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Why PMMA? 7 years 8 months ago #1293642407

Long time lurker, first time poster. I\'m on the cusp of opting for a widening procedure and I\'m at a crossroads between PMMA and getting a Belladerm graft done. When I first started reading on this site months ago, it seemed as though everyone on here was all about PMMA and that Belladerm was a terrible idea. However, it seems like the more I read in this forum, the more I see complications with PMMA. I also haven\'t found very much about the complications involved with Belladerm other than it can be reabsorbed.

Other than reabsorbtion, what are the other complications with Belladerm that would cause someone to opt for PMMA instead? How common is outright rejection? It seems pretty rare. And if it does happen, what does that process entail? I imagine that it wouldn\'t be any worse than having nodules removed.

Also, please don\'t say \"read the forum.\" I\'ve read the forum. A lot.

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Why PMMA? 7 years 8 months ago #1293644246

Start by reading these 2 threads and the OP\'s blog:

Necrosis is a common side effect, this guy now has a hole in his shaft skin:

In this thread you\'ll see a long time member who then went and had Belladerm and also ended up with a hole in his shaft skin:

This is one of our members (justave) whose story you can follow from the start as over the years his graft shrinks and contracts leaving him with a severely curved penis:

This is another member (pmmapossibly) who I actually spoke to on the phone, having previously gotten into quite a heated debate with him, as to why he shouldn\'t go ahead and get Belladerm:

This is another member who I\'ve spoken with on the phone. He posted excitedly before having his surgery on the old MNS forum.

Of course there are success stories as well, but I\'d say it\'s 50/50, which for an expensive procedure that comes with the risks involved with surgery, it\'s enough to put most off. The issue\'s you\'ll see and read about in this thread are worse that what we\'ve seen from PMMA. I don\'t know of guys with PMMA who have lost sensation, had their penis contract and bend to the point they can\'t have sex or ended up with big permanent holes in their shaft skin. PMMA is certainly not without it\'s risks, but I\'d personally take the worse PMMA issuse we\'ve seen (ie Restoration or Darkstaff) over any of the Belladerm/Alloderm issues.

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Why PMMA? 7 years 8 months ago #1293654127

All (except one) of the links by hoddle are from this board. This man didn\'t read the forum \"a lot\" as he claims. When I just joined this foru I was not \"condoned\" so much as the current new guys. Another thread to add to the junk one has to go through when doing serious research ...

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