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TOPIC: some suspicious reviews on dr c

some suspicious reviews on dr c 7 years 7 months ago #1286984091

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  • Thank you received: 0 well here what i found on google something dosent look right to me i read alot of threads here and i never saw that anybody on this bord say something bad on dr c and then i thought to myself maybe dr c is somehow associated with the forum owner or something like that and they has between them kind of business partnerahip or something like this i dont have nothing personal against dr c but i just want to be sure i was treated by the most expert doctor especially when its come to my penis .. Just something to think about i would glad to hear yours opinion on this and please dont lock this thread its an importent one

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some suspicious reviews on dr c 7 years 7 months ago #1286984198

@nshl, yesterday you sent me a PM saying you couldn\'t understand why I\'d locked your latest thread and why I was being tough on you. I replied:

\"How can you not understand? I explained when locking the thread!

I\'d asked you twice before and Skeptical One also asked you not to start new threads to ask questions. You aren\'t being asked not to ask questions, so we aren\'t being tough with you. Keep all your questions to one thread please.\"

However, you\'ve once again ignored my polite request to stop starting new threads every time you have a question. This is the 2nd thread you\'ve started today! To show you that I\'m not being in unreasonable, I\'ve linked all the previous requests from the moderation team that you stop creating new threads. That doesn\'t include a previous request by SO to use the search engine before asking questions.

Consider this a final warning. I haven\'t been tough on you. I\'ve been more than fair. I\'d say the majority of Mods at other forums would have banned you the moment you made yet another thread today, despite having been told not to, yet again, only yesterday via a PM. I understand that English isn\'t your first language and it\'s difficult for you to understand everything. However, as I\'ve said before, at the end of the day, if you can\'t understand the simple requests we\'ve asked of you, then there is no way you will be able to understand all the information posted on the forum, that you need to in order to make an informed decision regarding a possible penis enhancement procedure.

\"Please don\'t start any new threads. This is the 3rd time I\'ve asked you and I think I saw SO asking the same thing the other day, so that\'s now 4 times.\"

\"@nhsl, I locked the last thread you started and requested that you ask any further questions in one of your other threads. I know it\'s difficult for you as English isn\'t your first language, but if you can\'t understand a simple request like that, then how are you going to understand answers to the questions you\'ve asked?\"

\"Please stop making new threads every time you have a question. I\'m locking this now. Ask the question in one of your other threads. In fact cut and paste all your questions into one thread so I can lock the others. Thanks.\"

\"I understand English may not be your first language, but if you are capable of inquiring, you\'re more than capable of reading & researching. I feel like the large number of your thread submissions are questions that can be answered by using the Search function...if you do intend on asking questions, please consolidate them all into ONE thread because otherwise you end up spamming. Keep that in mind, thanks and good luck.\"

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