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TOPIC: VLC tugger for uncut guys to protect the foreskin during PMMA

VLC tugger for uncut guys to protect the foreskin during PMMA 9 years 1 week ago #1286714195

Hi everybody,

As most uncut man on this forum, I also did a lot of research on using PMMA and being uncircumcised.

for now, there seem to be two big problems, that can put uncut guys at disadvantage when using PMMA. The first one is, that the PMMA can go and harden under the retractable part of the Foreskin, which would cause phymosis, together with problems during sex, etc, and if this happens, usually they would have to undergo Circumcision.
However, it has been mentioned that 10% PMMA might actually give an aesthetically very pleasing result, with the caveat that the procedure might not be as repeatable as it is with Circumcised man.
Dr C on his site also says that for uncut man, only one time procedure of 10% PMMA with additional touch up, that that would be it.
Dr Cho in Korea also doesn\'t seem to recommend his procedure to be done on uncut men either.

The second problem seems to be the place where the PMMA gets injected, the Dartos fascia (?).
With uncut men, in the second round there is an increased likelihood for it to be penetrated by the needle, this causing danger of Necrosis to the penile tissue under the Dartos fascia.

If I am wrong somewhere, please correct me, anatomy is not my forte.
My take is, that the second problem, if under the exquisite care of some very qualified physician, could be solved because

This post is to examine, if there are solutions for at least the first problem.
If you\'ve seen how the VLC tugger works, you would have basic idea why I am bringing it up.
Basically, what it does is using the vacuum between the Foreskin and the glans to pull the penis and stretch it. In our case, we could use the VLC tugger\'s stretch after the PMMA procedure to keep the penis slightly extended, so it doesn\'t shrink, but the main usage would be to prevent the PMMA from migrating into the Foreskin area, by enclosing it with the VLC tugger\'s cone, and also stretch it at least slightly towards the knee or the shoulder.
This way, theoretically, the PMMA can be prevented from entering the Foreskin area, and it would be safe once the PMMA stabilizes. Also, by slightly stretching the penis with the tugger, the Turtling can be prevented as well.

For those that don\'t know what am I talking about, please check few online sites that demonstrate how to put the VLS tugger, and basically show how the tugger is put on the penis, how it utilizes the sort of vacuum created between the two cone shaped parts put between the bare glans and the outside skin on the Foreskin, thus being able to use the Foreskin to exert stretch on the tunica. Now, in out case, the emphasis wouldn\'t be as much on stretching the tunica, but rather on protecting the Foreskin.

So, if you have any thoughts or ideas if this would work, please share them. I think it is important to find more solutions for the uncut men as my self, in order to be able to use the procedures in the same capacity as the Circumcised men.

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VLC tugger for uncut guys to protect the foreskin during PMMA 9 years 1 week ago #1286724549

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Hi Growely,

Your points although correct, I must disagree with some of them. Having under-gone 2 rounds of PMMA, I actually requested to inject the PMMA into the Foreskin during the round 2. Yes, it hardened there so I can really touch the shape and thickness of it but since the Foreskin gets pulled back behind the glans when penis is Erect, not having PMMA injected there causes an aesthetic issue of having 1\" or more of a gap between the thicker shaft and the glans. Something like the empty space for Circumcised men behind the Circumcision scar, just on a bigger scale.


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VLC tugger for uncut guys to protect the foreskin during PMMA 9 years 1 week ago #1286730492

Hi undecided,

I see. I thought there will still be PMMA under the glans because the dartos fascia extra space goes all the way up to the glans, under which the PMMA could be injected.
My idea was that the tugger can help prevent the PMMA going in the extra skin that we as uncut man have. In other words, I thought we don\'t need PMMA all over our dartos area, and if we could prevent that extra fold of skin from being filled with PMMA, we could go for higher concentrations of PMMA like the circumcised man.
Butif that is the problem, and if there is extra space that cannot but stay there under the glans, then my idea to prevent the PMMA from going into the foreskin area would not make much sense.
I still wonder though, that of we protect the extra skin with tugger and also stretch it a bit with the device, we could safely massage the PMMA all the way below the glans, because there would be nothing blocking it from going and staying there (unlike the ring that circumcised man have).
In other words, we could massage the place and keep the PMMA to stay there undder the glance, while keeping the extra skin fold that covers our glans intact and slightly stretched with the tugger.

Do you think that is possible? Here is a link of a guy putting the VLC tugger (not sure if it\'s allowed, if it isn\'t, let me know, I will remove it!).


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