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TOPIC: Alibis - Share your Stories.

Alibis - Share your Stories. 4 years 1 month ago #1308697914

No one wants to lie, but sometimes you need an alibi.

Or at least I did. I underwent a handful of injection rounds between 2011-2015ish. Each time I set up an appointment, I also had to setup a "story" for why I was traveling. Not only that, but I also had to come up with "answers" ready to go should I get an unexpected question regarding my whereabouts or plans. This wasn't because I was trying to be deceitful, but rather, I felt it was no one's business regarding my Male Enhancement procedures.

For most of us (I feel), this isn't something we readily bring up in a conversation at the dinner table. For many of us, it's private, intimate, personal, and even for some, "embarrassing." It shouldn't be embarrassing but some may feel that way regardless.

My alibi often used a "high school buddy" who I haven't seen in years and was so obscure that no one in my present life could confirm or deny, but made for a feel-good vacation excuse. I'd be sure to turn off my phone while in Mexico since (correct me if I'm mistaken), your phone's ring changes tone on the caller's end indicating you may be International (I've observed this where a phone would buzz-ring like it does in the U.S. only to flat-ring when they've crossed the border... is this a common thing or maybe something carrier-based ?). I never went as far as taking photos in San Diego when crossing back over, but that wouldn't have hurt.

Strangely, the alibis gave me sense of "belonging to a secret club," akin to our anonymity here on the forum.

So I ask members of the forum, what are some of your alibi stories? Anyone ever get caught mixing up answers or mistakenly providing wrong information that lead to either confusion or confession? Has anyone here blatantly told a relative or employer exactly why they were traveling? Any tips & tricks you used that could benefit others who have yet to make their first trek?

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Alibis - Share your Stories. 4 years 1 month ago #1308697940

My alibi is pretty good: I'm going to Tijuana to get a bigger Dick. Then they say, "No, really, what are you going there for?" Haha.

I usually just say that I'm going there to film some stuff. What's odd is that I haven't had a person yet ask what I'm filming or why. It's kind of strange. People don't really ask each other questions anymore. I guess they're more concerned with what they have to say or are thinking about something else or checking their phone. Everyone that I know is just kind of used to me going places and don't really press for details. I guess I don't really intrigue them anymore haha. I kind of wish it wasn't this way. It would be cool to have people AFK to talk about this with.

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