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TOPIC: @Sizemic- question

@Sizemic- question 9 years 2 months ago #1286626733

Hello guys,

I had a question for the user Sizemic. If he\'s reading this, the below is directed towards you-

I recently came across a thread, where you mentioned your starting stats (before any PE and Phalloplasty), and you stated you originally had a NBPEL of 6 inches, a BPEL of 6.5 inches, and a Girth of 4.5 inches. Coincidentally, my stats right now are the exact same as yours were- I am also ~6 inches NBPEL, 6.5 inches BPEL, and 4.5 inches Girth. Unfortunately, I am still a virgin, because of all my insecurities and such. I am in particular not really worried about my length (as I\'ve heard it is good), but I\'m really worried about my Girth. I always hear that women prefer a thick Girth, because it fills them up more, and provides them more pleasure. I fear that my small-ish Girth of 4.5 inches won\'t be able to pleasure a women like a 4.75-5 Inch Girth would. I\'m assuming that you probably had experience with girls when you were my size, so if I may ask, how were your experiences? Were women completely satisfied/pleasured, or not?

I\'m only asking you this, because my stats are the exact same as yours were, so any feedback you give me can help me reflect on myself and my own penis- perhaps I might even get some confidence.

Thank you very much.

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@Sizemic- question 9 years 2 months ago #1286635115

Hey dude, Happy to chime in here!

I had 2 partners at my absolute original size (around 6.0\" NBPEL / 6.3\"BPEL) x 4.5\"

- Both of which I took their virginity so they aren\'t much help when comparing stuff... though they both had great sex with me at that time and both relationships lasted over 1 year (and didn\'t end due to her cheating or wanting more or anything like that). Both girls genuinely thought I was \"big\" and they told me that\'s what they told their girlfriends when they talked about that kind of stuff... Naturally girls think a 6\" NBPEL is 8+\"... and they hadn\'t seen any other dicks before so of course their BF has a big one haha.

I did manual PE for around 5 years to gain around 1.25\" length or so. If you ask me... I don\'t really think the amount of time and energy to gain that 1\"+ was worth it... but that\'s just me.

I probably had about 10 - 20 partners before any PMMA (7.3\" NBPEL / 7.5+\" BPEL) x 4.5\" (I honestly can\'t remember how many as a lot were drunken one night stands :S hahaha) but needless to say it was a large enough sample to give feedback on experiences at that size and especially girth.

I never, I mean never, had a single complaint or bad comment about my girth. Keep in mind I\'ve been told I\'m quite attractive and at the time I was very very fit so I definitely had that going for me (\"Ie hot guy at the bar = hot sex\").

The only \"rumors\" I overheard around campus were that: 1) I was developing a reputation as a player. 2) I have a big dick (9\" was the rumor lmao).

Maybe it was due to the length? Or maybe it was due to the fact I was typically with 18 - 21 year olds... But I honestly never had any problems with chicks and my girth.

Hopefully this helps dude. I think the overwhelming lesson here is confidence I never dwelled on girth or my penis size... I always just focused on having and giving a good time and it always worked out for me.
- Sizemic

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@Sizemic- question 9 years 2 months ago #1286635820

Hey man,

Thanks a lot for replying! It really does help.

I always used to think my Girth was nothing, because I would usually hear girls say they prefer Girth more than length, and when I would hear that, I would think that my Girth of 4.5 inches was nothing. From your reply here (and many replies I\'ve read of yours on other threads) it seems like 4.5 inches in Girth is not bad at all. In fact, I\'ve heard from many that 4.5 inches Girth is enough, but in the back of my mind I would always have this insecurity about my Girth being inadequate. Another problem I had with all these people claiming they were 4.5 inches in Girth and satisfying girls was that they were 4.5 inches midshaft- and it turned out their base or where ever was like 4.75-5 inches. So I would then think well no wonder they were pleasing chicks, because their actual Girth was 4.75-5 inches. However, I read your reply on the other thread, and you said you were 4.5 inches at your thickest point (just like me!), and oh god man do I ever feel good. This is the first time I\'ve heard such positive comments from someone who had a legit 4.5 Inch Girth (not 4.5 Inch at midshaft, and like 4.75-5 Inch at base). I feel so happy about my Girth now, especially after finding out your Girth was the exact same as mine and you were pleasing chicks just fine! Now I think that I can please chicks just fine too!

Thanks a lot man! I honestly appreciate it.

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@Sizemic- question 9 years 2 months ago #1286638356

Average- In 2011 I started PE with a 6\" BPEL adn 4.5\" MEG. I increase very little in 4 years. Neither wife of a dozen+ years ever complained or even commented about lacking length or Girth. It\'s all in how you make love to a woman, the foreplay, the teasing, the confidence, the technique, and not the size of your equipment.

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@Sizemic- question 9 years 2 months ago #1286639595

Hey Tim,

Thanks for jumping in and giving me more confidence! I will most definitely try to worry about everything else other than size, such as everything you mentioned- foreplay, technique, etc.

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@Sizemic- question 9 years 2 months ago #1286640754

My starting size was 4.5 Inch Girth and I had several long lasting relationships with great sex. 4.5 ain\'t huge but it\'s just fine. I don\'t look like brad pitt, don\'t mean I\'m not going outside.

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