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TOPIC: New European Clinic - First Non-U.K. Sponsor operating out of Brussels, Belgium!

New European Clinic - First Non-U.K. Sponsor operating out of Brussels, Belgium! 1 month 3 weeks ago #1308715227

Happy New Years to the PhalloBoards Community!

I'm excited to announce the opening of a new European Clinic that is not within the United Kingdom, providing many of you who would otherwise rely on planes the possibility to now visit Dr. Gary Horn by bus or train in Brussels, Belgium. It has always been my mission to find qualified practitioners that bring expertise, value, and especially in this case --> logistics & travel considerations.

Dr. Horn is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and also an Androfill Affiliate, but his Brussels Clinic is independent of Androfill. The opening of this new Office is a signal that Dr. Horn is very much focused on expanding his area of expertise in this field of male enhancement, and also an indication of his plans to continue innovating and refining his methodologies to ensure Patient satisfaction.

His list of services include: Surgical penoplasty (length & girth), Scrotal Surgery, Adult Circumcision, Non-Surgical Penoplasty for the Shaft and Glans (Fillers used Hyaluronic Acid and Ellanse); Premature Ejaculation Correction.

What is worthy of note is the offering of Ellanse (not available everywhere, including the U.S.), which is what I like to consider "PMMA-Lite." Ellanse produces collagen much the same way PMMA does, but the microspheres are eventually broken down over time and not inside you permanently, thus technically making it a temporary filler. However, since your body can generate different kinds of collagen, the type of collagen produced by the inflammatory response to the PCL microspheres appears to be a more robust and longer-lasting kind. As a matter of fact, I have yet to see anyone report significant or complete loss of size, and Ellanse Progress Reports started popping up as early as 2017. In other words, Ellanse could prove to be a semi-permanent (i.e. very long-term) filler without the permanence of foreign bodies. The now retired Dr. Casavantes makes a similar case found here.

Dr. Horn has also been featured in a British Documentary following patients undergoing the process of penis enlargement. I'll share the link assuming the video isn't pay-gated.

With his two places of operation (U.K. and Belgium), I believe he sees the new year (and the remainder of this decade) as an opportunity to really get more involved in the nuances of this specialization, engage our Community, and to reassert his expertise as a Surgeon who has been performing male enhancement for just about as long as anyone who performs it regularly (I learned about him about nearly 10 years ago). Also, he's the only Doctor in the U.K. who is seemingly credible, ethical, precautionary, and insightful in my time knowing him. Other British Clinics always seem to have issues of disorganization, questionable ethics, and revolving doors (i.e. doctors replaced frequently). I do want to note I'm not suggesting ALL other Clinics in the U.K. exhibit these traits, it just happens to be commonplace for some unexplainable reason. I've seen Clinics literally close shop, and others taken down due violations (i.e. licensure, malpractice, and so on). Dr. Horn has remained a successful Practitioner of Penoplasty (male phalloplasty as said in British English) and has some of the highest (and possibly the highest, but that would be difficult to prove) volume of patients in the U.K. and to some extent all of Europe.

He does not need an introduction as he has had branding through Androfill, but I still believe we should still welcome him cordially as a new chapter and a new beginning, one in which he can engage the Community and share his invaluable insights, while continuing to provide World Class Medical Services.
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