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TOPIC: Auguste report - 10mL of HA at Androfill

Auguste report - 10mL of HA at Androfill 4 years 9 months ago #1308495036

TLDR: I'm having 10mL of generic HA at Androfill in 2 weeks. Will report with before & after pics. Hi guys, This is my first post. I have been lurking on this forum for quite a while now and finally taking the plunge. I will first be writing some info about about myself, then how I came to this decision of HA.

Measurements: BPEL: ~6in ~15.5cmMid EG: 4.7in 12cm Background: Currently In my 20's.Being adolescent and having my first sexual encounters, I never really felt like size was a problem. I had my first sex with my high-school girlfriend which was amazing (teenage love and all...), so I'm grateful and I feel lucky for that. Later on, partners seemed always satisfied and chemistry seemed to be the most important factor. I must say I started watching porn at a young age, and it quickly became an addiction. Unfortunately I wasn't aware of it until a few years ago (It's been now more than 2 years I have abstained from it, which definitely helped. But i feel this is an addiction i would never get rid of.) Anyway, a few years down the road, I met my high-school sweetheart again and although the chemistry was there, sex was very different. Pretty bad even, so much that we stopped after a few minutes. Actually for me it was good ! But clearly, she was not feeling much down there... I remember us staring at the ceiling, wondering what went wrong. I jokingly said that she maybe got used to bigger guys at uni before us meeting again. She remained silent.Turned out the guys she had been with in between were many (which is by no means pejorative, good for her!), and penis size was definitely an important factor. I know this because we kept in touch for a while, weirdly became friends, and we openly talked about relationships and sex. Anyway, I guess that was the turning point for me, when I started to become self conscious about my size. From that moment on, sex was different for me. I had around 50 partners, mostly good experiences but my size was on my mind during all of these encounters. I made up for it by trying to be better in bed. Although sometimes I was thinking about so much that it made me go soft, which just made the sex bad. This is also the moment when I started doing PE, trying all possible techniques, but never had gains, even the newbie ones (and if i did they were temporary). In the end, I was the one mostly bothered by my size. I often felt like I was floating in partners if they were very aroused and 'relaxed'.Or whenever they don't explicitly show me that they're enjoying (which I guess is a normal thing when you have sex, there are high and low moments right ?) I start to wonder : 'is it because of the size? Does she feel like it's not enough?' Anyhow. I'm in a long term relationship now, and she's amazing, the relationship is great.Plus I got her to really enjoy anal which I have a huge thing for (hello porn addiction).But still, I do feel like bigger would be better, and she said that she definitely wouldn't mind. (Although she think girth might not the best for anal) So, finally, after having no success with pe during 5 years (maybe hardcore dedication would have led to some minimal gains, but the cost of time and energy spent doing this isn't worth it, I need to develop my career right now), I finally considered surgery. I must say, this forum has been very helpful, and I would like to thank everyone who contributed, as well as the creators / maintainer with whom the great ressource wouldn't exist. So, quick summary of what I have found reading this forum: There are 3 really viable options: Pmma At first, it seemed like the way to go. I live in europe so Dr.N is the only option as the travel costs + time for Dr.C is just too much for me (there was supposedly an Italian doctor as well, but unsure if he was really using pmma and seemed overall sketchy). From what I've seen, the problem with Pmma are : - Complications are not so uncommon - Esthetic result aren't really that great ( I have found that a lot of Dr.N patients rarely had a uniform result, mostly due to the fact that she doesn't inject near the base. Some guys might be ok with it though) - accordion effect. I'm uncut and have pretty loose skin, so it seems I am almost guaranteed to have that. - Permanent : that's an obvious one. Didn't seem to bother me at first but the closer I was leaning towards a decision and the more the 'permanent damage if something goes wrong' idea sank in. HA - Less likely to have complications, and even if that's the case, can easily be reversed - Temporary, the price to pay for a safer solution. - Results described as too soft by many users ('padded dick') - accordion effect also present -> some users seem to have it, others not. EllanseI have huge hopes for this one. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of reported cases yet, but I believe it might be the best long term solution. Overall, HA seems like the best option for me right now, as it allows me to 'try it', know how it feels and above all isn't permanent if I regret it. Best case scenario, it's great, and I top up every 6 months or so, like going to the dentist. It's definitely a cost, but seeing that this thing takes so much time, energy and space in my head, making me loose productivity, it's actually an investment if I can get rid of this obsession. (Does it ever disappear though ? I don't know, I guess we'll see) As I said, I live in Europe so Androfill or Moorgate seems the way to go (there is this french guy in Antibes, but sketchy as well, he's appearently not using good quality HA, and told one of his french patients that he mixes it with water. As reported on doctissimo by that patient. I guess it's a way for him to make customers come back faster.) I have contacted Francis at Androfill via email, and I booked for the 20th of May (less than two weeks). As the price difference is quite important between the generic filler and Voluma (2300eur vs 3100eur for 10mL), I asked if there were any difference (such as firmness) besides that fact last voluma should last longer. He told me firmness is the same and clients haven't reported any difference. He also told me the generic filler used is Pluryal volume by MD Skin. After a quick search on the internet, it seems I can find 2mL of Pluryal for 61 euros. ( ) So now I'm wondering , 30euros per mL , that's like 300 euros for HA for 10mL ! So the price is indeed justified for Voluma (as it's something like 250 eur / mL), but definitely not for the generic filler ! I plan on calling him tomorrow to ask him about this. I wonder if I can bring my own Pluryal then ! I am also worried about the accordion effect, as it seems it's definitely something that could happen. I wonder if there's a way to tell the Dr.Horn to avoid this as much as possible (like not injecting near the glans, or deeper, or the kind of canula used ?) What do you guys think ? Am I guaranteed to have the accordion effect ? I will report the procedure and post before & after pics.

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Auguste report - 10mL of HA at Androfill 4 years 9 months ago #1308599055

The accordion effect is due to the filler interacting with the dermal layer; the closer to buck\'s fascia the less the effect. the skin of the penis is loosely attached to the underlying fascia called scarpa or colle\'s fascia, it is a loose connective tissue that allow the upper skin to behave more like a fluid than a solid object. Think of two sliding doors made of rubber passing each other, one door the outer door can move freely and isn\'t connected to the inner door; the outer door(the skin)can stretch, shrink and move freely past the inner door regardless of the size of the inner door(buck\'s fascia), however, if there are any connections between the outer door and the inner sliding door then as the outer rubber door moves past the inner door where it is attached it bunch\'s up like an accordion. The other possibility which is similar to the above procedure is if too much filler is at the base between the pubic/penile ligment at scarpa fascia where both join a inadvertent binding is formed and you can get a bunching of the skin here. And there is a very thin layer of muscle tissue(thicker towards the Foreskin and the scrotal web) that is just under the dermis called Dartos fascia that shouldn\'t have filler injected into it because filler and muscle don\'t get along and cause bunching and nodules. Once again the solution is to place filler on buck\'s fascia on each side of the ligament, which is hard to do because the ligament fans out from the pubic bone to integrate itself with buck\'s fascia. Few docs understand this anatomy and that is why you see the accordion effect, it has nothing to do whether one is cut or not. A Circumcised penis will do the same if one were to retract their skin, but since it is rarely done except for aggressive masturbation no one complains of it.

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Auguste report - 10mL of HA at Androfill 4 years 9 months ago #1308599149

One other item is the Circumcision scar dilemma or problem with fillers; With Circumcision, as most are perform as newborns they are usually accomplished with some type of Clamping method which destroys the layer mechanism of the penis mentioned above at the point of Circumcision. This creates a new anchoring point or scar tissue between the layers of skin at this point that may or may not go down to bucks fascia; this leads to the inability of filler to migrate freely in this area causing a ring to appear after filler injection where the scar tissue is thickest, due to lack of severe scar formation in newborns most can massage the filler around this loose scar tissue and get a normal result. In the intact penis it important to avoid the dermal and dartos layers because it will cause migration of the filler into the Foreskin(scarpa fascia ends at the base of the glans) which is a negative.however swelling caused by edema fluid may collect in the Foreskin and make retraction difficult during the healing process but this will resolve when the edema goes away.

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Auguste report - 10mL of HA at Androfill 4 years 9 months ago #1308661337

Thanks kbgetbig for your explanations. It does makes sense. Have you studied medicine ?

It\'s been 5 days since the procedure. I have attached before / after pics. the after pics are taken 2 and 3 days later respectively.

I had 10mL of the generic filler.

The operation went great, Dr.Horn was professional and we had a nice chat during the procedure.
I went with the canula method, and I definitely do not regret my choice. I had basically no bruising (if not for some very minor pain at the two entry points when the numbing went off).

Overall very happy with the result. The only thing (which I expected) was the softness ... I would describe it as smudgy. So, it looks good, but not so great to the touch. I think that soft it\'s okay (although the HA is still softer than the real thing), but when hard you can clearly feel where is the HA and where is the actual penis. Francis told me it could get firmer during the first month.

I followed the post care instructions and wore briefs, with my penis pointing upwards after the procedure. It definitely helped avoid HA to migrate in the glans, but the HA migrated to the base (just on the right side). So for the first 3 days I had a lot of HA very close to the base, nearly going into the Balls. It was quite uneven.
I would recommend having the penis horizontal in the briefs to avoid any movement in either direction.

So yes : It moves a lot during the first few days. Everyday it had a different shape, depending on how I put penis in my pants or sleep. the upside of that is that I managed to massage it well and give it the desired shape. I fixed the base problem by pushing it real hard to the middle.
I could even try different shapes everyday and decide what I like best.

It\'s now day 5 and it seems more stable. I really hope it\'ll completely stop moving after (especially after long sessions of sex, otherwise everything would go towards the base).

Also, what I was kind of scared of, the \"accordion effect\" previously mentioned, definitely happened. As you can see in one the post pics (side view) , there\'s a noticeable gap between the penis head and the beginning of the HA. When I retract the skin towards the base, it \"stacks up\" and makes a bulge, until eventually it can\'t stack. I have managed to make it much more subtle by pushing the HA to the sides, making a more oval shaped penis, which I like (from my point of view it looks larger).
I really wonder how sex will be like, because right now it feels like the HA would stack up, especially if the girl is tight (or anal). But like I said, it might be more stable with time and maybe firmer too.

Will report how the actual sex is like when downtime is over (going for 3 weeks of downtime to be safe)

Putting a condom on is basically impossible due to the softness and accordion effect. the condom keeps pushing the HA away. Also the added Girth plays a major factor : I am now 14cm (5.5 in) mid EG, which is a huge gain. I wonder if it\'ll decrease in the days to come but I don\'t have any swelling so I feel like it\'ll stay like that. For the condom issue I\'ll try with bigger ones.

So to conclude :

Positive:Very quick & nearly painless procedureGreat aesthetic result when penis closed both flacid and hardGreat gains for 10ml (2cm !!)
Negative:Soft & smudgy feeling. Will report how the actual sex is like when downtime is over (going for 3 weeks of downtime to be safe)Accordion effect : the HA moves with the skin (it feels like in between the penis and the skin, but more attached to the skin than the penis)

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Auguste report - 10mL of HA at Androfill 4 years 9 months ago #1308661380

I hope I uploaded the pictures the right way.

About the softness of HA, there is the Teosyal ultra deep HA as described on Androfill\'s website. Francis has described it as \"hard as wood\" on the forum if I\'m not mistaken. As mixing HA seems like not a problem at all, I\'m really wondering why doctors don\'t just mix Teosyal ultra deep and voluma together (using this ) in order to make a firmer product ?! It makes so much sense to me, any thoughts ?

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Auguste report - 10mL of HA at Androfill 4 years 9 months ago #1308672533

good result there. I actually don\'t like mixing fillers - it has caused us some problems, especially with Voluma. We only tried UltraDeep once but with great result, but it was not actually me who did the trial. Maybe we should have given it more of a go

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Auguste report - 10mL of HA at Androfill 4 years 9 months ago #1308675233

Hello Dr.Oates, thank you for your insights. Would you mind describing what kind of problems occurred when mixing fillers ?

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Auguste report - 10mL of HA at Androfill 2 years 3 months ago #1308705827

Hallo @Auguste ,
hope everything is fine, if you're still checking the forum it would be helpful to have an update from you

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