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TOPIC: Nervous & excited

Nervous & excited 8 years 1 month ago #1292031817

So, after months of lurking and reading posts regarding PMMA, I booked my appointment with Dr. C on June 7th. I will do my best to chronicle the whole experience, with photos, for those in my position. It seems like guys get PMMA, get the results they want, then disappear.

I am starting out with just a hair shy of 6\"EL & 4.5\"EG. My glans is quite large though, around 5.25\", so to me, it looks like an apricot stuck to the end of a pencil.

In the interest of transparency, my wife & I were separated for a few months this past fall, and I recently found out she was seeing a guy from back in high school. He was quite little, or so she says, but upon open discussion about their \"time\" together, she did admit that he was able to make her orgasm. This has completely shattered my self-confidence, as previously I was the only man that had ever made her truly orgasm. In her defense, I had emotionally abandoned her, and that\'s what she was really looking for. But, I digress....We have since gotten back together and agreed to save our marriage, as we love each other that much.

I have set my goal at 1\" MAX Girth gain. My goal of this post is to get a concensus of whether or not to do this. I\'ve already paid the deposit.

From what I\'ve read, guys getting 2 rounds generally don\'t have many issues. I\'d like to keep reasonable aesthetics, but I naturally have some wee-waws anyway. My wife, of course, says she\'s happy with my natural size, but she didn\'t argue much against me getting the procedure done.

So, what do you guys think? If I have a reasonable goal, (that I WILL stick to) is it madness to do this? I really am doing this for myself, not just out of insecurity. I\'ve put a lot of thought into this. I\'d just like some feedback from those who\'ve had it done.....

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Nervous & excited 8 years 1 month ago #1292032840

If your wife\'s on board, and the goals are not only set but kept, I don\'t think its madness. If you really mean it when you say you are doing it for yourself, and are not fooled into thinking penis enlargement will help \"save your marriage,\" than you have the right mindset. And having glans that large will help you aesthetically since you probably wont get any significant dwarfing-effect. Just my 2 cents. You\'ll probably find 2-3 sessions more realistic. Depending on how your body responds to the product, you may have to build the (max) 1 Inch Girth over 2 sessions, while using a 3rd for strictly Revision/touch-ups. If you\'re lucky, you could achieve 0.75\" to 1\" in the first round and only require 2 sessions (1 for Girth and one for Revision).

Just remember the importance of sticking to your goals. Us guys play an irrational number games in our head... when Girth is readily attainable via filler products, it\'s easy to find yourself contemplating another round & another round. I don\'t normally recommend this kind of thing to just anyone, but if you continue to inform & educate yourself and are aware of the risks involved, I\'d stop short of calling it \"madness.\" Good luck.

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Nervous & excited 8 years 1 month ago #1292034659

This really has nothing at all to do with \"saving my marriage\". We were already working on that. That issue was caused by allowing step-kids to create a distance between us, which has been resolved. No, I\'m am doing this purely for myself.

It just so happens that I recently received a promotion/raise at work which makes money a non-issue in this equation. My wife is on board because she is considering a boob job for herself (I\'m an ass man anyway). We\'ve talked extensively and honestly about things, so she can relate to having body parts that you\'re unhappy with. So, if money is not an issue, why not fix what needs fixing?

I look at some of the pics guys post and wonder why they go so far with this, but that\'s not me. I\'m not judging, but I will stop at my goal of 1\". Besides, my wife is only 5\'2\" & very petite, she couldn\'t handle anymore than that. The last thing I want is to end up with some monster Cock that my wife won\'t use.

And thanks for the input SO.

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