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TOPIC: Female Testing - DNA

Female Testing - DNA 9 years 3 months ago #1286325793

It all begins with our ancestor the Caveman.

In the beginning when the World existed without laws and governments, our ancestor the caveman will patiently wait near a water source or river for a woman to arrive. What comes next was for her to 1. be submissive and fuck, 2. fight, caveman will beat the crap out of her, pull her to his cave where he will fulfill his needs. 3. Worst case scenario caveman would actually kill and eat her.

The World was a cruel, and savage place. The very next day, caveman will go around repeating the same story hunting for other women and until he will find a pussy that was completely submissive, always ready to please him. After thousands of years men physically evolved to become the strongest of the human species. However, Evolution taught women to become emotionally strong, much more stronger than men due to so much abuse, rape, slavery and everything else we did to them.

The point is my friend when you meet a woman for the first time, you need to understand that her DNA is coded to test you. She does this in order to know if she is actually dating a strong man. This rationale comes from her ancestors, from the very beginning of time when cave woman existed. Therefore, You as a man have the responsibility to become strong, both physically and emotionally. When you are not strong your female partner will begin to test you due to your own fault (weakness), and if you fail her tests, she would lose respect for you and eventually drop you. The 3 most important qualities you have to develop as a man are the following. 1. Physical Strength, 2. Confidence and 3. Control. Physical strength means to a woman you are able to protect her from other men; in the old days it also meant you have a better chance of killing a lion in order to protect her and your children. Confidence means to a woman you don\'t care about the size of your Dick, or your height and if you are bald, you are completely happy how you are. Control is for you not to cry, write poems and love stories demonstrating your feelings for her, you love her without words, you show no emotions. It also means you don\'t complaint when life is unfair to you. You view problems and complex situations as a challenge, you remain positive and calm, you show leadership in difficult times and moments without losing control of yourself. Consider this, when you develop these important qualities most women will consider you are a superior man to the average men. (En her eyes, You become the Alpha-man).

FEMALE TESTING - If you are presently dating. Look for the following RED FLAGS.

1. She cancels a date.
SOLUTION: She has very low interest in you. Completely forget about her, move on. Begin dating other women more interested in you.

2. She avoids sex.
SOLUTION: 1. Her interest level is very low, 2. she is probably banging other dudes behind your back. 3. She is testing waters to see if you are strong enough worthy of her pussy, be direct and tell her she needs to do something about it or else you are gone for good.

3. She is comparing you with other boyfriends.
SOLUTION: Tell her not to do it again. Be straight and firm about it, just remind her that you are the present guy in her life.

4. Comparing the size of your Dick with other men.
SOLUTION: This woman disrespect you completely. On top of it, she is telling you she fucked so many dudes your Dick matters nothing to her. Why are you dating her in first place???? Do yourself a favor dump her ass, and don\'t look back. Teach her a lesson.

5. She has a Bad attitude.
SOLUTION: The worst decision a man can do is date a woman with bad attitude. This means she has no respect for men in general, women like this will hit you, call the police on you, put a restraining order on you to completely ruin your life forever. You will have a criminal record and you will be unable to practice or work in certain jobs such as police, attorney, judge and many other jobs. Do yourself a favor, drop her like now and never look back. BAD ATTITUDE is a big no-no in a relationship.

6. Cheating, she wants you back.
SOLUTION: This woman have very little respect for you, you are a wimp due to lack of cojones, control and confidence. Very possible the other dude is more of a bad boy that you are. If was your fault in first place. Always reminds yourself to be a bad boy. Dump her ass and don\'t give her any chance or she\'ll do it again, guaranteed. Move on brother.

7. She is phone texting other dudes the very first time you go out with her.
SOLUTION: Take her back home, cancel the date, remind her what she did is wrong. Women do this all the time to find out if you have Balls. If she gives you an attitude about it, stop the car drop her right there. Her interest level is very low, she is using you just for a date to forget the other dude.

8. You call her, she doesn\'t pick up the phone.
SOLUTION: Don\'t leave a voice mail. Please don\'t leave a voice mail. Call her, one or two rings and drop the call, no voice mail. Wait 3-5 days for her to call back. If she doesn\'t call you her interest level is very low, drop her, move on.

9. She is upset of the fact you grew a beard.
SOLUTION: The rationale of the modem man to be skinny, shaved and clean cut is only a product of this present Feminist society. Please don\'t become that guy, such man is the anti-thesis of the Alpha man. Grow a beard, lift weights on top of that tell her to wear your t-shift and boxers so she can look like you. Be yourself, be a man!!!

10. She only answers your phone call by texts.
SOLUTION: Believe it or not this is one of the worst habits that men allow when dating women. We think is fine but in reality testing is her manipulative way to avoid You. Texting is also a tool for her to play games with you so that she measures your interest level in her, a creation of today\"s society don\'t allow it and your relationship will flourish. For this reason itself, do yourself a favor next time a woman text you, do not reply back. Simply wait until she is upset and call you. When she calls simply say you are an old fashioned guy. You believe the phone is exclusively to set dates, and you prefer to communicate with her person. Last, when you avoid phone texting with her you automatically become a mysterious type of guy, that is you are only available until she complies with your standards.

The most important thing to remember is that you learn to say the word: \"No\" when she is testing you and you hold your ground or you\'ll walk away from her. Follow these steps and you will minimize your chances of female testing. Thanks for reading this stuff and good luck to you.

Sick Boy

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Female Testing - DNA 9 years 3 months ago #1286328964

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I would like to add that every woman should get a good beating if she deserves it

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Female Testing - DNA 9 years 3 months ago #1286352309

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Female Testing - DNA 9 years 3 months ago #1286353790

Test her with a solid right cross. If she calls the cops, deduct 10 points. If she immediately gives you fallacio add 35 points.

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