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TOPIC: for the little guys

for the little guys 12 years 4 months ago #1271909194

For those guys who have a \"standard\" piece of hardware, but are \"going for 8\", I\'ll have to admit I feel nothing but contempt for your vain search to beat out everyone. Guys with regular junk won\'t understand why Flaccid gains would even matter so much.

My surgery was not to feel \"better than\" anybody, it was just to feel \"good enough\".

Ever since jr. high, when Phys. Ed classes started, I began to realize that not everyone was a \"Grower\". Mine would look ridiculously small when Flaccid, and nobody saw me grow, so they assumed I was a pinkie-Dick all the time.

I got beat up, tossed in garbage cans.. the works. My first girlfriend saw me naked, and laughed, and said \"no way\". Alcohol became a good friend.

I learned to work in the dark, became a decent lover, and would always try to get fully Erect before they saw my Cock. That got me by for a long time, but I was always hiding my secret. And I hated myself.

I missed many sexual relationships, but the deciding factor came down to a vacation.

Some friends would go camping, and they invited me along. There wouldn\'t be too much sex, but they mentioned having 2 groups: skinnydippers, and drinkers. Those who didn\'t like their bodies, would stay in the cabin and just drink. I was hoping one of the guys would be on the small side, so I\'d be encouraged to go. Some of the girls had microboobs, and they still got naked. When the guys all dropped trou, they all had the exact same 4\" Flaccid. My 1.5\" innie would draw laughs and lose friends... I stayed inside and drank. The drinkers all watched the window, wishing we liked ourselves enough to be at the lake.

Later that night, the dippers came back in. A beautiful girl in just a towel looked at me and said \"life is too short, to not feel good about your body. You should\'ve gone with us\".

\"Next time\", i lied in return.

I watched the moon all night, drank a whole bottle of rum, and smoked until my lungs hurt. Putting a lit cigarette to my hand, I committed to changing myself.

I bought a static stretcher, found Thundersplace, and tried it all. For 6 months I did Fowfers, beginners routine, rice sock, stretch, ADS, etc. No real change at all.
Alcohol was my friend.

I came across the site mypenisproject, and called Dr. Giunta that instant.

I flew by myself to Alexandria, walked into the docs office, and 1 hour later, i was.. finally.. normal. I stood there with my Dick Hanging out in front of Giuntas nurse, and felt no desire to hide... no crushing sense of shame. Her approving look was no big deal to her, but I\'ll not forget it. I\'d never have to hide again.

Nobody knew what I\'d done, but I was a different person. My newfound lack of anxiety had people asking me to parties and gatherings. Everybody asked if I\'d gotten a haircut, and tried to guess why I looked so different.

I wish i\'d had the money to do this in high school. I feel pity for my previously self-hating self. But! no time to worry about that now. I\'ll be stretching for the rest of 2012, hoping that some Erect length may come as well.

This summer I will go skinnydipping at the lake without shame. I will strip off my clothes under the full moon, and feel happy in my body.

When I die, I won\'t worry about med students laughing at a tiny Dick on my donated corpse. All my constant stupid worry is fading.

I may regret the surgery at some point. If i do, alcohol will be my friend. But for now, I\'m truly happy to feel this way.

I feel that I like myself.

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for the little guys 12 years 4 months ago #1271909340

I believe it\'s unfortunate if any man desires a bigger unit solely to boast of a larger Phallus than his peers, when there will always be someone out there even bigger. This is even more unfortunate when you realize that achieving gains require unnecessary risk (surgical or exercising). I also don\'t believe that the size of a man\'s unit should have a relationship to his masculinity or manliness. Nor should anyone believe such a ridiculous thing.
Anyways, I hope you have weaned off the alcohol, it gets us nowhere! I\'m happy to hear that you have managed to obtain an improved sense of self-worth and body image. Many of the average & above-average gentlemen may never truly appreciate the tribulations of the small and/or Grower types, and if they could, they probably would never even entertain the idea of surgical PE in their current state. No one has to believe me on this one, but a day in a small guy\'s shoes would totally change your perspective on size altogether. That being said, I stop short of possessing any sort of contempt because I simply don\'t know enough about anyone\'s background & stories to pass judgment...but needless to say, I certainly don\'t advocate the pursuit of PE solely to reinforce some playground, devolved notion that a man\'s size somehow makes him a superior person.
So I take it you had FFT done with Dr. Giunta? Did you also get the ligs cut? If you don\'t mind sharing, what was your before & after, and have you had any fat loss? Were you small in general, or just a hardcore Grower (or both)? Pre-op, I was both, and that was utter hell.
I don\'t believe you\'ll regret surgery. It has made a positive impact on your life, and while it is a damn shame that in society we must resort to cosmetic means in order to improve the quality of life, it is in fact, the society we live in. Conformity is a bitch, but to some extent it is necessary in order to maintain sanity.
I hope you share with us more on your experiences with PE either here and/or the Patient Support Group. Glad you\'ve shared something so intimate, I\'m sure many others, especially lurkers, can relate!

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for the little guys 12 years 4 months ago #1271909880

I just found your thread in the Patient Support Group, pardon me for not having seen it before. I\'m usually good on catching up with all the content here, but occasionally I miss a thread or two.
Your FFT progress reporting will be very useful to many of us on this forum, thanks!

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for the little guys 12 years 4 months ago #1271909913

Great Post...Many (if not most) of the guys on the site will be able to identify
With your story.
Thanks for sharing, Messageman

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for the little guys 12 years 4 months ago #1271912210

I tried to post pics, but only have my phone right now, and it doesn\'t seem to work. Even tried to email a pic to floored, but it said \"authentication server failed\", wtf that means.

Update - My gains were almost completely in the Flaccid state.

The FFT has absorbed visibly by week 4, but it\'s still a much bigger Dick than I\'m used to.... don\'t know yet how much will remain, but I plan to go back for the standard fill up after stretching for 6 months.

But my Flaccid size! Previoulsy, most of the time I had a \"third nipple\". . Now it\'s \"shrinkage\" state is over 3.5\", and I regularly hang at 4\". Not huge- just normal. Fully relaxed/drunk is 4.5\". It looks just about like

I did get ligs cut. My right lig was very pissed off, and at week 4, there\'s still a hard section on the right side, but it\'s softening up. My Dick was bending to the left a bit after the op, but it\'s straightening out, and i\'ve gained my initial Erect length of 5\" NBPEL back without using the stretcher.

Another thing is the Erection quality. For 1 week after surgery, i only got 1 Erection from needing to pee. Up until week 3, i was really worried my erections were very weak. But at week 4, i\'ve had really firm wood every morning, and feeling great about them. I looked at porn to gauge how i\'m doing, and it\'s as rock hard as i can recall.

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