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TOPIC: [Length & Girth Gains] 10h HeatPacks+VacStretcher+Hydropump Combo

[Length & Girth Gains] 10h HeatPacks+VacStretcher+Hydropump Combo 3 years 6 months ago #1308698825

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They say size doesn't matter, but it honestly depends on who you're with. The G-Spot is easy to find, but some girls simply want to be "filled".
Not every woman is the same, but mine is the kind that likes to be filled. This is where my manhood let me down, that little bastard!
My girlfriend went on about her exes sizes before we even slept together (she's a sexologist so I accepted this kind of talk), but I knew my size wasn't enough before we even had sex. After we had sex, she was polite in telling me (without using words, if you know what I mean) I am not big enough.
Now she's stuck in a different country under Lockdown ...I plan to get bigger safely, with realistic expectations.

Thanks to these forums and all you members, I dodged having PENUMA surgery done and I'm instead taking the tried & tested route outlined below. I realise that there have been mixed reviews on the Phallosan Forte, but most of these are from quite a few years ago and I heard there have been product revisions in that time. If the Sleeves break, I can buy one from LG instead Link to LG products . LG's sleeves are apparently the best according to ThundersPlace forum and members here like Texas. Thanks.

I saw AMAZING results posted by a forum member Hivelpsg, this also made me feel more encouraged with my Phallosan Forte purchase. His post and some pictures are here: forum & picture link


VAC STRETCHER: Phallosan Forte link
Any Vac Stretcher will likely do, if it's comfortable. I intend to use a Vac Stretcher, so that I can combine it with a heat pack on the shaft (I'm still researching this though) and in the future, to keep the penis stretched following Hyaluronic acid or Ellanse on the shaft.
I purchased the Phallosan Forte (not the Phallosan Plus), because I heard the Plus version is NOT as good as some other brands. The Forte is meant to be good though.

HEAT PACK (placed on Penile Shaft): Link to 10 hour heat pads
Before exercising, we should stretch to "warm up". I realise the penis isn't a muscle, but perhaps this can "warm up" the ligaments, loosen the tissues and help the blood flow better ...thereby increasing the efficiency and safety of a stretcher. I found these pads that last up to 10 hours, perfect for an all day stretching regime. This is why I want to use a Vac Stretcher, so that I can combine it with a heat-pack.
  • I haven't tried the ones listed on Amazon yet. Has anyone tried long lasting heat-pads or similar? What were your results?
  • Were there any negative side effects?

HYDROMAX BATHMATE Link to where I bought mine
I actually don't believe that the results are permanent, just semi-permanent.
I view this as a solution to the flaccid state. If I get erect girth and length gains, great! No expectations = no disappointments.
  • Is it best to use the Bathmate in the morning. Then wear the VacStretcher after to take advantage of the Bathmate's gains?
  • Or is it best to use the Bathmate in the evening to maintain the VacStretchers gains while sleeping until the morning?

They say being shaved helps with the appearance of a larger size. Personally I prefer the feel too. I hate shaving down there, it takes ages and it's a hassle so I decided to get laser hair removal down below.
I heard some people take viagra to make it easier to remove the hair on the shaft, but I'd rather not. This where the BathMate comes in! A few pumps before the appointment and the flaccid state will hopefully hold, because I'm a grower. The laser technician is pretty hot you see... and I'd rather she handles my manhood with a hand instead of tweezers. I don't care about the pain, I only care about my dignity hahaha.

HYALURONIC ACID (HA): Link: filler firmness & price comparisons
Lastly, I plan to get Ellanse or HA for increased girth. Link: before & after.
How much I get depends on the results above with the Stretcher and Hydromax.
  • Does stretching have negative effects on Ellanse & HA?
  • What effect do Hydromax pumps have on the shaft after having Ellanse or HA?

  • What do you think about this set up and if you tried any of these combo's, can you give updated advice for improvements?
  • How do we take accurate measurements if the Hydropumps likely give fake "inflated" readings?
  • Are there any concerns about using heat pads?
....I can't exactly walk around with a hot face-towel hanging over my dick while walking naked outside or I'll get arrested :D

My current (starting noob) stats: E.Length: 5 inches, E.Girth: 4.75 inches.
Goal: I think that by using the combination above and finishing off with HA, I can easily get E.Girth 6 inches.
Realistically, I expect to gain .5 inch in length, but I hope it'll at least be an extra inch in 12 to 18 months

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[Length & Girth Gains] 10h HeatPacks+VacStretcher+Hydropump Combo 3 years 6 months ago #1308698839

I use the 10hr heating hand warmers. I had a bunch from hunting. I wouldn't put it directly on the skin and leave it. Those pads get hot. I usually put cloth between pad and my Dick. To warm things up before I hang with LG Hanger. I do 20min sets warmup between each set. Then put on quick extender pro. I have a bathmate also that I don't use at the moment. I had 12ml of Ellanse a month ago from Dr. Casavantes in Tijuana and I love it. I've noticed with the Ellanse if anything my erections feel firmer. I can't prove this but I feel like the Hanging and stretching helped with my Ellanse settling so uniformly throughout the shaft. I had tried my Bathmate a week or 2 after procedure I'm not sure if it was too soon after but it was bruising easily so I decided to stop with the Bathmate and try again after few weeks. I've no experience with HA and I'm only a month out from the Ellanse but me personally my only regret is not doing it sooner.

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