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Patient Directory 12 years 7 months ago #1269426622

I get private messages from time to time asking me about certain procedures and my opinions on them. While I consider myself reasonably versed in Phalloplasty, I concede that my knowledge is limited, especially if I have not undergone the procedure in question. I will usually follow up my response with the names of members who have actually had the procedure done knowing that they will provide better insight. With that being said, I created this thread so that anyone with past Phalloplasty procedures (and/or reconstructive surgery) can list themselves here so that future members can find & contact them directly. This is especially useful because there are a lot of members here who have had surgeries done but have not actually created a progress report. By submitting your info here, you are acknowledging that you are available for contact via instant message, private messaging, and/or e-mail (assuming you provide an e-mail address). If you wish to submit a post, please use a format that lists the type of procedure, the doctor who performed the procedure, when you underwent the procedure, and any other (brief) relevant info regarding your procedure. An example (the format does not have to be identical, just concise*) would be like: Free Fat TransferDr. John Doe5 Years Post-OpPre-op X\", Post-op Z\"Without complication, satisfactory Girth, but requires top-offs every 3 months- Link to Progress Report if Available - *(You can always come back and edit your directory info in the event you have other procedures/reconstructions done)* I don\'t mind to continue answering emails about surgical options, but even as the Administrator here, I am by no means the Phalloplasty Guru... so anytime I (or anyone else here) gets private or instant messages regarding the specifics of an actual procedure, link this thread so that they can be directed to the appropriate source.
Thanks. I\'ll start with mine in the next post.

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Patient Directory 12 years 7 months ago #1269426638

PMMA for GirthRound 1: 16 cc of 20% PMMARound 2: 11cc of 10% PMMARound 3: 13cc of 20% PMMA
3.5\" erect girth pre-op, 4.5\" erect girth post-op after Round 1Round 2 Measurements Inconclusive, TBDDr. Casavantes in Tijuana, MexicoFirst Round in the middle of May 2011Second Round in middle of July 2011Third Round in middle of November 2011No complications, however small nodules behind the glans that will be treated on next appointment.Available via IM, PM, or Email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)Progress Report:

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Patient Directory 12 years 7 months ago #1269427408

PMMA for Girth
Dr. Casavantes in Tijuana, Mexico1st Round May 26th, 2011,
2nd Round July 5th, 2011,
3rd Round August 25th, 2011,
4th Round January 27th, 2012,
5th Round June 12th, 2013,
6th Round August 13, 2014
7th Round July 1, 2015 (Happy Canada Day eh?) No reported complications.22 years old for round 1Available via IM, PM. (PM for email).Progress Report:
I have had PMMA now for almost 4.5 years (since round 1) with no complications.
Last updated: Nov 9th, 2015

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Patient Directory 12 years 7 months ago #1269444156

Pre stats: about 6\" erect length, 4.95 erect girth.

Dr Elist implant put in on or about April 2010. Main complaint was mild pain at the glans and also some minor edges there too. Edges on the sides were gone in a few months.

Retraction occurred down to about 5\" EL, but then came back to 5.5.

Great girth: about 7\" base, 6.5\" mid shaft and 5.5\" at glans.

Had a lot of fun with it, but I was unsure of its future complications.

Removed it April 2011. Healed very well, but curvature and retraction happened. Got a few Kenalog injection to help with scar tissue.

June 2011 got DR. Runels PRFM injection to help in the healing process.

Scheduled PMMA first session for end of July 2011 after a long discussion with Dr. C and Mr. Wade about my situation.

Report soon!


UPDATE: August 22, 2011

First session with Dr. C and PMMA July 2011

about 19 CC of 10% PMMA.

No major complications 3 weeks post op. Girth is improving and is reaching close to silicone implant days (removed now) approximately: 6.8 inches base, 6 mid and 5 near glans...erect of course. These numbers will change in the next few weeks..I will report later in a few weeks.

Check my threads for status and more details.....


August 31, 2011 Update:

I am about 5 weeks into the first PMMA 10% session.

EG has dropped a bit to less than above measurements. not sure if the collagen will add to the girth later on.

Sex is great now, but I need a bit more in girth and may be an inch more in erect length....don\'t we all!!

will update more soon!


2ND PMMA Session: November, 2011

20CC\'s of 20% PMMA injected thru the glans and the base, some problems arose due to injections at the glans.

EQ of 70%-80% gives an Erect girth of about 5\" behind glans, 6 mid shaft and 6.6\" at base. I suspect with full hard on, I can add .1\" to .2\" to these numbers.


3RD PMMA Session, March 2012:

About 21 CC\'s added. 3-4 CC\'s of 30% at the base, 3-4 CC\'s of 10% at the glans and the rest were 20% all over the main shaft.

The base now is easily 7.5\", mid shaft about 6.3\" and glans at about 5.85\"'

these numbers fluctuate with EQ and seem to go down a bit in time.


Hey guys;

This is a quick update after about 8 months after the my fourth PMMA round. There are a few low and high spots on the shaft that I want Dr C to address on my next visit. No, for sure no more girth will be requested, but I do want 30% to blend in with the existing 30% and the feel of the shaft which is firmer and is to my liking and most of my lady\'s liking too.

There is a bump that one can see near the glans on the left side, I hope it would be corrected on my next visit. I do not want a Kenalog injection, I want it removed surgically. It should be a very small incision and take the PMMA lump out.

The girth has been very steady at over 7\" at the base and tapering down to 6\" near the glans.

I have had great sex with such a massive girth, I have had girls tell me they have had longer penises that hurt their cervix but they never had such girth that they enjoyed so much. Some girls would be shocked and scared of the girth, but I would do a bunch of foreplay to get them loosened up and in many cases, make them come first then they really would relax and enjoy the rest of the encounter with some of them coming again later.

I have had a couple of girls who were not able to to take more than an inch or so after which their vagina would not expand to take the rest and I did not want to force it in, I do not like to do that so those were negative experiences due to my extra girth.

The EL is steady at close to 6\" Non bone pressed (I had lost some weight) and the size of glans with a high EQ is to my liking. The cone shaped shaft has proved to work great for me. It is amazing how most women I meet do not care about the perfect looking penis as some of us here do on this board, but they love the girth over a long skinny penis.

I am traveling a lot now but I am hoping to start a stretching routine after I am home to gain my lost 0.25\"-0.35\" EL due to elist silicon implant.

BTW, both picture are semi erect, I\'d guesstimate 75%-80% erection.

I had 13 CC @30% and 9 CC of 10% of PMMA

Attached Images


Full report can be read here:


Updated July 16th, 2013

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Patient Directory 12 years 7 months ago #1269516268

Penis widening surgery with Scaffold
PAI clinic thailand Bangkog
1 year post, surgery done in July 2010
Pre status: 6\" erect lenght, 4,3\" erect girth
Post: 6\" erect lenght, 4,7\" erect girth
without complication, natural look, not really satisfy
August 26th 2011 appointment with Dr.C, 6159 miles 20 hours in plane

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Patient Directory 12 years 6 months ago #1269668740

Girth enhancement with DR Viel in London in 2009 with top ups every 3 months until June 2011. EG Girth 5 post treatment 5.5

PMMA 1st round with DR C pre op 5.5 post op 6.15

PMMA 2nd round with DR C pre op 6.15 post up 6.4 (expected)

Please contact me via my thread.


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Patient Directory 12 years 6 months ago #1269711986

PMMA for girth

Round 1: 15cc @ 10%
Round 2: 24cc @ 20%
Round3: 15cc @ 20%, 6cc @ 10%

4.6\" EG pre-op
4.875\" EG 5 months post Round 1
5.25\" EG 4.5 months post Round 2
5.75\" EG 3 days post Round 3

Dr. Casavantes in Tijuana, MexicoFirst Round: August 1st, 2011
Second Round: January 25th, 2012
Third Round: June 8th, 2012

Very minor asymmetry in neck after round 2, no observable complications.

Available via PMProgress Report:

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Patient Directory 12 years 6 months ago #1269714206

PMMA for girth

Round 1: 16-18cc @ 20% Base 10% Mid-Shaft 5% Circ Scar to Glans
Round 2: 16cc of 20%Round 3: Hopefully not for another 6 months to a year just for minor touch ups.

5\" EG pre-op, 5.5\" EG post-op (So Far)

Dr. Casavantes in Tijuana, MexicoFirst Round: August 6th, 2011Second Round: October 15th, 2011
Minor Lump near base, 2nd round looks to have cleared that up. Available via Thread, PMProgress Report:

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Patient Directory 12 years 5 months ago #1270072516

Dermal fat graft from the groin

6\"el' x' 4.5\"eg pre-op
Dermal graft become infected the first week.'
And was removed following week. No gains.
Very painful, traumatic and unsuccessful
and I dont recommend this procedure.

Dr promote manurangsee
Yanhee international hospital

PMMA Rd1 with Dr Casavantes 17cc 20%. Cost $1640 for procedure
'''''''$2500 for airfares
'''''''$' 300 accomodation
Rd 2 with Dr Casavantes 19cc 20% 3cc 10% 1cc 30%
After 8months. 6\" base 5.5\" midshaft 5\" glans

Rd 3 with dr Casavantes 17cc 30% 6cc 10% Updates to come

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Patient Directory 12 years 5 months ago #1270074964

NewPlastic Girth Enlargement

Dr. Luis Casavantes (Board Certified Dermatologist, Specialty: Bioplasty)

Pre-PMMA stats:
-Erect Length: 5 15/16 - 6 1/8\"
-Mid Shaft Circumference: 5 1/8\"
-Base Circumference: 5 5/8\"

*(Desired) Post-PMMA Goal (After 1st or 2nd Round)
-Mid Shaft Circumference: 6 1/4 - 6 1/2\"
-Base Circumference: 6 1/2 - 6 3/4\"

1st Round Concentration was 10% (19cc\'s), injection site included the area behind the glands.
Complications: No known complications as of 09/03/2011
Total Cost including medications (Antibiotic & Cialis) and injection
=$15572nd Round:10.14.201117cc\'s @ 20%Post-op day 1 & day 2 When the blood came out, it lacked that iron smell we\'re all use too, and the leaking bodily fluid had a slimy touch to it. Every patient needs to listen to their inner voice and make objective decisions about masaging. Dr. Casavantes and Wade agreed that i am not a retractor, I wasn\'t even going to get wrapped, but upon my request Wade helped me with that because i was taking a long drive back home. An amazing product, that i\'ll continue to use up until day 4, is Walgreens Liquid Bandage, this stuff works to help stop bleeding, and its flexible. Christian asked Wade for me if he thought it was ok while i waited on the phone and Wade said it wouldn\'t be any problem to use this product. If i had thought of this sooner i would have used it on round 1 and right upon completion of round 2. I ultimately don\'t want to loose product i paid for, plus taking a trip to Tj isn\'t something that goes unplanned.Total Cost:My primary care provider prescribed me Doxycycline Monohydrate 100 mg (daily), and that was $10 here in sunny California. Treatment cost $1500, plus $25 for the anti-inflammatory injectionplus $2 for parking fee, plus $10 worth of advice (i had one of those street venders show me a smaller line driving back into the states, all i had was a $10 bill, his lucky day!), then a 20 mg Cialis tablet from Ley market for $13.75, but i purchased that several weeks back. Total cost for this trip technically was just $1537 USD, all other fees where things i elected to do. The cost of Walgreen\'s Liquid bandage (aka New skin), was about $6 bucks. I\'d almost put this Liquid Bandage product as a NEW* must for every patient, because after you apply 2 thin layers of this product you can do some light massaging without the fear of the PMMA coming out. Round 3 TBA, I\'ll probably be at 6inches in girth because of Round 2 (mid-shaft), but my ideal goal is *6.5 inches mid-shaft.
LOG Report:

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Patient Directory 12 years 4 months ago #1270819243

PMMA for Girth Enhancement
Dr. Casavantes in Tijuana, Mexico October 27th, 2011 Round 1
R1: 21 cc\'s of 20% + 2 cc\'s of 10% = Total 23 cc\'sR1 Gains @ 3 Months: .25\" - .4\"
March 15th, 2012 Round 2
R2: 28 cc\'s of 20%
R2 Gains @ 1 Year .5\"

March 21st, 2013 Round 3
R3: 7 cc\'s of 30% + 4 cc\'s of 10% = Total 11 cc\'s
R3 Gains @ 1 Month .25\"

June 14th, 2013 Round 4
R4: 10 cc\'s of 10% + 3 cc\'s of 30% = Total 13 cc\'s
R4 Gains = 0 (aesthetic correction only).

Total CC\'s: 73 10@30%, 47@20% and 16@10%

Complications noted after Round 3. Nodules at entry points still present at 1 month post op. Will likely have to return for Round 4 touch up and Nodule correction.

Available via IM, PM Stats:Gender: MaleAge: 39Wt. 175Health Status: God-like

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Patient Directory 12 years 3 months ago #1270949651

PMMA for Girth Dr. Casavantes in Tijuana Mexico
Round 1: 16 cc of 20% and 2 cc of 10% PMMARound 2: 10 cc of 20% and 1 cc of 5% PMMARound 3: TBDTotal cc after 2 rounds: 29Total Girth gain after 2 rounds: 0.875\'\'
4.25\" Erect Girth pre-op5.25\" Erect Girth 6 weeks post-op after Round 15.125 Erect Girth 6 months post-op after Round 2Reasoning for no apparent gain after Round 2 and loss of 0.125\'\' after 6 months is that swelling was still present at 6 weeks when I went in for round 2 so the measurement of 5.25\'\' was a false measurement. If I had waited a few months after round 1 I would have probably measured at 4.75-5\'\'.

First Round at end of March 2011Second Round at middle of May 2011Only complication was a slight discoloration (darker area) right below the glans, but it seems to be going back to it\'s natural color over time. And only a 0.825\'\' gain after 2 procedures.

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Patient Directory 12 years 2 months ago #1271503332

Testicular Enhancement Implants ' Dr. Elist1.5 Years PostTesticles Before: 2 Cherry Tomatos / Testicles After: 2 Large Eggs
Prognosis ' I would do it again because it has been the relief of such anxiety and self consciousness. Does not feel natural. But, looks natural naked (from a normal distance, not close up) and through clothes. The size has been noticed and commented on.
Complications ' The scrotum skin in one particular spot is adhered to the implant, whether by freak accident or by design, I don\'t know. Elist won\'t return my emails about the subject. So, my right 'ball' does not hang loose; hangs awkwardly.

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Patient Directory 12 years 1 month ago #1271758665

Dr. Giunta MISL + FFT

Unlike most guys posting here, I really wanted better Flaccid length, and look. My daily shrinkage left me depressed. Tried stretching, and PE for 6 months prior to surgery, with only slight Flaccid gain, and nothing else.

Flaccid preop 1.5\" - 3\". usually 1.5\"
preop EL 5\".
preop EG 4.2\"

It\'s been 14 days since surgery. No Erect gain from lig cut.
EL post-op 4.8\"
EG post op 5\"

But Flaccid size now looks good. Going to stretch for 6 months again, and hope for some gain in EL.

My suprapubic mound (fat pad) is swollen and hard. hoping it goes back down with time.

Erection is now pointing a bit to the left, and right side of base is hard. hopefully stretching, massage and time will straighten it out.

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Patient Directory 12 years 1 month ago #1271950167

Dr Giunta Lig Cut - November 2009.
Dr Giunta FFT - April 2010.
Pre Op Stats:
NBPEL - 6.5\"
MSEG - 4.75
Post Op Stats:
NBPEL - 6.5\"
MSEG - 4.75\" - fat reabsorbed within a couple of months

Excellent doctor, no complications

PMMA Round 1 - 24 cc\'s at 20%. January 2012 Dr Casavantes
Current MSEG is 5.75\" Expect to lose at least another .25\" before procedure 2
Hard spots at injection points, still experiencing intermittent swelling at 19 days post op - always after sex. No pain other abnormal effects that I can see.

PMMA Round 2 scheduled for 1 March 2012 Dr Casavantes Will ask for max CC\'s of 20% again. Would like to get bigger than 6\" BSEG and as close to 6\" as possible MSEG on this second round.

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