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TOPIC: Soft, pliable and movable 3 weeks post procedure?

Soft, pliable and movable 3 weeks post procedure? 7 years 5 days ago #1289947597

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Hi everyone,
Just after some thoughts of yours if that\'s ok.
I had PMMA injected into both tricep muscles 3 weeks ago now, one of the triceps was torn at the tendon and recently re-attached but still massively deformed, hence the need for PMMA to add volume and the other tricep was touched up for symmetry.

The torn/deformed tricep had to have some of the PMMA injected subq as the muscle deformity meant it couldn\'t be held in the muscle close to the elbow (30\'ccs in total, not sure how much went intramuscularly and how much subq)
The other tricep was less and all could be injected deep intramuscularly.

The problem is that the torn tricep is feeling very soft and squishy which of course isn\'t the effect I wanted!
the other tricep has lost all swelling and is solid, can feel the muscle without any soft substance and nothing can be manipulated.
The torn tricep however is the opposite and can manipulate a fair amount of it - for instance if I wrap a dressing around the area tightly, it leaves a deep crease on the skin where the dressing was wrapped around and the substance underneath remains soft and movable.

Will this eventually harden up or will it always remain soft/pliable to a degree?
Dr C told me that he had no choice but to inject some subq but that it would eventually hold and form well.
My concern is that this will not be the case and the area will stay with a soft/pliable feeling there!

Any thoughts and feedback is genuinely much appreciated.

Thank you so much.

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