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Dr. Kim HA 6 years 1 month ago #1303380973

I have been considering getting HA for a while. Still trying to decide where I want to go. Dr. Oates is my first choice given results posted here and his transparency, but flight to Australia and cost of Voluma is cost prohibitive for me.

I am looking into Dr. Kim in Korea. Dr. Kim does quite a bit of HA injections each year, though I haven\'t been able to find any reports here. We have some Megafill reports that reported him as the injector with most dissolving in 6 months, with the exception of Recklaw, which was a poor outcome mostly because of the 70ml which was injected in 1 round, which I agree should not have been done.

With that said, I am definitely not wanting to get that much injected. Korea makes their own HA and is known for plastic surgery procedures. The product Dr. Kim uses is called Cutegel Ultra by BNCKorea. I\'ve tried to google it, but can\'t find much on it in terms of how long it lasts and reports. The pricing is incredibly reasonable even if you factor in flight to korea and one member said you can sleep at the airport for free (they have some sort of sleep lounge) and Dr. Kim is near the airport in Seoul.

Any one hear anything about Cutegel HA and how long it lasts and feels?

Dr. Kims website

Cutegel Ultra by BNCKorea

Cost of penile girth enhancement using HA:20 ml US$250025 ml US$300030 ml US$350035 ml US$400040 ml US$4500

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