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TOPIC: Gaining Length

Gaining Length 4 years 1 month ago #1308696168

Hello everyone,

I realize there are many posts like this in the archives (not to mention Thundersplace and other such forums) and I've been slowly making my way through them, but I wanted to start a new thread seeking advice on how to gain length in a safe and efficient manner in order to renew interest in this topic on the forum. Additionally, I intend on getting a procedure for Girth in the (hopefully) not to distant future and feel that it would be best to ask a community of those who have gotten or intend on getting the same what methods, routines, equipment, etc. they have used, which has worked (or not) for them as they journeyed to achieve an increase in length before (or after) a Girth enhancement procedure.

I previously toyed around with the BibHanger, at one point getting up to 12lbs. (between the cheeks), but my EQ was awful so I stopped. I also used the ESL40 ADS but became frustrated as the silicone cap would constantly slip off the glans. I own and occasionally use the Bathmate (for Girth) but find it doesn't produce anything other than temporary gains (lasting a few hours or less). I also did some manual PE (stretching and Jelqing) but became extremely frustrated by how tedious it was.

I recently purchased the Total Man Ultimate Penis Enlargement Kit that comes with silicone sleeves, a compression Hanger (one more compact than the Bib), a rod extension device, a vacuum extender, and a ADS strap. For $330 (including shipping) I found it to be a relatively good deal (though I could be wrong). I'll keep the community informed as to the quality and durability of the products if any are so interested.

But if anyone can offer advice, tips, routines, or resources to help me gain some length, it would be greatly appreciated.


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Gaining Length 4 years 1 month ago #1308696191


I find that changing my routine often works well for me. I started with compression only a while back and did not like the constant on and off, mostly dont to inconvenience. 2nd due to the uncomfortableness that always quickly came. Then I moved to vac Hanging. Now I do both, and like that the most. For me I treat it like a workout routine; different things get different feelings and equal different results. My routines changes a lot, I just completed a very long marathon style run, vac only: It worked, but also produced blisters a lot more than I have ever got. Now I am back to compression and vac. Again, for me, I switch up a lot. So my advice, pick a routine and run with it for a month or so then switch up. That could be as simple as adding something new to the mix or by going heavy with short sets, or long with light weight. I have always favored light weight and long sets. Hence the marathon routine i just finished. If 12lbs is easy for you, then I guess keep it up, But I wouldnt start at that amount in a vacuum at first. You need to work up. Last advice, ADS all the time. ALL THE TIME. Thats one other thing I do different than a lot of people, I mean seriously, i wear it all the time - even to the tune of sweat pants everywhere this last year. haha. Good Luck

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Gaining Length 4 years 1 month ago #1308696199

Thanks for the advice Texas. And your results look great, by the way.

Obviously a lot of this is trial and error and different things work for different people. However, I'm curious as to what products worked best for you. Like what vacuum or compression Hanging device do you use and why? Also, which ADS do you use and how do you keep everything safely and comfortably extended when you sleep?

Additionally, though I'm a little ways off from a filler procedure, did you find that your routine change in any substantial way after you got Ellanse?

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Gaining Length 4 years 1 month ago #1308696202

My routine did not change after the Ellanse, other than needing larger sleeves. lol.

I have been using the PE Hanger for my compression Hanger, they had a commercial account on the previous board. Not sure on here. It is pretty comparable with the Male Hanger, for reference. But I chose to do business with the guys from here.
For my vacuum Hanger. i have an LG , and I also use my Sili Stretcher as a Hanger too.

I use autoextender sleeves to sleep in . mostly the blues, or some worn in Red ones.

ADS's are all about preference man. You'll probably end up trying a few of them like most of the guys. I began with an autoextender ads, but needed a bigger head unit. There are some decent blue head covers on ali express you can get. I use these with auto extender sleeves. I also the sili stretcher as an ads , but only when wearing sweats as it is less concealable than the blue head unit I mentioned. If you dont want to shop all over the place and convenience, you can pick up these items from the Total Man site. Your call there.

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Gaining Length 4 years 1 month ago #1308696403

For sleeping, how do you apply the autoextender sleeves and does it ever produce discomfort? I'm worried about waking up in the middle of the night with a purple Dick. Do the sleeves allow for safe nocturnal erections. It would be nice to have some way to safely keep the penis elongated while I sleep.

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Gaining Length 4 years 1 month ago #1308696410

I apply it in the same what that I do when i am wearing one during the day: By rolling it up, then unrolling on my Dick.

You should get experienced with all of the sleeves available and their levels of tightness and whether or not they are comfortable for your size. If its to tight when Flaccid, then its surely to tight with a hard on.
I have not had a sleeve yet that turned my Dick purple, I dont let anything get that tight. But there are plenty of sleeves that are still to tight for me to wear to sleep and or also to uncomfortable to sleep in. This is where wearing them during the day will allow you to begin the notice all of the differences that you like and dont like and can stand.

For instance, What I would wear during the day is longer than what I would wear to sleep. Because during the day I like to push the limit , which also means that I get uncomfortable from time to time and have to adjust. I don't want to do that during the night. ( fyi - you'll do this when you first start sleeping with something ).

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