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TOPIC: female orgasm

female orgasm 12 years 3 months ago #1270004312

This is a video discussing the shape of the clitoris and how it is stimulated from inside the vagina as opposed to outside. It shows that the clitoris is much larger than just the external button, but that there are two prongs of erectile tissue that extend back and wrap around the vagina.
Some of the important narration is overshadowed by the soundtrack, I\'m not sure why.
It\'s interesting stuff though.
In my opinion, it lends support to 2 theories.
One, that Girth is more important than length in stimulating women.Two, that more important than ANYTHING else is being able to get a woman aroused, and causing the erectile tissues of the clitoris to engorge with blood.
You can\'t achieve this without a woman being deeply attracted to you.
I only posted one segment of this program that is at least 1/2 hour long. I caught it on the SCI channel and then found it on youtube to share it.
We should worry more about what turns a woman than the size of our dicks! However, for some women, a big Dick is a big turn on! HA.
Every woman is different, they are turned on by very different things, at different times.
Worry about feeling great about yourself. Do not worry about feeling great about how other perceive you. Soon enough, the two will be one and the same.
If PE is a part of that pursuit, good for you, and best of luck. Just remember that being huge is not anywhere near as important than being a huge turn on.

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