please let me know about your follow-up with stretching.
Thanks in advance.Florida

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Dr. Harold Reed 12 years 3 months ago #1270988930

just curious rkcinflorida.... how did your testicular implants with Dr Reed work out... I saw another thread on here about the Elist T implants... this is first have heard of anyone having that done with a Dr other than Elist... Do you like how they turned out, are they soft to touch (unlike the elist implants - or so I hear).... hope you dont mind the question... I just noticed you stated you had them but did not address that procedure in your response (as far as how it turned out etc..) -- Thanks very much..!!! ---- H4M out.....

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Dr. Harold Reed 12 years 3 months ago #1271025542

Florida -
Yes I did use the grip system following my ligament cutting procedure. Dr. Reed wants you to start that program within days of having it done. I did it for about 6 months, pretty faithfully, although for lack of privacy issues where I live, I couldn\'t really do heavy weight Hanging every day, but kept the low weight stretching on it all day long, at least 8 hrs a day under my clothing. As I stated before, I really didn\'t notice any appreciable change in Erection length or any change in Flaccid hang. Almost wonder if my ligament just repaired itself afterwards, as the penis at the base feels as well anchored as it did prior to the procedure. I really don\'t recommend doing this procedure, don\'t think it adds anything, and it hurt like hell for days afterwards.

hope4more -
For the most part I have been happy with my testicular implants. Reed does them differently than Elist, he doesn\'t use the cups overtop of your existing testes, he puts them in right in front of your existing testes. Now, if you\'ve already got more or less normal sized testes, I don\'t think the procedure would look right, as it would be very noticeable that you have a scrotum full of marbles so to speak. Reed started using newer implants, that weren\'t as hard as the ones he had used before. The right one feels very soft, very natural feeling. The left one for some reason hardened up much more, I think maybe it encapsulated as it\'s pretty well stuck to the underside of where the incision is, whereas my right one is easily mobile within the scrotum. Mine testicles had atrophied down to almost nothing as a result of damage from medications I was on years ago, so really all you see are the implants, and only if you were staring at my scrotum from my feet looking up to it with my legs open might you be able to notice something sitting behind the implants. What I didn\'t like is that the incision he made to put each one in was right on the front side of the scrotum, so you can see 2 incision scars on either side of my scrotum. Trying to stretch the skin out progressively so hopefully those will be less noticeable in the normal skin rugae/folds.
Couple of reasons Reed told me he doesn\'t do them like Elist is that the cup is stitched around the existing testis, so if it were to ever snap/come loose, your testes will pop out of it and you will then have your normal testicle and a foreign body more or less sitting in there which would probably be visible and not look right. His second reason is that he had some reports that men who had this done ended up with testicular function damage and maybe even Atrophy of the testes either because the silicone cup raised the temperature of the testes and caused it to damage sperm production or maybe it induced a scarring reaction in the testicle. This could lead to infertility, perhaps loss of testosterone production and if the testicle atrophied, it would then be more susceptible for a now oversized cup to come off the thing and you end up with what I described above.
All in all though I like how they look, although I had a tight scrotum to begin with, so it\'s taken me a while to sort of stretch the skin out, and try to get the implants to hang a bit more and not be bunched up so close to the base of my penis. Have used some ball weights here and there which now stay on and don\'t slip off due to my previous small/atrophic testicles. I got some pretty big sized implants, about 2\" or 2.5\" (can\'t remember off the top of my head), but it does for some weird reason give me a lot of confidence, especially at the gym working out, as it gives me a little visible bulge in my gym shorts (since it pushes my Dick up and out a bit more than it was before), and I don\'t have that \"mangina\" feeling anymore that I hated, especially when I took my clothes off and it was cold and everything was so shrunken up.
I had the Alloderm put in afterwards, wish I had known more about PMMA when I decided to do that, as I think it would have been safe, cheaper and not given me the problems that it has. I may try to do PMMA to touch up around the Alloderm grafts, as with the big Balls, I think I would look a bit more proportioned with a bigger Girth penis.

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Dr. Harold Reed 12 years 3 months ago #1271035044

rkcinflorida- Assuming you had the silicone implants as opposed to the saline? Any opinion on the saline? I\'m desperately trying to \'complete my package\' and am happy with my penis...just really wanted to enhance my ball sac so I don\'t have to live with droopy ball syndrome. Any comments are appreciated.

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Dr. Harold Reed 12 years 3 months ago #1271039075

I had the silicone implants put in, heard the saline ones definitely do not feel natural, so that\'s why I didn\'t go that route, plus I was afraid I might find some way to rupture the things, at least the silicone is a solid and won\'t do that.

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Dr. Harold Reed 12 years 3 months ago #1271041199

rkcinflorida I\'ll be speaking with Dr. Reed, or at least his clinic this afternoon. I was wondering if you\'d be willing to share any pics you may have of your implants? Not sure if you addressed it, but do yours have the same unnatural feeling that others observe regarding the elist implant?Did you pay $6000? That amount still seems high to me for such a simple implant. I\'m really strongly considering this as an alternative to the Elist deal. Any pics you could share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for our feedback.

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Dr. Harold Reed 12 years 3 months ago #1271041659

If you allow me a suggestion, I would try PE first for a year or so before considering a ligament cut. I mean, use an extender, hang weights, do Jelquing, and so on. The lig cut will not give you incredible gains and any gains you do get will come only after you do this work anyway. And what you get with PE in a year without the ligament cut might be the same you get with it.

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Dr. Harold Reed 12 years 3 months ago #1271078152

@ thanks again rkc for the feedback and info... i contacted dr reed about the curvature graft corrective procedure (egydio procedure) &also visited with him a bit about other things... One of which was testicular implants.. my specific recollection is he was extremely negative about them... I asked him if he did \"cosmetic testicular impants\" and he flatly answered NO...! This is also why i asked you about it... He stated - \"if you have anywhere near normal testes, i will not do testicular implants\".. & he was incredibly critical to the point of being extreme about the elist testicular implants stating NO WAY should anyone consider this as an option.. I was kind of surprised by this demeanor from him...

I listened with an open mind, thanked him, followed up with him a couple times via email.. However, I have learned in my older age to NEVER accept what someone tells me is \"the truth\" without first doing my own research... What he was telling me was his professional opinion... \"his truth\"... &I respect that... Heck, if I find a way to get my Phallus improved safely & with little chance for negative repercussions, I\'ll probably do it... Just like the Egydio procedure... I\'m going for it..!!!!!!! Sao Paulo here comes H4M........!!!

Anyway, I\'m severely blabbing now which is pretty easy for me to do since I can smoke a keyboard at around 100 words per minute... I\'ll def have my computer with me in Brazil..!!! Maybe Egydio will have some other info on Phallus improvement methods & procedures he will share with me...!!!! Regards, H4M out..

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Dr. Harold Reed 12 years 3 months ago #1271078570

H4M- Oddly, I had a similiar conversation with Dr. Reed. Reminded me of a conversation I had with a divemaster about diving a \'wall\' the day after he lost two divers who had had too much to drink. He wanted nothing to do with it? (wierd comparison...but it oddly reminded of the same vibe...) He completely talked me out of his procedure and recommended strongly against any other- then encouraged me to \'accept myself\'. Ok. Wait. I have. I want to accept more. What a line of crap. Seriously, a \'cosmetic\' surgeon telling me to \'accept myself\'? He actually alluded to women coming to terms with their A-cups. How many of them do that nowadays... between botox injections. I was kind of annoyed. Is this really that seriously complicated? I\'m pretty sure if I was in the industry, I would have a solution to this rather (superficially) simple cosmetic issue. Any other suggestions/ideas. P.S.- what is Egydio? Regards.

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Dr. Harold Reed 12 years 3 months ago #1271079003

I am noticing that trend in the plastic field. If u r a woman they can not move fast enough to Upsize u. But if u r a man u need psychological help.

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Dr. Harold Reed 12 years 3 months ago #1271079235

Hey all... I\'m checking in a bit more these days... noticed the other posts... Thanks for the notes... I agree that Dr Reed \"talking people out of procedures\" is strange given he is in the business... It might make sense otherwise.. He obviously feels the need to \"really try and help people accept themselves as they are\" which is honorable... I accept that and dont hold it against him although it did ring a bit like \"altruistic bs\"... Its true that if I accept myself just the way I am & am happy with myself then who needs any sort of procedure, right..? However, our technologically advanced society has evolved the the point where if a person has the money, the where with all, the access, the GUTS etc to actually follow thru with such a procedure then so be it.. Whatever makes one happy right..? So, I\'m gettin my peyronies fixed... I think its great that we have these options... Dr Paulo EGYDIO is the pioneering surgeon in the field of peyronies correction via grafting... The Egydio procedure was named after him.. He\'s in Sao Paulo Brazil & I\'ll be meeting him Thursday 11-24!!! Provided all goes well, I may consider PMMA although I have to admit the \"unknown long term effects\" of this procedure are pretty scary... For me, The \"UN-known\" future effects, say 5-7-10 or ever 20 years down the road, is what really scares me... I\'m very very intersted but will probably hang out for a while and observe... Can you say H4M is a big, fat yellow chicken..?!?! I knew you could..!!!!!! KUDDOS to all those with the guts to go for it with Dr. C.... I hope to continue hearing & seeing great results from everyones PMMA procedures... Now, excuse me while I prepare to \"kiss the Brazilian sky\".. Hey, that almost sounded like a Jimmi Hendrix song...!

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Dr. Harold Reed 12 years 3 months ago #1271095933

Just my opinion, but you can\'t blame Dr. Reed for trying to talk you out of the procedure. I agree that it was honorable of him. I too have grappled with the issue of my psychological insecurities that make me want to do these procedures. However, in the end, I\'ve come to the same conclusion as you have. I\'ve thought about this for years and still want to do it, so I\'m done trying to psychoanalyze myself. I\'m a normal size, so maybe it is insecurity, but you know what? I don\'t care; I still want it. I have the testicle implants from Elist and love the feel in my drawers. What guy wouldn\'t want a baseball bat and coconuts in his jock strap?
I\'ve always been an introspective person, always tried to better myself and question myself psychologically, but a couple of years ago I decided to cut myself some slack on this issue and just enjoy it for what it is: a primal need for a man feel his \"oats\". I think that Dr. Reed is right that there\'s some emotional reason that I want this, but you know, I don\'t care anymore. However it should be a license for an unhealthy obsession ... if you want it, do it, but have a balanced life too, and don\'t become your Cock and Balls.

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