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TOPIC: PMMA Mixture - Lipen-10 Article+Study

PMMA Mixture - Lipen-10 Article+Study 9 years 4 months ago #1284808854

I recently read the following Medscape article - a study to evaluate tolerability and efficacy of Lipen-10 (a newly developed tissue filler) on penile enhancement.

I had not heard of Lipen-10 before but apparently it\'s a dermal filler for soft-tissue augmentation.

Lipen-10 is a commercially available product that was approved by the Korean Food and Drug Administration back in 2010.

While Artefill and Artecoll contains bovine collagen and the brazilian products such as NewPlastic and Metacrill are mostly cellulose, Lipen-10 seems to use two different types of microspheres - one being permanent (20% PMMA beads) and the other a long-lasting volume augmentation (70% cross-linked dextran and polymethylmethacrylate mixture), while the remaining 10% consists of sodium carboxymethylecellulose and saline or distilled water.

Does anyone know much about Lipen-10? Or if it is being used by any PE doctors of note. Are there any real advantages over other products like Artefill or Metacrill?

---\"Lipen-10 consisted of cross-linked dextran in 75% and PMMA in 15%. Cross-linked dextran and PMMA are microspheres with diameters of 45'120 'm and 32'120 'm, respectively. These microspheres (90% by volume) are suspended in hypromellose solution (10% by volume), therefore, there is no physical or chemical interaction between them.\"

\"Once injected, the smooth, electrically uncharged PMMA microspheres become encapsulated by endogenously derived connective tissue, which prevents migration of the microspheres. The PMMA microspheres resist phagocytosis and are not degraded by enzymatic digestion.\"

\"Cross-linked dextran, another component of the mixture, is derived from dextran used as volume expander. The positive surface charges of dextran apparently attract macrophages. In turn, the macrophages release TGF-' and interleukins, which stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen fibres. After extensive reabsorption, dextran is replaced by the body\'s own tissue.\"

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PMMA Mixture - Lipen-10 Article+Study 9 years 4 months ago #1284809916

It\'s been discussed many times and we\'ve got at least 2 members who have had the procedure.

Use the search function (try \"lipen\", \"dextran\" etc) and you should be able to find some relevant threads.

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