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All Discussions 7 years 4 weeks ago #1295216145

Feel free to move to appropriate topic if this isnt correct since I figured it covered aspect so I went with general.


Ive been reading on here about since fall 2014 but joined later, and have kept up on most recent activity and went back through alot of archives. Over the past past year ive come on and commented and left after just joining while most of you guys go way back.

I see alot of you share the same sense of humor as me, even at your own expense as I do also in life.
Reading some of your stories had me laughing with your wording even though you went through a awful time you decided to make it funny, which I can relate. Others my heart felt shitty for you because it sucked I can tell it had made your life tough.

Between having medical education and understanding the anatomy of our manhood, doing research and using some common sense, BUT MOST OF ALL reading your experiences good and bad have kept me from making wrong decisions.

Feeling like a dbag for no intro before commenting on topics and then also seeing how the moderators and members have to filter the fake people promoting and the negative ones here to down play anything working, this is a great site.

I wanted to say THANK YOU

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