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TOPIC: Running

Running 5 years 5 months ago #1306697282

I don't want to generalize everyone but I've seen a pattern of most people who talk about potential enlargements or those who hve them swearing to secrecy about it. Understandably, these conversations and enhancements are left here - because having to own up to having a small penis to anyone u know or really owning up to feeling that way is a war within our own minds. I see people talking about getting touch ups , or repeated HA treatments, and speaking beforehand about keeping it a secret from the wife and presumably everyone else .
I truly feel this secrecy is unhealthy, and will only further the psychological damage done by this obsession. Hopefully minimal. I know myself I've sat trapped for years , but now I feel free . Trapped and attacked by my own thoughts, my own mind.
I just don't want anyone who goes about getting these treatments to have to feel like it has to be a secret. I had this urge myself, but I thought what real man would have to hide that. Idc if a girl knows, the fact is I wanted to make it bigger. She loved me before anyway, they all did. Real men don't hide behind anything, they take the truth for what it is, they're not grounded by reality nor beaten by it but conscious of it.
I won't run from my reality anymore .

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