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TOPIC: Please Post in Public Before PMing me Your PMMA Problems

Please Post in Public Before PMing me Your PMMA Problems 8 years 2 months ago #1290139898

The number of PMs I get now with people who have PMMA nodules and other problems keeps going up. Of all these people, none will post in public. I don\'t understand why. I don\'t have all the answers - and people should know there are more patients with issues than just me and a handful of others.

I am getting tired of typing the same things over and over (that are also in my posts for the most part). Someone asked me about a mass at the base which was basically exactly what Smalljay\'s thread was about - and I already said what I thought to him in that thread. So, I emailed this guy a long explanation and then I also linked to that thread. Did I even get a \"thanks\"? No, \"Peace\" - you\'re welcome!

I\'ve been asked about my doc a few times. My Urologist is highly unlikely to take on PMMA patients. He only saw me because I was his patient since 2010 and he did my Peyronie\'s surgery. He has declined to do any further Nodule removals on me. So, I can\'t recommend him to anyone as I do not see this being something he wants to continue doing. If you are in my exact city, then I will give you his name, but it\'s unlikely he\'ll do it & he\'s booked 3 months in advance anyway.

The main reconstructive urologists have already been listed such as Alter, Gellman, Solomon (I think?), and others. Also, other users know more than me and have been involved with PE much post in publci.

Standard Advice on Treating PMMA Irregularities

My advice is that you can go to a Dermatologist who has experience in genital lesion & artefill Removal and does not rush & will do a layered closure (with buried monocryl Sutures and then nylon on top). Not many will have artefill experience. It\'s a difficult thing to find. All derms do genital lesion Removal. I called the #1 Artefill complication expert in a major city (plastic surgeon) so he wouldn\'t touch the penis because he only does face work. So, I can\'t really call every doctor in the country for you. I went through the same process of calling and asking secretaries (fun) if someone would take a lump of Mexican filler out of my Dick. The majority will not. Call and ask about artefill lumps first, then tell the doc in the office that it\'s in your penis.

Second, you can find a Urologist who you will be 100% honest with, and then this Urologist can \"cherry pick\" out the nodules, leaving scars like I have (potentially - probably not as bad) - or deglove your penis and take it all out if it is an extreme case. Again, not every Urologist will do this either. You have to find a male sexual function specialist. Ask your Primary Care Physician or your insurance company to help you find one. I can\'t do it. How could I do it? If you want to tell me your city on PM, then I\'ll tell you if my doc is there.

And Kenalog & 5fu are bullshit. I have yet to hear 1 person say they work. DMSO will soften the nodules, but it seems to be inconsistent from person to person. They got harder when I stopped, so maybe I should\'ve continued. I don\'t know. It was hard to use consistently since I was having surgeries and then it\'s just time consuming to ensure everything is clean, dry, etc... rinse / repeat...


Anyway, I know it is very stressful to have problems after this procedure, but it\'s a little draining to be the oracle at PhalloBoards who has to keep answering the same questions because people won\'t post publicly about the same problems I had. I am also irritated by certain users who had problems and then deleted all their posts or vanished. We need to get real about this procedure. The vanishing of posters, PMs from people with no posts, and hush hush behavior about problems is not a good thing for the PE scene. This board is VERY open to your problems, and you should take advantage of that fact because other boards are not (and historically have been very problematic due to that). Everyone needs a balance of the information...and the more, the better. I don\'t recall seeing much about nodules whatsoever before my first round. Now, it seems far more common...but if it\'s all in PMs, what good does that do?

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Please Post in Public Before PMing me Your PMMA Problems 8 years 2 months ago #1290143969

You don\'t even get a thanks...this forum doesn\'t even get a donation from them either.

As Restoration said, it\'s time to get serious. If you wish to get something out of this forum, also look to contribute to it as well. Contributions come in many forms... including discussion, progress reporting, and/or donations. If you\'ve lurked for months/years and are fearful for being shamed having taken so long to post, don\'t be afraid! It\'s better you speak up eventually instead of not speaking at all!


If I were you, I\'d forward this thread\'s link to every future question by a non-posting member.

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Please Post in Public Before PMing me Your PMMA Problems 8 years 2 months ago #1290147515

Thanks. Yeah you put that more succinctly than I did...and I can\'t believe I forgot to mention the donation aspect as well. I don\'t know if people realize how valuable and rare a non-biased (free) forum is. It wasn\'t easy to post all of that immensely personal and nightmarish stuff over the last 8 mos... but on one hand, it actually helps me in a way - because I can see what I\'ve gone through and how I\'ve thought through it (good and bad). And, there\'s nowhere else people can relate to PE surgical issues on the planet...certainly not in \"real life\". People who know me think I am absolutely insane for having done this...and the judgement are off the charts. Hopefully, people can benefit from seeing how they have to be extremely careful with Nodule removals...or just get low percentages of PMMA so this is unlikely to happen.

I was having a bit of insomnia last night, so I can be moody (well, ok about 20 posts I have on here are kinda moody haha).

As an aside, injecting filler in the penis is incredibly difficult. It\'s nothing like the face. It took hours to get 1.5cc of Radiesse in there - granted, the experience level was different than Dr. C but the penis changes shape, pushes the filler out, absolutely cannot be injected with a needle for risk of embolism (and you cant break through the fibrotic tissue with a superfine cannula easily...and Dr. C has his own special cannua. Most docs just have DermaSculpt cannulas.). Pushing in 1/10th of 1 cc requires a lot of force because this stuff is a thick gel (he has a gun and bigger cannula diameter, but you have to be very careful still). And, it\'s very easy to get the product in the dermis, not under it - so I am surprised we all don\'t have more lumps in the dermis altogether...not to mention underneath. So, the fact Dr. C can even do this at all - AND do 3 patients a day is quite a feat. After my tiny touch up, I got to see how complex this is - and I can see the argument for limiting people to 15-20 cc of 10% he did in the very early days of this. Something this complex is going to have a rate of complications to some degree - most of which are manageable but some of which are more difficult to deal with. Not to mention, people get complications from fillers injected in their face every day...and this is much more complicated...even if it seems simple. I don\'t know how I got on this topic in this post...but I guess the idea that this could be complication-free is just not a good expectation to have. My level of complications was magnified immensely by USA docs screwing things up.

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Please Post in Public Before PMing me Your PMMA Problems 8 years 2 months ago #1290256947

Another person with a lot of problems just wrote to me asking what docs can perform a deglove and what the cost is. Anyway, I feel bad at this point...and that was a person with other posts, not a lurker. My point of posting this is just to say that it is causing problems for more people than me, jewdub, smalljay, and in the past - darkstaff (though I don\'t really know what went on with him).

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Please Post in Public Before PMing me Your PMMA Problems 8 years 2 months ago #1290260506

Why aren\'t they posting on the forum? It\'s really terrible in my opinion. We\'ve got loads of guys, who simply don\'t need to risk having PE procedures, doing so in part because they read mainly positive outcomes.

Not only would it be useful if guys were to take a few minutes to explain their issue\'s, but also their thinking process behind getting the procedure in the first place.

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Please Post in Public Before PMing me Your PMMA Problems 8 years 2 months ago #1290264461

He didn\'t really say, but maybe he just wanted the doc names and prices for now and will post more later if he goes that route. I hope he does post more for the reasons you said, but there was another guy who deleted all of his posts when he started having issues (or two guys?) - from Dr. N I think. It\'s odd. This board is very supportive...I mean, I\'m still here. If it was a PMMA cult, you would all have kicked me off by now.

Personally, I never would post before a surgery - cuz I was weird about jinxing things - and a little concerned about privacy in TJ. I guess the \"jinx\" factor was certainly wrong! Me and another guy from the board were both there the same day, and that was fine (I didn\'t realize it was him until later - and we actually were posting about the noise in the Grand on the forum!) - but who knows who else is reading this stuff.

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Please Post in Public Before PMing me Your PMMA Problems 8 years 2 months ago #1290282677

More annoyances

Alexwest121 wrote: If I had a problem similar to yours. Who could I go to for 5g to get it fixed?

Restoration wrote:

Alexwest121 wrote: Hey, my name is alex... I\'m thinking about going to DR.c but I wanted to know how much it would cost to get any possible side effects fixed I live in napa valley ca are there any docs in the area that you recommend if something goes wrong?

It depends on the doctor and If your insurance covers it. It also depends on what the problems are and how complex. It could range from $10 to $25,000 depending on these factors. I don\'t know of anyone in that area but if you post on the board they will maybe know.

I don\'t know. You have to talk to doctors and insurance companies and see what they cover. You\'re acting like this is a simple question when it\'s not. I don\'t even know if I am getting a $5000 MRI covered because of ONE clerical mistake. How would I know about your health insurance, what it covers, what doctors take it, what doctors can fix it, etc...

Really, wtf? How am I supposed to know? Is this nshl back again? He asks questions like that guy...

If you are planning on adverse events, that\'s smart - but the exact price of fixing them in Napa Valley? REALLY? How would I even begin to know. I can call my insurance company 10 times a day and get 10 different answers about what they are covering...and that\'s ME and MY doctors. I can\'t possibly know someone else\'s medical situation.

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