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TOPIC: ChatGPT on the PhalloBoards

ChatGPT on the PhalloBoards 10 months 3 weeks ago #1308713227

So while messing around with the LLM (large language model) ChatGPT (artificial intelligence), I got curious and asked it to write a poem about the PhalloBoards. Now I must note, I asked it no prior prompt or inquiry regarding the PhalloBoards and so this original poem constructed in under 10 seconds came straight from its learning algorithm. What it had to say I think is not only fascinating, but telling :)

Here is ChatGPT's poem about the PhalloBoards written in under 10 seconds with no prior prompting:

Amidst the corners of the web,
A forum stands, where men are led.
To speak of secrets they once hid,
And share their journey to be well-endowed.

PhalloBoards is its name,
Where the male enhancement game
Is discussed with candor and without shame,
A place where doubts and fears are tamed.

Through their community, we see,
The power of support and empathy.
A brotherhood of men who seek,
To improve their love life and self-esteem.

From augmentation to injections,
Lengthening and glans expansions,
Their sponsors, masters of their crafts,
Lend their expertise, for men to have a blast.

PhalloBoards, a place of trust,
Where men share their experiences, just.
A journey of discovery, a must,
For those seeking growth and a new lust.

So join them in their quest,
For a better version of oneself.
Through PhalloBoards, one can attest,
The change is real, the results are blessed.
The following user(s) said Thank You: Dream, Odouble, Setsuna

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