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TOPIC: Live in China and want to do Juvederm HA procedure. (URGENT) Advice on where?

Live in China and want to do Juvederm HA procedure. (URGENT) Advice on where? 5 years 9 months ago #1304819392

Hi guys, I don\'t post very often on PhalloBoards as I\'m mainly a lurker. I have been lurking for over 5 years though, so quite familiar with all the procedures.

To summarize this is my enlargement history:


5.7~5.9 Erect Length (varies on bloodflow) and about 4.4~4.5 Erect Girth

I\'ve had two procedures:

1) 18 CCs of Restylane HA with Dr Heller in the Fall of 2016. (10CC first time, 8 CC second time)

Result was a bigger penis, Erect length was about the same but noticeably fatter Hanging penis when Flaccid. Erect Girth was about 4.8~4.9 Inch at narrowest point and 5.4~5.5 at fattest point.

BUT result was lumpy and post-care instructions were not given appropriately. He told me not to do anything (don\'t massage, don\'t touch it and just let it be). I followed his instructions and as a result, got quite a lumpy result.

Couldn\'t do much for a while, then decided to do another procedure.

This time....

2) Dissolving some portion of the lumpy \"hard\" parts of my penis and then injecting another 18CCs of Juvederm HA with Dr Horn (Androfill) during Summer 2017 (3 consecutive days of 6 CCs each day).

I was very pleased with the result. This time the result was smooth, looked very aesthetic and very plump.

At the end of all the sessions, I was about a 5.7~5.9 Inch Erect Length (Base pressed) and about 5.3~5.4 at the narrowest end and 5.7 at the fattest end. I\'m fattest roughly near the base and narrowest towards the top.

Over a year has passed and now my stats have fallen by about 10%-15% and I\'m looking to get a touch up done. I want to get another 10~15CCs of Juvederm HA done to fix up any imbalances and maintain the the shop. Probably closer to 10CCs to be honest; want a bit of a size boost but more to fix imperfections.

Basically, I think I want to touch up my base, slightly fix the left side of my penis and any other minor deformations. Oh, and also to do it on the glans, if its deemed safe and possible (i\'ve never had any CCs done in the glans; I know people have differing opinions on the level of safety, but wondering you guys could chime in as well)

The problem is now this: I live in China now for work and so it\'s very difficult for me to fly to the UK to get it done with Dr Horn again. In my mind I have three choices:

1) Get it done with Dr Horn (find a way to go back to the UK sometime)
2) Get it done with Dr Oates (find a way to fly to Australia)

OR....(and this is the one that\'s most spontaneous).

3) Get it done with Dr Kim in Korea (fly to korea).

So, I\'m actually flying to Seoul for work literally in about 12 hours and as I was pondering whether to schedule with Dr Horn or Dr Oates sometime, I completely forgot about Dr Kim in Seoul. I\'ll actually be there for 5 days, so theoretically should be plenty of time to squeeze in a session.

However, I\'ve never seen anybody post about doing a HA procedure with Dr Kim, which makes me slightly nervous.

So these are my questions to the community:
1) Since the timing is so opportune, should I try and schedule a session with Dr Kim with the next few days if possible? Or should I skip Dr Kim even if he is close in favor Dr Oates or Dr Horn? It\'s not a big deal if I don\'t do it this time, I\'m really just asking because I\'m already going there and want to get input. Would save a lot of time but I don\'t want to make a bad decision just because it saves time. I feel like Dr Kim must be very experienced in doing non-invasive penis enlargement, but I\'ve only ever read the Megafill threads (which....were not great...).

2) Should I consider doing HA in the Glans? Yes, I know it\'s a mixed response, with more people leaning to \"No, don\'t\" but want all options on the table. Would definitely be nice to get a larger glans, if possible.

Thanks! I\'m seriously considering just doing it this week, so any advice would be appreciated asap!


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