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TOPIC: RestoreX worth it?

RestoreX worth it? 3 years 9 months ago #1308700002

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Just reading up on this newer device. Seems very similar to the regular moose style extender, just has a slightly different attachment for the glans. It claims you need to wear it far less than the competitors, but I don’t see why that would be the case. At $500, it’s significantly pricier than the $20 no name brand extenders you can find on eBay.

I’ve used one of those years ago and gained about .75 so I realize any gains now are unlikely, especially if using the same style of extension. What are your guys thoughts on the RestoreX. Worth a shot or just a gussied up regular extender?

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RestoreX worth it? 3 years 8 months ago #1308700161

Wow. I haven't seen that one before. Looks high quality. Pretty good reviews on Reddit. With consistent use, it could work...

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RestoreX worth it? 3 years 8 months ago #1308700165

I bought one of these over a year ago, to help regain length lost after reconstructive surgery. Unfortunately, even at the smallest settings I was too short to use it. So it's been a paper weight on my shelf. This is negative aspect, given that it touts itself as primarily for correction of curvature caused by Peyronie's disease (PD). Men with severe PD experience shortening due to the curvature, and it's not good to have a device that you need to be well over five inches to use.

I've been using PGE-1 (aka chemical PE) to regain size. It's way more effective for Girth than length, as it causes hypertrophy of the corpora cavernosa. Since starting in July (or restarting since I have past experience), I've regained some size - going from 4 inches x 6.5 inches (EL x EG) to 4.8 x 7.6. I can stretch my Flaccid penis to 5 inches now, but it's still too short to fit in the Restorex. Also, as my Girth has grown, now 7 Flaccid Girth, I fear that as soon as I'm long enough I'll be too thick to fit comfortably in the ring at the base of that stretcher.

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RestoreX worth it? 3 years 8 months ago #1308700303

I will start to use it soon, will keep you updated

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RestoreX worth it? 3 years 8 months ago #1308700401

I have this device
(I also have the phallosan belt and stretcher as well as the andropenis stretcher)

so far there has been no perfect device if you have the money, each one has pros and cons

but speaking to this one
the anchoring at the pelvis is good
the springs are good
for me I am 7" fully stretched right now (hoping for 9" max stretch which probably is like an 7.5" penis...I'm about 6.5 bone to tip right now))
I had to make it as long as possible with the longer rods and I can get a little more length out of the device in the future by using the curvature bars and moving the clamp out.

It claims 30 min 2x per day vs 9hrs
I don't know about that, but a few things are good
1. it is backed by mayo so it's unlikely to cause damage if used as directed
2. the springs are strong (I usually ratchet it and release the springs, wait a few minutes, lock the springs and ratchet more and then release it again and then pull it open further with my hand so the springs can extend further (the springs are able to maintain this tension).
3. it goes straight out from the body (it's oriented better than any other device relative to what an Erect penis would be angled at), this seems good because Erect length is what matters most to me

1. it hurts like hell (in order to get it tight enough to pull hard I need to clamp it very tight) I can usually tolerate this for 30m, but it's the most painful device I own
2. it's easy for the glans to slip out of the vice grip (I have tried small rubber sleeves on my glans as well as the 3m medical tape it comes with (I purchased a lot more).
(1&2 are to prevent 2 you need to suffer 1, you can find a balance, but it's not great)

I just started using these finger sleeves (AKA Finger Protectors, Finger Cots,).
They are very thick and a bit small even for my relatively small Flaccid glans (however they are stretchy and for 1 hour of wear even a much thicker penis would be fine in them)
The cushioning and padding of these thick finger cots makes the device way more comfortable for up to an hour.
I like that this device is Mayo Clinic backed and designed for peyronie's disease and thus unlikely to cause excessive tissue trauma that could later induce scar tissue and ironically peyronie's disease and thus shortening...exactly what we don't want. Thus, given these cots plus the device plus my technique I feel I get the max amount of safe stretch from it...a lot but not too much.

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Last edit: by madhatter. Reason: adding advice on how to wear with finger cots for much more comfort
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