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Chem PE 9 years 10 months ago #1284318507

Greetings All

Yesterday I finished reading HONZEE\'S progress report (chem pe and PMMA) which was very interesting and by all accounts so far a pretty good outcome; and it renewed my interest in Chem PE and PE in general.

Chem PE is interesting and I would like to try some of the methods but I\'m horrified at the thought of injecting my penis myself - I would worry that I would do something wrong, so I feel that I\'d need to do this only with a doctor and professional medical expertise.

This is an extract from a Chem PE forum I recently read...Can anyone comment on this technique or does anyone have any experience with this? Any advise and more info would be welcome and much appreciated.


I had mentioned in an earlier post about the Priapus Shot, which is a method of taking your own blood, centrifuging it in a test tube to separate the red blood cells from the plasma, adding a few drops of calcium to activate the growth/Repair factors, and injecting the plasma into the corpus cavernosum where needed to sculpt the penis. Dr Adams does the shot in his clinic in Toronto, Canada, as well as Dr Ranul in the US (I believe he holds the trademark for the Priapus Shot using the Selphyl technique of seperating the blood for plasma injection).

I would very much like to get this treatment. The shot comes with a heafty price of $1500 per shot. Your own plasma IS the filler, and the injected penis is plumped up for the first week or so (and feeling firm like a semi-hardon), then the volume decreases. But over a period of 3-12 weeks, the growth factors in the plasma rebuild the lost volume and restores the penis close to the \'just-injected\' size, permanently. Penile function is usually improved, and erections are as hard as before. Users report that the penis\' minimum size is increased, and hangs in a semi-Erect state all day.

The increase in size is limited by the starting size of the penis, so a person with a 5\" penis cannot be made to be a 9-incher in one injection. However, injections done at a 3 month interval can potentially dramatically change penis size and shape over a period of a year. Considering the cost of chempe in the advanced stages where I spent $150/week for 5 injections of caverject, plasma injections becomes more appealing since the inconvenience of self-injections are eliminated (1 injection session done at a clinic every 12 weeks by a doctor) and the endless hours of daily Erection pain of prostaglandin E1.

Many guys out there will find plasma to be the only alternative, as needle anxiety and pain scare most who want to do chempe. But I cannot recommend anything I have not tried myself: one of these days I will get it done, and then I can report my findings.

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Chem PE 9 years 10 months ago #1284318693

More theories on this topic: Priapus (Platelet Rich Plasma) Injections


Results are not looking very good for platelet penis injections so far. Having compiled some preliminary first-hand information from actual Priapus shot patients and a doctor who has administered the injections to a handful of guys, real results are unfortunately nothing close to its claims. Let\'s take a closer look at the mechanisms of tissue growth to help explain why there are no meaningful results of platelet-rich plasma injections.

The theory behind this injection is to concentrate the individual\'s growth factors found in the blood, and to inject these growth factors directly into the corpus cavernosum. The growth factors are then used to grow more tissue where they are injected. But this growth does not seem to happen in real life. Why is that?

The best analogy I can think of is this: if you fill a construction site with building materials and construction workers, does a building spontaneously starts appearing? The answer is no: a set of instructions are necessary to organize the use of material and the efforts of the workers. Only then can anything be built. Coming back to platelet injections, the materials and growth factors are present, but the build and repair signals are absent. This is only a theory, but if it accurate, it means that a growth signal is the only thing preventing unprecedented penis growth.

Because the corpus cavernosa is made primarily of blood vessels, it stands to reason that a blood vessel growth factor is necessary to initiate penile growth. Angiogenesis (the creation of blood vessels) is stimulated by something I have mentioned before: VEGF, or Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor. VEGF is a molecular messenger that is released from a cell when it no longer has an oxygen supply (like a chemical distress signal). VEGF travels to the nearest blood vessel with a set of instructions to build new capillaries towards the cell that is in oxygen deprivation. If growth factors are present at the same time as VEGF, then capillary growth can theoretically be accelerated.

A cell doesn\'t have to be starved of oxygen to release VEGF. A number of chemicals can stimulate a cell to release VEGF: these chemicals belong to a group called Hypoxia Induction Factors (hypoxia means \'lacking oxygen\'), or HIF for short. HIFs are currently being tested to revascularize liver, kidney and heart tissue, with very promising results.

I would not be surprized if, in the future, HIFs will become very important in the field of chemical penis enlargement. This is because HIFs can initiate blood vessel formation with or without platelet injections. But this is only a theory so far.

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Chem PE 9 years 10 months ago #1284320416

I have done one priapus shot with Dr Charles Runels, and I used the pump for a few weeks. I did not see any increase in size nor in performance. It \"may\" have helped in reducing some scar tissue caused by the defunct and dangerous elist silicone implant.

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Chem PE 9 years 10 months ago #1284471659

Any other Doctor working on this? Sounds like a promising possibility.

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