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TOPIC: Some questions about PMMA, effects and issues

Some questions about PMMA, effects and issues 4 years 8 months ago #1303500185

Hey there,

I have been reading quite a bit in the forum for a while, and I want to ask some questions for those who have had their procedures done.

I sit at 5.2 inches EG give or take, after losing some due to an accident having sex a few years back (very mild penile fracture). My main issue is the loss of sensitivity, and having been bigger before that. I am nor Circumcised but my Foreskin is retracted almost 100% all the time, giving it a cut look. This is because I had a medical procedure when I was kid as the skin was stuck. They did not cut but they tore the Foreskin by literally having a nurse yanking it down. As medieval as it sounds, it worked just fine. I contacted the folks in TJ and they mentioned that I am a candidate for a 20-30% first session because of my specifics.

So here are my questions for those who got PMMA:

Did the quality of your erections worsen? Past girlfriends and the wife always pretty much praised that I did not have the average squishy Erection but a really rigid one. It\'s not something I wish to lose...Do you have a ring of much thinner Girth at the base that is noticeable or the PMMA goes all the way to the base of the shaft?Do the folks at TJ do anything to make the glans proportional? I don\'t want to alter the aesthetics in that sense, so I don\'t want to end up with a noticeably smaller glans as I was always more or less same Girth all length across. I bet this would be noticeable after the first half Inch worth of gains.Any tips for someone doing the procedure now that you wish you knew before doing it yourself?Could you fly back within a few days or you stayed in the US longer?Thanks!

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Some questions about PMMA, effects and issues 4 years 8 months ago #1303504734

Personally, my erections did not change.

My base is thicker than midshaft which is thicker than just under the glans. PMMA goes all the way down. But each guy is different. Some guys have outcome is just what you mention. Others end up thinner midshaft. It depends on your personal anatomy and post op care.

Yes, they offer glans enhancement, but Dr. C has said that it provides minimal change. Nobody has an option for glans enlargement that provides substantial permanent enlargement. Not that anyone here has been able to find, anyway.

Post care is vital. You really need to pay attention to it for about 72 hours after. Give or take, this is about how long it takes the carrier to be absorbed. During this time the product can be moved, massaged and shaped. This is the time that it can also clump or move out of areas where you want it.

You can fly back in a few days if you want, but after 3 it is where it is. You aren\'t going to easily move it after this. Most guys stay at least an extra day, some 2, to go into the office and have them check things out. It is not required, but if it is your first visit, I would highly recommend it.

Keep in mind that this is, to a large extent, permanent. If you decide that you do not like it, the only way to have it removed is through invasive surgery. Read, research, ask questions and make sure you are comfortable with the possible risks and complications. It is certainly not a decision to be made lightly.

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