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TOPIC: Dr. Horn FAQs

Dr. Horn FAQs 4 months 1 week ago #1308715870

1) How much Girth/circumference can you achieve with Girth enhancement injections?
Usually an injection of 10 mL's (10 syringes of 1 mL) results in 1 Centimeter gain of circumference and 20 mL's give you almost 2 extra centimeters.
But of course, it varies from one patient to the next.

(2) How many sessions can a patient expect to achieve an ideal result?
The majority of patients ask for 10-14 ml , which is achievable in one session.
If the patient wants more, usually a second session is enough.
There is no point to try to inject too much during the same session, as you have more chances to get a complication.

(3) How long can filler injections take and what kind of anesthesia is used?
Injection of fillers takes 45 minutes. The injection is done with local anesthetic (numbing cream and injection of local anesthetic).
Also, in the syringe the filler is already mixed with a local anesthetic.

Dr Horn

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Dr. Horn FAQs 2 months 1 week ago #1308716782

4) Can Girth injections affect the functions or sensitivity of the penis? What complications are there to consider?
Girth injections don't affect the functions or sensitivity of the penis, because the fillers are injected in between skin and corpus cavernosum, and far away from the blood vessels (function) and from the nerves (sensitivity).
The main complications are: infections (prevented by antibiotics), allergies (not impossible but very exceptional), lumps (prevented by a good molding process after the injections).

5) How does a newly Girth enhanced penis feel?
That depends on the type of filler injected, but with he best ones, the feeling is totally natural
Tell your doctor what sort of firmness of fillers your prefer, as you have the choice

6) How long can you wait before resuming intimacy or strenuous activity?
We recommend a minimum of two weeks as for the majority of patients. Two weeks is the average time for the filler to settle.

7) Can you gain length from Girth injections?
In theory, injections of fillers don't change the length of the penis, and definitely not in an Erect state.
However, a lot of repeat patients noticed that after 2- 3 sessions, the penis cannot retract so much and gradually the length of the Flaccid penis is increased.

Dr. Horn

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