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TOPIC: Interesting perspective on average size

Interesting perspective on average size 8 years 4 months ago #1290330250

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Copying this recent post from another forum. some people here need a reality check on what is realistic among the population and what is just a form of cuckold-self loathing fantasy (especially \'newer\' members):


I see people still rock the 8x6 figure as if it\'s gospel, the patented \'golden size\', everyone still claims inordinate sizes. You don\'t have to speak nor comment, just read. I\'ll fill you in (no homo) on everything you need to know. Don\'t fret.

Firstly on the measuring techniques of studies (if you\'re going to compare ones self to a study, you best be measuring the same way, you wouldn\'t measure your height in your momma\'s high heels then compare yourself to barefoot measurements.)
Measure in cm, round to the nearest half cm.Measure with a rule, straight along the top (the increments should be right along the of your weapon), mildly bone pressed, whilst standing.For circumference, measure around the middle with an measuring tape, overlapping and snugly fit.
Secondly, everyone wants to know how they measure up. Is normal.
Average length bone pressed is anything from 5-6 inches, almost always around 5.3-5.6. Just over 14cm is the most commonly found figure (14cm is 5.51 inches). The highest ever average in an remotely legitimate study is 6.2 inches. One solitary study with an average of over 6 inches, all the rest fall short.Average circumference is normally around 4.4-4.7 inches. The highest average found in an legitimate study is in fact, 4.97 inches.Penises are tightly grouped together, one study found 54 percent of Men were between 5.5 inches (14 cm) and 6.3 inches (16 cm) in length and 53.33 percent were between 4.525 inches (11.5 cm) and 5.118 inches in circumference. (this is the study with the highest circumference average, showing that even with an average of nearly 5, that half of men are between 4.5 - 5.1 ). Everyone is interested in what constitutes an large penis. Below is a sampling of studies, the nation, sample size and the largest recorded size.
Iran, 1500 men, 19cm.Nigeria, 115 men, 19.5cm.USA, 80 Men, 19cm NBP, 21cm BP.Colombia, 130 Men. 21cm21cm is the largest posted size in any legitimate study I\'ve ever seen, it is 8.26 inches. Please bare in mind they round to the nearest half cm so it may be anything from 20.7-21.2 (8.15 - 8.34). 19cm is 7.48 inches and 19.5cm is 7.68 inches. More often than not 18.5-19.5 is the largest size.

Some studies do not state their measured ranges, but they all give forth an standard deviation. From this we can calculate a size of which is 2SD above the average, to say, the size that only <2.5% of Men are above (so out of 100 Men 2 or 3 will be this length or better). A size larger than 97.5% of Men.
Venezuela, 122 Black Men. 17.8cm (7.00 inches)Venezuela, 378 White Men. 16.2cm (6.38 inches)Turkey, 1132 Men. 16.9cm (6.65 inches)Turkey, 2276 Men. 17.14cm (6.75 inches)England, 609 Men. 17.7cm (6.97 inches)USA, 300 Men. 19.13cm (7.53 inches)Jordan, 271 Men. 18.1cm (7.13 inches)Colombia, 130 Men. 16.8cm (6.61 inches)Germany, 111 Men. 18.46cm (7.27 inches).The average of the above is, 6.92 inches. The range is 6.38 inches to 7.53 inches.

The same with circumference. First the studies which tell us the largest size they found. Once more they measure in half CM and round, except for the German study.
Germany, 111 Men. 15.7cm. (6.18 inches)Brazil, 150 Men. 15cm. (5.91 inches)USA, 80 Men. 16cm. (6.29 inches)The highest average I\'ve ever seen is the 16cm figure, which could be anything from 15.7-16.2 cm (6.18-6.37 inches).

A list of studies on circumference which give us the SD, once more allowing us to find the figure of which only 2.5% of Men will meet or best, to say if you\'re this size you\'re larger than 97.5% of Men.
India, 93 Men. 13.87cm. (5.46 inches)USA, 300 Men. 14.44cm. (5.69 inches)USA, 80 Men. 14.92cm. (5.87 inches)Germany, 111 Men. 14.79cm. (5.82 inches).The average of the above is (excluding India), 5.79inches. 5.8 is a good rounded figure to be bandied about as an 97.5th percentile circumference.

Something must truly be taken into consideration, and that is the combination of both length and circumference. Something many refer to as \'volume\'. For it is sincerely true that many Penises are long but thin-average, others are thick but short-average. The Wessels study from the US. The one of which the 21cm BP length and the 16cm circumference were found (it is also the only legitimate study with and average of over 6inches, meaning these stats are a tad inflated versus most other studies, but none the less...), making it a good study to us, as they gave their volume range and average too.

To begin with, I\'m confident this volume was calculated with the non-bone pressed lengths. The average volume was 80.16, for reference an 5 Inch x 4.5 Inch penis is 80.60. (just to note, the volume here is given as 80.16, when many others would list it as 8.02, they simply have moved the decimal point back a figure).

The largest volume was 152. If we were to argue that both the 21cm (19cm NBP) and the 16cm circumference guy both had that figure...then their maximum sizes (roughly) are as follows.

19cm NBP x 12.95cm (an volume of 155.2). 7.48 inches x 5.1 inches
12.2cm x 16cm (an volume of 151.6). 4.8 inches x 6.3 inches. (this is non bone pressed remember).

Giving the second fellow the average fat pad depth (2.85cm) brings his length up to 15.05cm (5.93 inches). To give him the absolute largest fat pad measurement of 7.5cm...his length would become 19.7cm (7.75 inches). Which to me seems unlikely as the fact that all of the longest guys I\'ve ever seen are for the most part sub-5.5 inches and the thickest guys are almost always average in length and are found on fat hairy guys. Not to mention for a guy to go from 4.8 to nearly 7.8 (an 3 Inch gain) is odd. (some Turkish & Iranian studies have noted that BMI was correlated with penile circumference). I will not assault your eyes by posting fat guys with thick dicks, but trust me their is a correlation. Just as some studies have noted an correlation with regards to Flaccid, stretched and Erect length with Height.

8x6 is a foolish rounded figure, I will go as far to say I do not think an single pornstar is a mm over 8x6. A small handful are larger in one area or the other, but to be larger than both is unheard off. A truly large penis is one that is roughly 6.7 in length or 5.5 in circumference. (5.5 circumference is roughly larger than 95% of Men, and 6.7 or so is around 95th percentile too, though in the largest studies it is 7.1 inches). As you can see by the data above an 6.9 Inch penis is larger than roughly 97.5% of Men.

And this is being hard of guys, in the vain of Lookism, where you need to be 95th percentile of so to be \'big\'. To be large in both areas is quite unique. To say, an combination of both 97.5th percentile length and 97.5th percentile circumference, would make you much larger than \'97.5th percentile\', as most of the few Men whom are longer shall be thinner and the many of the few whom are thicker will be shorter, of that we can be sure. A reminder that 97.5th percentile for both figures if roughly 6.9 x 5.8 inches.

To put it into figures, the largest volume in the Wessels study (the largest average size I\'ve come across and the largest recorded Girth and joint largest recorded length), was 152. An 6.9 x 5.8 penis is 184.7. Though it is fair to mention that Wessels volume figure was NBP. If the 21cm guy is the largest volumed guy, then the largest volume was 171.8, and if the 16cm guy was the largest then it was likely 186.3. With Girth having an stronger influence on volume, I\'d wager that something like this would be the largest recorded volume, if it were so. The volume of an \'8x6\' would be 229.2


Takeaway: your gf is probably lying to you about her 8x6 ex bf (or even more comical, multiple of her ex\'s), but im sure most of your were smart enough to know that already... most

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Interesting perspective on average size 8 years 4 months ago #1290330414

Thanks for the info.... interesting read

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Interesting perspective on average size 8 years 4 months ago #1290330555

Yeah, that was a good read. Thanks.

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Interesting perspective on average size 8 years 4 months ago #1290330803

Much appreciated. Always nice to see a post that offers real world perspective. Guess at 8x7+, I\'m a freaking unicorn.

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Interesting perspective on average size 8 years 4 months ago #1290331313

You can be my brother unicorn, Miracle, and maybe someday soon my little brother.

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Interesting perspective on average size 8 years 4 months ago #1290332728

Don\'t mind being your lil bro, big guy. Hehe. I\'m certainly done in my quest for Girth. I can\'t promise to stop manual stretching and traction though....

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