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TOPIC: a serious pmma question

a serious pmma question 8 years 4 months ago #1291421090

Ok guys I have hit the dreaded plateau for PE. I know I have been saying I\'m not gonna get a round or two of PMMA out of fear of asthetic outcome. I know some of you will say I already have a big enough penis. My current stats are depending upon eq 6.5 to 6.75 BPEL and 5.6 to 5.85 egmid.

The skin on my penis is super tight and has very little movement, meaning while Erect i can pinch a very little amount of skin but not really move it around on the shaft. Will this affect outcome of PMMA? My big fear is I will be able to see and or feel exactly where it is and any irregularities will be obvious to me and my partner.

She is still in inpatient care 5 months and 4 days as of today, and gonna be there for at least 30 more. I was thinking of getting round one out of the way while she is away but I am super afraid of messing my unit up and her being able to tell. As big as she is in the vagina department I dont think she will notice a .5 difference, in Girth anyway, and she really never gives a bj or handjob anyway but if she does and feels ridges or nodules. ....... it would be like Ricky Ricardo \" Lucy you got some esplaining to do!\" And i want to avoid that at all costs!!

To those of you with PMMA was your penis skin super tight prior to your enhancement? Does the collagen build enough to \"mask\" the enhancement to the touch?

Am I better off flying to ny and doing some HA?

Should I just leave it be?

I know some of you will say leave it alone, and I totally accept that as advice too!

You guys always offer a huge amount of sound advice ....

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a serious pmma question 8 years 4 months ago #1291421864

My shaft skin has always been very loose. I even had the turkey neck surgery in 2002 because of too much skin.

When I went in for rd 1, I heard Dr. C say that the looseness was good. They put in 22cc of 30% metacrill. I can say that the PMMA has tightened the skin somewhat, but I would still be able to fit more in there because I still have some natural looseness around the shaft. I\'m going for rd.2 next week, and I think it will fill in nicely.

I believe that even though you have tight skin around the shaft, the skin will stretch as needed to accommodate the filler, so I think it will not matter so much. It actually may help in keeping the product where it was placed, almost like a wrap.

What will matter is your aftercare. If not done properly, then you may be able to discern lumps and bumps and unevenness. So proper management will be the key.

Nonetheless, your partner may be able to enjoy a shaft that went from let\'s say an average of 5.5\" to at least 6\'0\" Girth. Good luck in your decision.

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a serious pmma question 8 years 4 months ago #1291520447

Leave it alone. I think people get wrapped up in getting bigger and bigger. 5.7 MSEG is very very large, objectively. If you have tight skin, yes I think that risks the product being trapped more easily at injection sites (forming lumps) or pushed into undesirable areas like under the shaft (my situation and jonthomas as well).

A \"plateau\" at 5.7 is basically what most guys would say is their goal. There has been a sticky about this by S.O. for years, about \"too much time on this board\" or something - which can alter your perception of what is big.

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