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TOPIC: How do you "cope" with this?

How do you "cope" with this? 6 years 1 month ago #1303924275

I have absolutely serious discussion for all of members who read this thread. How do you \"cope\" with the 2 things that can totally destroy you in psycho-emotional aspect. These things are:1. How do you accept the fact that you probably will never have size and shape that you want to have? Surely all of us can make thicker shaft of the penis, but things like Erect length, size of glans, shape and curvature of all penis are almost unchangeable. And please don\'t tell things like \"man, just do some PE it works\". I do it for almost 5 years and I learned 2 things about PE: it works very badly and it\'s not works for everybody who have tried it. So how you deal with the fact that your 4-6\" EL penis probably will never be the penis of your dream? Of course 5x5.5 or 6x6 is better than 5x4 or 6x4.5, but you still will never be like \"that guy with a huge 8-9 Inch dong\" who has fucked your GF before you. And I guess almost all here wouldn\'t mind to have 7-9\" EL penis, someone maybe want to have even 10\".2. How do you deal/cope with the fact that your GF have had many partners before you? And especially one thing, which is, I think, is even worse than a lot of sexpartners, is that if your GF have had fuckbuddy with literally huge Dick, which is bigger in all dimensions than yours? I know that some have no problem with that, someone on here even a swinger or have a cuckold fetish, but for the rest of \"oldfashioned\" guys it is really matter. How do you deal/cope with that?This is absolutely serious questions and please don\'t make any jokes or trolling in this thread. I think I\'m not the only one on this board who have such a problem. I guess, many of guys came here because of similar problems in their lifes.So any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

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How do you "cope" with this? 6 years 1 month ago #1303924634

hey man,

I have been thinking about this a lot recently and what im realising is that it really doesn\'t matter that much to women as it does to us. I have a natural size of between 6.5-7EL but my Girth at 4.75 is pretty thin and thats really what women want to feel.

I have a good body and I think I am a good love maker and most women i have been with have always wanted to see me again and have gotten attached despite not being the thickest person to ever fill them up. The more i focus on this and the more i try not to think about my own desires the more i am happy with my size. It is a fetish of mine to have a monster Cock and not the girls im with. Sure some girls love big dicks and most girls would be happy with them but the importance they place on that is insignificant in relation to how you touch them kiss them and make them feel the connection when you sleep with them. I\'ve fucked women with huge cucumbers before and they really didn\'t like it as much as when I was inside them with my much smaller Cock

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How do you "cope" with this? 6 years 1 month ago #1303924670

most girls would be happy with*

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How do you "cope" with this? 6 years 1 month ago #1303925813

First and foremost,
These feelings that you are having are not yours alone. I have had these feelings as well with past relationships and even with my current wife, whom I've been with for 7 years. As a matter of fact I'd be willing to bet, most every guy on this board along with millions of others have had these feelings as well so you are without question not alone on this by any means.
I'm no therapist or motivational speaker by any means, but over time I have learned to deal with that specific issue, which also has bothered me to no end for a very long time.
At first, it obviously hurts to know that your partner has had men with bigger dicks than you. But, regardless of your size, most guys will never be the biggest a woman has had. Remember, as far as the 'biggest Dick' a woman has had, she's only had one. All the others aren't as big. This puts you in the catagory of 99% of the other dudes she's been with.
Second (this one is important): It's not her fault. I had issues with this, being passive aggressive because my partner had been with guys with huge dicks. But honestly that's the wrong way to think about it. You can't blame someone for things they did before your current relationship. Before I was with my wife she knew that I banged skinny girls with nice vaginas because sexually, I wanted to. Sure it was a good time but I don't yearn for any of them back and I don't think about them often, if ever. Your girl probably thinks the same thing. Sure maybe she's had a huge song before, but if she's with you and is even remotely a good person at all, she probably rarely thinks about that specific dude, if ever. Neither one of you are responsible or accountable for your actions before your current relationship. Period. I know it sucks, and believe me it has bothered me to no end before, but the more you realize that it's no ones fault, the better place you will be mentally. You probably think about it literally a million times more than she does.
Third: This is my personal point of view, everyone's could be different but this example might help you a bit. So my wife and I have had very open and honest talks about sex and anything revolving around it in general (she's my wife after all). Before we started seriously dating, we ran in the same social circle so I was aware that for a period of time she was quite promiscuous, as she knew that I was as well. After we had been dating for a while, I brought up the hangups about my size (5.5el 5.0eg) and she completely laughed at the fact that I thought my size was even an issue. She brought up the fact that I make her squirt all the time, and that it's pretty obvious that I make her orgasm a lot as her pussy contracts to no end when we are really going at it. When I asked her about her past and she did admit a guy or two she was with that was utterly huge, but circled back around to the fact that if they were really that great she wouldn't be with me in the first place. She also admitted that with their size came their ego. She said that they were the most egotistical, self absorbed dudes she ever met, and thought that since they had huge dicks, didn't need to put forth any effort in the bedroom, or in the relationship. Not only my wife, but women as a whole need way more than just a big Dick.
She also went on to admit that she couldn't really tell the difference between 5 or 6 inches and the vast magority of guys she was with were in that range. I believe her, because I've heard this statement from multiple women, who weren't my partner, without even bringing up my size at all.
It's a tough pill to swallow regardless. One that can wreak havoc on your mental state. I would sit here and tell you to try and come to terms with it, but that would be a waste of time because I know the feeling all too well. The conversation I had with my wife helped (as weird as that sounds) but at the end of the day talking about it with her, or even on this board might help aliviate some of your woes. And believe me women have more hang ups on their whole body than us guys have about our dicks or gut or thinning hair.

After trying my best to come to terms with this issue myself, I talked with my wife and she gave me the go ahead to see Dr.C. But here's the thing.. Originally after finding this board a few years back, I was going to do this for my wife and what I thought would please her. Now I am going for ME. That's the difference in coming to terms with what genetics handed you. It's tough going to bed every night thinking about your significant other fucking a huge Dick, but it's easier going to bed thinking that your Dick was the one she chose over all other dicks. Think about that as much as you can. Your Dick came in first as far as her vagina is concerned.

I really hope this helped one way or another man. Either way I'm sure we can all agree that the feelings your having are not weird and that you are without question not alone on this. The frustration and sadness that accompanies this is one we have probably all felt at one time or another. But there are ways of coming to terms with it. As far as we know, this life is the only one we get on planet earth. Having a huge Dick would be nice, but only a select few get that perk, so while we are here, we need to make the best of what we got, and if the Dick you have isn't the Dick that your girlfriend wants, find a girlfriend who wants the Dick you have.

I've been on this board for 3 years now, and rarely chime in due to the fact that if I can't bring info to the table, I consider it spam. So I truely hope this helps man.

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How do you "cope" with this? 6 years 1 month ago #1303929869

HW, huge dicks are grossly overrated. I cannot stress this enough on this site. Lots of guys want huge dicks when in reality, most women just want hard dicks and skill. I got over my desire for a huge dick in my early twenties, just shortly after I began having sex. I\'m above-average down there, and when I noticed that I was huge for some girls (mostly Asian), I discovered how uncomfortable being huge is. It actually sucks. If you\'re fortunate enough to have a 4.5\" - 6.5\" dick that gets hard, consider yourself lucky...every day. When you have a huge dick, your selection is dramatically limited (chicks with huge, nasty vaginas), then you get old and this happens:

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How do you "cope" with this? 6 years 1 month ago #1303936878

Point #2 destroyed the relationship with the love of my life. I\'ll never get her back, and it was my insecurities that ate me alive and changed the way I treated her. I had her on a pedestal before I found the pics on an old laptop (after I did a restore on the OS - they were deleted)
I can\'t tell you what it did to me. I couldn\'t sleep. I treated her like shit. I hated myself.

I would trade my 3 rounds of PMMA for 1 more day with her.

My advice.. tell her how you feel, tell her you never want to bring it up again and bury it deep.
If she brings it up after that- ever- she is not a good person.

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How do you "cope" with this? 6 years 1 month ago #1303997710

For point number 2 I have experienced this feeling (just like 99% of men), and my solution is to wait for a woman who is so amazing and cool that I don\'t care who else she\'s been with, because I\'ll feel like the luckiest man in the world just to have her. And that may sound soppy and romantic but it really isn\'t. In fact it\'s a good gage i.e. if you are even thinking that about your gf then maybe you have settled. I once dated a woman like this and I didn\'t care about the other bigger guys she\'d been with because I felt like I had won the lottery to be with her and banging her.

Or if you still can\'t get over it then find yourself a petite asian chick, because it will be literally impossible that she has had a monster Dick inside her. I had as asian gf before I started pe exercises and at 4.8 Girth she was tight as fuck, there\'s no way she could have accommodated more than 5.3 Girth and 6inches of length.

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How do you "cope" with this? 6 years 1 month ago #1303998591

These are symptoms of 'oneitis', or 'Disney' romance. That shit leaves you so dependent on someone else that you self destruct.
I would highly recommend looking up ' Black dragon blog' and reading up on some male friendly life advice.
Personally, I love dating very sexually experienced women who make me feel a little insecure at times, because those are the women that know how to fuck and be kinky and turn me on. How do I deal with the stress? Easy, I'm not monogamous, no matter what.

Everyone I'm with knows after two or three dates that I am not ever going to be a one woman man, and hence I am never dependent on any woman for my happiness

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How do you "cope" with this? 6 years 1 month ago #1304001732

This whole penis size thing is WAY WAY over rated! Until my mid-30\'s I was pre occupied with my lack of size. Always wondering if the girl i was with had someone bigger. It was a huge elephant in my room that never left and prevented me from being my true full potential self. I don\'t have any easy answers to help you deal with your feeling about your size. Knowing from experience that it can be all to consuming beyond rational thoughts. Would encourage you to find a way to deal with it knowing that the thoughts will prevent you from living a full life.

The turning point for me? Became obsessed with improving my physical health, financial health, my personality, and understanding how to make women reach mind blowing O\'s. I hit all those levels to the point where people always stop me ask me about how i am so fit... i travel internationally 3-5 times per year business class with my wife and kids..... learning to make my wife have crazy O\'s... and all that helped my self-esteem. I began to realize I and everyone has huge huge untapped potential. The feeling of knowing I control my outcome in so many areas of my life is very empowering.

So why in my 50\'s did I get PMMA? From my 30\'s to 50 years old my size did not dominate my consciousness. Rather wealth and personal growth became my daily mission. I simply decided to add to my bucket list... PMMA.. Thankful i did as I really enjoy the extra size. BUT... it also made me realize what I have always been told... size does NOT matter dude!!!!

You got money and freedom to travel and do what you want from what you alone created.. now that freaking matters! You got such cool personality everyone loves to hang out with you.. now that freaking matters!! You got the confidence to may literally any girl have mind blowing O\'s.. now that freaking matters!! You have DEEP friendship... the what i call 3am friends.. someone you can call 3am they will pick up the phone friends.. now that matters!!

Do whatever you gotta do.. to get this idea that you have to have a particular size penis out of your life (get PMMA, develop as person, etc..) So that you can move on in life.

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