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TOPIC: Electromyostimulation for better Erections

Electromyostimulation for better Erections 7 years 4 weeks ago #1296294724

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Electromyostimulation for better Erections

In a german book on google books i found the above study cited and a good explanation!:

I try to translate:

Zero-line-symetrical trapezoid-form Impulses with a rising-time of 33%
Impuls- length of time of 1-50 milliseconds
Impuls-pauses of 0.5 ' 2 seconds
Frequency-Range 0.5-2 Herz
Amperage 12 ' 25 mA
3-5x daily for 20minutes, for 6 months, Patient does it himself

-> this settings all somehow gets adjusted if it's uncomfortable for patient

Studies (also from german book):
- 22 impotent patients

0% could get an erection, even if injected directly in penis with Prostaglandin E1 (Caverject, definitely stronger than Viagra it seems)

After 6 months:
14% had full erections even after stopping the treatment
7% had full erections as long as they did the treatment
14% now at least had erections with caverject
(which leaves 65% who this procedure did not help, but Viagra and Caverject didn't even help them)
Study was in 1994

- 32 patients, 30-69 years old, impotent on average for 10 years (81% had physical reasons of being impotent)
44% got erect with Caverject
53% got only partially erect with Caverject
4% did not get erect with Caverject (1 guy)

After 6-21 months usage:
16% had normal erections again without help after treatment
19% had erections only as long as they did the daily sessions
9% while doing the sessions daily, now got erect with less Caverject than before
10% while doing the sessions daily, now got erect with Caverject
13% while doing the sessions daily, got subjectively more erect, but not enough for penetration
33% did not get more erect than before

- Conclusion:
I guess for guys who have only weak erections (well, I wish mine were stronger) this all sounds very good. Cause it seems even guys who are *totally impotent*, 66% got better erections.
On the other hand: 3 times daily for 20 Minutes? That's not quick, but I surely could do it while I work on computer, so the actual time would be just one Minute.

They made a patent for an machine for electromyostimulation of penis for erectile dysfunction:

Here are 2 machines, i don\'t know if it\'s complete BS and if these machines are even connected to the studies above, i guess not

I think this 'machine' is nothing special, it's just a electronic-impulse giver (stimulation current machine) that is widely used for muscle activation. Just put this stuff on muscles and turn it on and you get electricity that activates your muscles, it's
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

Ok, perhaps I am wrong and it is actually EMS Electrical muscle stimulation

TENS stimulates the nerves ' the rationale being that the simulation keeps pain signals from reaching the brain; The relief of chronic and acute pain. Some examples include: Arthritis, Back pain..
EMS causes the muscles to contract ' by mimicking the action potential that comes from the central nervous system; Muscle strengthening, Rehabilitation purposes, Preventing disuse muscle atrophy, Increasing local blood circulation, Relaxation of muscles, Cosmetic muscle toning

Anyway, it just needs a machine that can do Impuls- length of time of 1-50 milliseconds, Impuls-pauses of 0.5 ' 2 seconds, Frequency-Range 0.5-2 Herz, Amperage 12 ' 25 mA
Transcutaneous application of low-frequency electric current in the treatment of partially or temporarily denervated striated muscles is widely used to prevent or treat muscular atrophy. Due to the high regenerative capacity of smooth-muscle cells, this approach should be beneficial in the treatment of diseases with smooth-muscle degeneration due to partial denervation. Our study was done to evaluate the possible beneficial effect of transcutaneously applied low-frequency electric current on the corpus cavernosum penis in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

This doctor actually has it on his website listed as a possible treatment:
Dr. med. Edgar Weller, Germany
Facharzt f'r Physikalische und Rehabilitative Medizin
Zusatzbezeichnung: Spezielle Schmerztherapie, Sportmedizin
Wurzener Stra'e 4
01127 Dresden
-> but: the patient has to do it on his own anyway, Doctor is just for schooling you

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