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TOPIC: Dr. Liu Q&A's

Dr. Liu Q&A's 2 months 2 weeks ago #1308707240

This topic will serve to publish periodic Q&A's from Moderators and Forum Members alike on all matters related to Dr. Victor Liu's Plastic Surgery Practice. He will share details about his services as well as his opinions & insights on all matters Male Enhancement.

(Q1.) Can you share with me what you provide in the way of testicular enhancement?
When one or both testicles are missing resulting from trauma, surgery or congenital, the appearance can be improved by putting in a testicular implant which can be done under local anesthesia with practically no downtime. In cases of testicles sitting "too high" it can can corrected by scrotal enhancement. The testicle is attached to the bottom of the scrotum by the cremasteric muscle. By enlarging and stiffening of the scrotal wall the testicle is pulled downwards back into the scrotal cavity thus giving the scrotum a more normal and pleasing appearance.

(Q2.) Could you describe your lengthening procedure?
The upper part of the base of the penis is attached to the under surface of the pubic bone by the suspensory ligaments. Up to 1/3 of the penis shaft is behind the bone and cannot be seen nor is it "functional" There are two suspensory ligaments, the superficial and the deep ones. The superficial one (fundiform ligament) is a continuation of a layer of the abdominal wall called the scarpa's fascia. The deep one is the commonly called suspensory ligament of the penis. By dividing these ligaments the penis can be pushed forward and therefore the functional part of the penis becomes longer. The amount of elongation depends on several factors: 1. How much of the penis is behind the bone; 2.The width and slope of the bone (pubic symphysis); 3.The soft tissues around the area (are they tight or loose, stiff or flexible are some of the factors) Each individual is unique and and the amount of lengthening is different for each person.

(Q3.) What type of fillers do you use?
Both temporary and permanent fillers, including Juvederm, Restylane, Voluma, Radiesse, and Bellafill.

(Q4.) Do you offer financing?
We do not but can use Credit Care.
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Dr. Liu Q&A's 1 month 5 days ago #1308707677

(Q5.) If I had other treatments for penile enlargement (fat injections, Penuma, Surgimend, etc.) and am not happy with it, can I have still get filler injections?
Generally, filler injection after a person had surgical insertion of Penuma or Surgimend for penis augmentation is safe and do-able. However, it is not advisable to do surgical insertion after the person had filler injection because of the adhesions resulting from the surgery making it very difficult and even unsafe to perform. One of the problem with Penuma is that it is firm and sometimes it is palpable on the skin surface and does not look natural. One way to treat this would be with filler injection.
Some patients had fat injection for Girth enlargement and complain that the penis feels too soft and look uneven. This is a common problem with fat injection because some of the fat may be absorbed unevenly and of-course fat feels soft. This can be improved by injecting filler intradermally (inside the skin) to give a "shell" and also inject sub-dermally (underneath the skin) to even out.
It is best to see and be examined by the treating surgeon before a final decision on what is best for you.

(Q6.) I had penile implant done and my penis seems to be generally shrunken especially the head of the penis, can that be corrected?
When a penile implant is put in perfectly, it looks, feels and functions very well and most patients are very happy with the results. However, for one reason or another, sometimes they do not fit well and there will be irregularities to the touch, unwanted prominences or other problems. Even when they were put in with a perfect fit, problems do arise with the passing of time. The reason for this is because whereas the implants generally do not change, the penis itself does. The head of the penis may regress and become smaller which may result in the tip of the implant becoming prominent . When having sex the partner may complain of a poking sensation and occasionally even pain. The implant may be palpable along the shaft of the penis. All these could be improved by filler injections. At the same time, the penis shaft and the head can be enlarged as well.

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Dr. Liu Q&A's 1 week 2 days ago #1308707898

(Q6.) Can I have the ligament detachment and Surgimend insertion done at the same time?
Yes, this can be done and is frequently done together, saving the patient a lot of time. The anesthesia and surgical incision at the base of the penis can be used for both procedures, and the recovery period for both procedures simultaneously is the same as doing the procedures separately. For instance, following a procedure, the patient should abstain from sex for at least 35 days. Therefore, if the two procedures are done at the same time, abstinence from sex is 35 days, but if done separately, the patient will undergo two 35-day recovery periods.

(Q7.) I am 60 years old and am having some issues with erection, can I have ED treatment and penis enlargement done at the same time?
Erectile dysfunction, when it exists, can be treated at the same time as penile enlargement. Usually, this is done with shock wave treatment followed by injection with PRP or bone marrow aspirate and then the injection for the filler can be done after that, or even Surgimend procedure can be done at the same time.

(Q8.) I am overweight and my pubic area has some overhanging fat which "hides" my penis, what can be done please?
It is a common problem for obese men to have the pubic area filled with fat and redundancy of skin, therefore hiding the penis and making it very short and almost non-functioning. This can be corrected by simply doing a liposuction or in some cases, when there is too much redundancy, a skin lift can be done at the same time. Being a plastic surgeon, I see this very often and this procedure is frequently done together with the augmentation.

(Q9.) My penis is 5 1/2 in when erect, but my scrotum is attached to the middle of the penis shaft, so the "functional" length of my penis is only about 3 1/2 in, what can be done to improve this?
This condition is called scrotal webbing, in which the scrotum, instead of being attached to the base of the penis, is attached to some point along the penile shaft, or in some cases, even close to the glans, or head of the penis. This results, in effective, shortening of the shaft of the penis and will affect the normal course of sexual activity. This can be quite easily done with a simple plastic surgery technique to re-attach the scrotum to the base of the penis, and, therefore, increase the effective length of the penis by a significant amount.

(Q10.) I had my penis shaft enlarged but not the head of the penis, and frankly my penis looks strange and out of proportion because the head looks too small. My doctor said that he cannot enlarge the head of the penis with injection. Anything you can do to help?
It is true that if you just augment the shaft of the penis without augmenting the glans, it could become out of shape and out of proportion. This is the reason I almost routinely augment the shaft and glans at the same time. If surgery is done for augmentation of the shaft, such as using Surgimend, the head of the penis will be augmented with filler injection.

(Q11.) I had a consultation with a doctor for penis enlargement by filler injection and he said that I have to redo it every 12-18 months. Is there something better than that?
It is true most of the doctors treating Male Enhancement use a temporary filler for the enhancement. As the word implies, it is temporary and the procedure has to be repeated perhaps every six to eighteen months. However, the filler I use is a permanent filler and it is not necessary to repeat, except for occasional touch-ups when there is deterioration of the penis itself.

(Q12.) My penis Girth is 4 1/2 in and want to be about 6 in. My doctor said that I need to have 2-3 separate sessions to get that, and each time I do it, I have to abstain from sex for at least 5 weeks. Is there a faster way to do it?
Normally, when a penis shaft is augmented by filler injection, this can increase it by about ½ Inch to 1 Inch in circumference and, therefore, if the patient wishes to have it larger , multiple procedures will be required in separate sessions. The issue with doing multiple sessions is that each time it is done, the patient has to abstain from sexual activity for at least five weeks and this may be problematic for a lot of patients. One way to circumvent this problem is to use the Surgimend insert instead of the injection. This one Surgimend insertion can increase the Girth of the penis by as much as 1½ inches or more depending on what size Surgimend is put in. This is equivalent to at least two injections with filler. The advantage of this, of course, is that there is only one procedure and the patient does not need to have recovery period of a minimum of five weeks after each procedure. The Surgimend insertion is a good procedure because in addition to giving a significant amount of increase, further increase can be done with injections at a later date. The Surgimend forms a firmer base and will not be too soft, as may occur when too much filler is used. The Surgimend procedure is, therefore, getting increasingly popular among patients.

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