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TOPIC: A Taste of Things to Come: Summer 2017

A Taste of Things to Come: Summer 2017 7 years 1 month ago #1295772247

Greetings Forum Members, Sponsors, & Guests,

I haven\'t been nearly as active as I was in 2016 and I have renewed my commitment to this forum, an experience that has literally changed my own life. I hardly think of PE anymore (although I\'m still frustrated with my length) and so naturally I don\'t always find myself as engaged as I used to. That said, things will be changing (for the better). First let me catch up with everyone:

In June I\'ll have had hit 6 years of living with injected PMMA, and a considerable quantity of the product too. No real complications to speak of, only minor aesthetic irregularities which had improved over my last few sessions. I haven\'t had any work done in a while, years in fact. I do plan on considering micro-droplet as I think it may be the very last thing I need to get as \"good as it can get.\" I started with snugger under-average that regular condoms could slip time-to-time if I didn\'t have an optimal Erection. Now I\'m buying Magnums that are \"snug\" and \"fit.\" The only negative, which was inevitable and not the result of poor method or product, are my glans and their proportion to the rest of the shaft. Fortunately, Dr. C gave me such excellent tapering that it maintains as much natural look as someone\'s going to get in my situation. Is it 100% natural? No, but given the leap in circumference I made over the years, and knowing the inevitability of my end-result, I completely happy with my outcome.

Sorry if this sounds like a brand endorsement, but I haven\'t issued an update on my procedure in so long I think this was the opportunity to do it, especially in light of my 6th year PMMA Anniversary.

And no, I still have not measured after Round 2. I find the numbers game will only mess with your head. The heft and fullness of my shaft in my hand was all I needed to know I achieved success. Now for some site updates:

New site associated with PhalloBoards

I am in the development stage of a website that serves more like a blog/wiki than a forum. Its purpose is to consolidate the plethora of content here in a comprehensive & digestible way. It will also provide an opportunity for PhalloBoard Sponsors & Veteran Members to submit relevant articles & opinions on trending topics. This will allow PhalloBoard readers (especially newcomers) to find a one-stop-shop for the basics/FAQs/stats/etc before skipping over to this forum (which will be linked from the new site).

As of now there is no actual name for this new site and will likely have its own separate URL/host. It will remain under the same ownership and ultimately be a sibling site to this forum.

Massive Inactive Thread Deletions & Sub-Forum Consolidation

What I fail to appreciate is how clustered the forum has become and how challenging it may be for newer members to find relevant information. Since I\'m so accustomed to the forum, I usually know how to navigate it like the back of my hand. But then I started to put myself in the shoes of a first-time arrival to PB and found how overwhelming it can be, even with the search function.

Part of the problem are repeating thread topics over the years, as well as inactive threads (0 replies or 3 months+ old and under 10 replies). By deleting these, members have far fewer pages to scroll through on our main sub-forums (General Phalloplasty Forum & Patient Support Group/Progress Reports).

The other problem is that, maybe, just maybe, one too many sub-forums. I suspect I could probably consolidate some of the Resource sub-forums, and do away with the International sub-forums that never took off.

My hope is that this will make the forum a more manageable browsing experience, which in turn will make it more appealing to people who are on the fence with membership purchases, etc.

Revamping Membership for Photo-Viewing

A lot of hiccups with the initial implementation of the photo-viewing program. Sometimes memberships wouldn\'t be activated right away and it would take an email or PM to get me to catch it. Much apologies for those inconvenienced, and no one was docked for the time the membership was inactive.

I\'m now making some improvements to expedite membership approval & expirations.

Speaking of expiration, most of those who bought memberships in 2016 are likely to have had their memberships expired by now. Just as some accounts fell through the cracks for activation, other accounts fell through the cracks when it was time to be de-activated. So some of you got a bunch of extra weeks for free That said, don\'t forget to renew your membership!

In Closing

I do work & have a personal life outside the forum, so these changes are taking place in stages (which has already begun) and I hope to see a majority of my goals complete through the first week of June. The only project that may not be complete until much later (i.e. end of Summer) is the new website mentioned in the first paragraph of this post.

Thanks to all who have enriched our forum with your experiences & insight! Because of you all, PhalloBoards remains the one & only source for authentic, legit cosmetic/surgical penis enlargement information.

-Skeptical One
PhalloBoards Administrator

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A Taste of Things to Come: Summer 2017 7 years 1 month ago #1295772441

Sounds great Cheers

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A Taste of Things to Come: Summer 2017 7 years 1 month ago #1295774123

Thanks so much much Skeptical for all your hard work .

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